Hadrian stood beside a mad merchant in the main quarter of Orzammar. He was busy looking at a bow that the merchant had on display. It was a beautiful piece, completely white as fallen snow. It was obvious what this weapon was. It was dragonbone. Something Hadrian had admired since Leliana found Falon'Din's Reach in the elven ruins. Unlike Lileana's bow however this one was a recurve. Hadrian, having absorbed all of Voldemort's knowledge along with that of many a demon, saw what this powerful weapon could be as a magically upgraded weapon. Runes that he had never seen or thought of danced through his mind. As he came up with and discarded various arrays that could allow this to be a truly fearsome weapon. Was so enraptured with his ideas for the bow that he didn't notice someone was talking to him until they waved their dainty hand in front of his face. He jerked back instinctively igniting lightning along the palms of his hands. This didn't seem to perturb the dwarf girl in front of him but rather it excited her.

"So you are a mage!" she squealed excitedly.

Hadrian looked at her like she was crazy. "Yes I am a mage. Why do you ask?"

"My name is Dagna. An I'd like to go to the circle of magi to study magic. I just want to be sure they will accept me before I leave my entire life behind me." The dwarf girl explained.

Hadrian nodded. He could understand not wanting to leave everything you knew behind. Even going to Hogwarts had been scary at first because it was so far from anything he knew that it was terrifying. He pulled out sovereign and a piece of string. With a quick piercing hex he threaded the string through and the turned it into a multi use portkey.

"Find someplace hidden, and say the name of the substance that dwarves mine that gives mages their power. You will be transported instantly to the circle. When you get you answer as to whether or not they will let you study there just say the name of this city to return to it. Then repeat to go back to the tower." Hadrian said with a smile. The young crossdresser wasn't expecting the dwarf girl to glomp him chanting thank-yous at the top of her lungs but that's exactly what happened. Hadrian patted her back gently.

"No problem. I'm Hadrian by the way." He told her uncomfortably.

"Well I'm going to go find a place that is safe for me to disappear at. Thank You Hadrian, I promise one day I'll pay you back for this." Dagna said running off.

"Well that was interesting dear." Morrigan succulent voice sounded from behind the gender confused boy. "I was beginning to fear you preferred male company."

"I do." Hadrian said not getting what she meant. "Girls are weird."

Morrigan's face morphed into a look of pure astonishment before she shook her head and cleared the image away and frowned at the boy. "Come on let's go see what the others are doing its almost time to leave this damned cave."

After they made their way out of Orzammar the group began its trek down the west side of Lake Callenhad. They had been travelling for three days when they ran across a stranded merchant. The man was bemoaning his terrible turn in luck since he had been given 'that damned control rod'. After discussing it for a while it was decided (read Hadrian said he would take it off the man's hands) that they would relieve him of his burden. Since Honnleath was close to Redcliff it was decided that they would go there first. Because you never knew when you would need the back up of a golem.

Their arrival at Honnleath wasn't what they expected. The entire area was surrounded by Darkspawn. The screams of death and battle filled the town square, so the group readied their weapons and charged in. as they came into the town they brought with them the wrath of the gods. Arrows rained down, steel delivered swift death and spells called down the fury of the elements themselves. The charge was going well, until three ogres came charging into the town at the renewed sounds of battle. The group split up and began attacking the ogres. Alistair, Zevran, and Swiftrunner attacked one in the middle of town. Wynne, Oghren, Neria, and Anders attacked another. Finally, Sten, Morrigan, Hadrian, and Fen'Harel attacked the last one. Everything was going well until a scream rang out through the town. Everything seemed to stop as they noticed Alistair had an arrow in his back. The world returned to real time as a hail of arrows and spell fire rained down on the party. With the combined might of the archers, mages, and ogres soon the group was whittled down. Neria stopped fighting and instead focused her magic on building a fortified spot to defend. Wynne and Anders began working healing spells trying to stabilize the ones taken down, and the rest drug or carried the wounded inside. Hadrian watched all this with growing worry in his single eye. His fury was rising and the memories of tom riddle seemed to fail him. With only basic level spells with his wand he decided to focus on the magic of this world. In all his life Lightning had been the element nearest and dearest to his heart. When he had been a young child scared and alone he would listen to the storms and think how amazing it would be to be a bolt of lightning. Free of any control able to strike out against anyone who would harm it. Truly free of any and all that would try to control it. And from Hadrian's world that was true. Wizards couldn't summon or control lightning. They had spells that could mimic it but it was a pale imitation. This had been one of Merlin's achievements to control a lightning bolt that was going to strike Arthur.

