"We're on our way back with the kids," Diggle said in Felicity's ear.

"Good, I've got some food and blankets here for them," she replied with a smile, glad to be a true help in the city.

"We'll drop them off at the orphanage in the morning though Felicity, so don't go getting attached," Oliver warned.

"I'll try," Felicity replied, sitting back to wait for her men.

It wasn't long before Felicity could hear the sound of the two men coming down the stairs. Standing to get a better view she smiled at the sight of Oliver carrying two children, the other a little boy, in Diggle's arms.

They put the kids down on the workout mats, dropping a bag of clothes and nappies as well as a toy each beside them.

"Shall we feed them and then change them for bed?" Felicity suggested kneeling down beside one of the kids, the one that was a girl.

"Sure," Diggle said sitting down beside Felicity and picking up the oldest boy, a cutie with curly black hair and bright brown eyes, his chubby checks hiding dimples.

"Oliver what's wrong," Felicity said noticing him still standing.

"I don't really know what to do," he said awkwardly.

"It's not that hard. I'll show you," Felicity told him patting the space beside her.

He sat, placing the last baby, a boy with brown hair and eyes, on his lap.

"Ok so open one of those tins and grab a spoon," Felicity started, explaining what to do, and before long Oliver was doing awesome and Felicity could focus on her own baby.

A girl with blue eyes and brown hair and Felicity's nose.

Felicity looked at the girl, her mouth a gape before slowly, as if in a dream she pulled down the top of the babies outfit to show her shoulder, where a small birthmark sat.

"Oh my god," Felicity gasped.

"Oh my baby, I love you so much, oh you're so beautiful," Felicity cried hugging the baby to her.

"Felicity what's going on," Diggle asked softly.

"This is my daughter," she sobbed still holding the baby to her.

Diggle and Oliver exchanged shocked looks, before turning back to their upset friend.

"Feed her and then we'll talk," Oliver said as he picked up his babies spoon, going back to feeding.

He knew that she needed time to calm herself down.

Felicity rained herself in, taking a big gulp of air before picking up the food and starting to feed her daughter.

"Ok so do you want to explain what's going on," Oliver asked as Felicity cuddled the newly changed and asleep baby to her.

She nodded taking a moment to calm herself before she started talking, not even looking at the two men.

"I was in college and I met this guy, Lawrence, he was so sweet, he made sure I was ok all alone in my apartment, he made sure I didn't over work myself, he even met my parents once or twice. But then I got pregnant and he didn't believe me that it was his, so we broke up and I kept going, prepared to raise a baby as I looked for a job, College was nearly done and I couldn't stop my life. I had people who were willing to help me anyway, so I didn't need him, but it still hurt," Felicity paused taking a moment to calm down.

"I went into labour and was rushed to the hospital, but something went wrong and I passed out, I woke up and found I'd been there for a few days, and my 'boyfriend' had taken 'our' baby home. Lawrence had disappeared with Aria and no one could find him, not even me. I was heartbroken, but now I have my baby girl back," Felicity finished looking back at her daughter.

She was still in awe of her little girl.

"She looks like you," Diggle commented.

Felicity chocked out a laugh smiling at him, "you don't know how much that means to me," she said holding the baby out to him.

"That's your uncle John," she whispered to the baby unaware of the smile that lit up Diggle's face.

"She's beautiful," he remarked handing her back, he was rewarded with one of Felicity's full out smiles.

"Oliver," Felicity said stepping toward the man.

"I'll probably drop her," he said stepping back.

Felicity laughed continuing till she was standing in front of him.

"And this is your uncle Oliver, he's a bit of a grump but he has a heart of gold," she smiled up at him as she showed him how to hold her daughter.

"She's so tiny, how old is she?" he asked a look that she'd never seen on him.

"She's 1 year and 2 months old."


It was an unspoken agreement that they'd all stay there for the night, Felicity and her daughter on the couch and Diggle and Oliver along with their two babies slept on the mats. They'd only slept about three hours when the first baby woke up causing Diggle to spring to his feet and move away, careful to not wake the others. He calmed him and was just settling down to sleep when Felicity and her daughter woke up, not in that order. She stood and moved away as Diggle had done, and calmed her daughter, singing to her in a beautiful voice.

Diggle rolled over to see Oliver watching their friend the same odd look on his face as he'd had when he'd first held Aria.

Diggle smiled to himself, he knew what it was and he was happy for them, with that he fell asleep, knowing that none of them would sleep very well.