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Based off the song Clean Freak by Gumi, yes it's vocaloid, and I haven't done anything productive in my life so far. Good job, me. I haven't written in ages, omg so rusty ;;

How long has the human race been falling apart? It had been destroying itself slowly, rotting from the core, falling apart is shambles. His lips curl into a sneer - who would care anymore? Who cared? Luminous glares at the personification of death itself staring at him. Robes stained black, the color of darkness inhabiting everyone-

"Anything wrong?" Eclipse grins, tilting his head with his crimson eyes that reminded Luminous of blood - Oh Rhinne, so much blood -

"Listen to me."

Stepping closer, closer - the darkness from this dirty personification of death spreading, covering - his pristine white robes slowly soaking up the black -

"Stay away."

His voice was hoarse, but the meaning was clear. He was just a freak, perhaps, not wanting to ever see any of the dark, ignoring it as the treads with light feet in the light, pretending that the darkness didn't ever exist -

Maybe this personification was forcing him to wake up, trying to make him see that the human race he was trying to save wasn't what he thought it was, that it wasn't as pure as it possibly could get, that he lived a sheltered life that many never had -

Perhaps the humans lived with a little bit of darkness inside, mainly light, and he saw the light and ignored the darkness and pretended that they weren't there, that every person was innocent as they could get -

He was a weakling, definitely a weakling, he tells himself. But it took all he had to stay down rather than standing up and embracing this shamble of a man - he was falling apart himself, perhaps he needed to to save the world that had sheltered him and inhabited him his entire life -

Even if this is what it takes to save the world, if this was what it meant to wake up and see the errs of everyone -

He would rather keep his eyes tightly shut and walk into oblivion.

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