But in this new world the rules of magic were different. Here he could reach out and grasp the storm in his own hands. And that is just what he did. He pulled out a large blue potion and unstoppered it with his teeth. Then he downed the contents with a single chugging gulp. Everyone was too busy trying to fight to notice what he was doing, until they felt the power being channeled. The world seemed to get heavy. The very air seemed to weigh down their lungs. No one made a move, be they Hadrian's companions or the darkspawn. All eyes were on the androgynous child. His single eye was glowing blue from the Lyrium in his veins. His appearance shifted from a young human to that of a young demon. Two sets of horns sprouted from his head and his hair was pushed from his face revealing the empty eye socket. His skin darkened and under the dress he wore sprouted a long thin tail like a lust demon's. the world seemed transfixed, until one of the farther back darkspawn fired an arrow at the stationary boy. As it arched through the distance and sped towards him, Morrigan, Neria, and Leliana all screamed in alarm. However much to their confusion the arrow turned sharply to the left of the boy. They soon noticed clouds gathering and the surrounding getting much darker. Lightning streaked menacingly through the sky, and they were all forced to seek refuge in the small bunker that Neria had erected. Then it began to rain. It started slow, coming straight down in a drizzle. However, it soon picked up the pace. The rain came down like an evil unrepentant waterfall. The winds picked up and the water began t accumulate. Being built in a valley on the side of a hill meant that all the rain water began to stay at the bottom of the town and its surrounding fields. Then like the avenging hand of God a large bolt of lightning came roaring from the sky blinding all with its splendor. The large booming crash of lightning that accompanied it left the battlefield clutching their ears in pain. When it had cleared one of the two remaining ogres was seen to be nothing more than a smoking corpse. This acted as the battle cry of the heavens, as lightning began to blast down into the town and surrounding area. Houses darkspawn and trees all took the brunt of the damage. Winds picked up and the world storm grew worse. Centered around Hadrian the world raged. It didn't take long for there to be nothing moving of its own free will. Hadrian lowered his arms and the storm began to dwindle. In less than a minute what had been the most dangerous storm any of them had ever seen disappeared. Without Hadrian's magic fueling it, it was gone. The waters that had accumulated into a small lake began to still without the harsh wind pushing and pulling it and the clouds rolled back to reveal the sun.

"We should get the golem and leave this place." Hadrian said with a tired scowl.

The rest of the group merely nodded dumbly as they had all been awestruck by the display of raw power from the boy. They made their way up the hill to the golem. Neria pointed the rod at the golem and stated the password. Everyone watched intently, only for nothing to happen. Neria frowned and tried again. Still nothing. Hadrian frowned and looked over at one of the houses.

"There is magic lingering in that house." Hadrian said pointing towards the largest house. The others looked at each other and shrugged before making their way towards it.

"Perhaps Zevran and myself should scout ahead from the shadows so we won't be caught off guard and forced to fight in an ambush." Leliana said drawing her bow. Zevran looked at her and arched an eyebrow but nodded and seemed to disappear into the shadows. As those two disappeared ahead the rest slowly made their way into the house's basement. Neria was at the head of the group with Swiftrunner and Alistair on either side of her. Everyone else followed with Anders and Wynne in the middle and Oghren at the rear with his massive battleax. Zevran and Liliana's handiwork soon became apparent as they began to run across the bodies of darkspawn with either a single arrow or a knife wound. They made their way deeper into the house with Hadrian deciding to steal all the books of magic in the house that he could get his hands on. Soon however they caught up to a grim faced pair of Zevran and Leliana.

"There is someone doing battle with the darkspawn up ahead." Zevran said completely serious for once. "We should help."

"We should indeed if their still fighting it means that they have been fighting since at least we got here." Alistair said with a frown. "They could be a powerful ally against the darkspawn."

"What are we waiting for then?" Sten demanded as he hefted his large hammer. The group nodded and moved forward.