The eagle's nest

Long ago when the great primeval forest grew on the plains and mountains' slopes, numerous slavic tribes wandered far and wide in search of good settlements.

In the front the patrols of warriors dressed in skins, armed with bow and spears went. They walked bravely, cleaning the road for their fellow man: man, woman, old and young. Every wanderer carried his earthly goods. There were those with no baggage and those who could barely walk under the weight of their luggage. Young boys urged herds od horses, cows, sheeps and goats behind the wanderers. This whole procession ended with a patrol of guards. Day's and weeks have passed and they kept travelling, passinng desolate wasteland and flower meadows. They did not stop anywhere for longer than it's nedded to rest. The crowds of people moved forward. They could not be stopped by treacherous swamps, tempting shadow valleys, nor forest filled with rusalkas (fairies and nymphs in slavic myth) and their magic.

In the lead of these people, three tribesmen were riding on horses- three brothers: Lech, Czeh and Rus. Each one of them was strong and of different nature. Lech was sincere and cheerful, Rus serious and reclouse, Czech was smart and he loved jokes more than anything.

Another day of their travel was coming to an end, when the tribes reached a great primeval forest. Three brothers stopped their horses, amazed by the beauty of the view stretching in front of them. They stood at the edge of fertile valleys cut with a river. Between hills small lakes shined, matching the dark lush grasses. A peace was all around them announcing a warm night.

Suddenly wide wings rustled and from a huge oak tree a silver feather eagle started it's flight making a large circle in the sky. Rus grabbed his bow ready to shot the wonderful bird, but Lech stopped him with a move of his hand.

"It is a sign" he said "That mighty eagle made his nest, to live here happily and peacefully. I will stay here as well and on this hill I shall found a powerfull city. My people will find here happiness and rest.

"A beutiful place it is" his brother agreed "And you're making the right choice by staying here. We must go on for this valley won't feed all tribes. Fate will allows us to find our own lands.
The brothers did as they said, Czech and Rus moved on and they founded great strongholds. One in the east, second after traveling through Karpaty in the south. Lech remained in the valley and soon afterwords axes were heard and people were building homes out of wooden blocks.

Some time later a great city was founded, after the nest found on the tree it was called Gniezdno, later nown as Gniezno. It also become the first capital of Polish Rulers. For many years a pair of eagles raised their young on a mighty oak tree around which the city was build. It's not that amazing that inhabitants of the valley choosed white eagle as their national symbol.

My first translation in long time. It's been a year since I passed my college with a diploma...remaining unemployed to this day. I didn't touch any exercises and my abilities rusted. I decided to translate old Polish myths and upload them on fanfiction so I can have some training and criticism. Anyway hope you enjoyed this.