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The two men looked up quickly, hearing the sounds of heels hitting the wooden floor of the stairs, their mouths all but dropping open.

Oliver was the first to react, striding up to meet Felicity at the bottom of the stairs. "You look gorgeous," he whispered in her ear, his breath sending a shiver down her back.

A light pink blush crossed her cheeks.

"I can't wait till after the ball," Felicity heard Roy whisper to Thea pulling her into a kiss that smudged her lipstick.

"Come on love birds," Felicity laughed.

They meet Riasa, Oliver and Thea's cook and nanny at the door, at the door with Aria in her arms.

"Now you be good for Riasa," Felicity said kissing Aria on the forehead, Oliver quickly doing the same.

"She'll be the perfect angel," Riasa laughed looking at them both.

"Riasa," Aria cheered clapping her hands.

"She loves you," Felicity said to the older woman giving her a quick hug, before Thea finally dragged her away, but not before giving Riasa a hug of her own.

"Wow," Felicity whispered sharing a look with Roy, who, while still trying to be mucho just looked like a little kid at a theme park.

"This is actually kind of cool, it's like being in a movie," he whispered to Felicity who laughed, nodding.

"Come on you two, time to make the rounds," Oliver said grabbing Felicity's hand, lacing their fingers together.

"And then can we eat?"

"Yeah I'm with Blondie, I'm getting hungry," Roy agreed wrapping an arm around Thea.

"You're always hungry."

"Well I am a growing boy."

Thea laughed leaning up to kiss him.

Felicity smiled, Oliver all but growling beside her. "She's happy, he's happy, they're good for each other."

"I know its just, that's my baby sister. Before I went missing I never had to worry about guys around her, and now, I'm back and I don't even get to warm up to it, I didn't get to see the awkward first boyfriend I didn't get to scare boys away. No I got the end where she's ready to move in with Roy and she's all grown up. She doesn't need me."

Felicity hadn't known he felt like that, but it explained why he was so protective of her.

"She'll always need you."

They turned to see Roy no Thea in sight.

"She went to the bathroom before you started talking," he explained.

"I'll be right back."

Oliver watched Felicity walk off.

"Thea absolutely adores you. You should see her after you guys fight, she's a mess. She hates upsetting you and I hate that it's normally my fault that you two fight. And I guess I'm selfish, because I can't take myself out of the equation because I love your sister too much. I would never hurt her," Roy said looking at the older man as he spoke.

Oliver looked at him for a few seconds before holding out his hand.

"If you look after my sister I don't think we'll have a problem."

They shook hands as the woman walked up.

"I'm so proud of you," Felicity told Oliver wrapping an arm around him as a hug.

He only smiled down at her.

"We'll get something to eat and then we'll dance?" Thea asked smiling brightly, happy that her brother and boyfriend could finally get on.

"Sounds good."

"Dance? You mean I actually have to…," Roy stopped looking somewhat pale.

"You'll be fine," Thea told him as she pulled him to the food table.

"I suck at dancing," Felicity groaned following the younger couple.

"You'll be fine," Oliver told her with a small smile.

"Let's get out of here," Oliver whispered in Felicity's ear as they danced, nearly an hour after they had arrived.

The blonde woman only nodded, catching sight of Thea and Roy as they stood in the corner talking to another couple.

"Let's go say goodbye first."

They walked across the floor quickly appearing in front of the younger couple.

"We're going to leave," Felicity said giving them both a hug.

Roy winked laughing when Thea smacked him on the arm.

"We'll see you both in the morning?"

"I don't know, probably, we have to plan Aria's party anyway," Thea said receiving a kiss on the cheek from her brother.

Neither woman said anything as they watched Roy and Oliver shake hands civilly.

"Does this mean we can finally double date?"

Felicity nodded excited.

"Let's get going," Oliver said grabbing Felicity's arm and pulling her away as she waved at Roy and Thea.