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"You are so lucky Ichigo, where did you find this mermaid?"Renji asked, eyeing the petite black haired mermaid he caught that morning. However his friend only shrugged, scowling.

"I'm not obligated to tell you."

" But you already caught many of them."He pouted. "At least give me one or two of them if you don't want to."

"No way I would share them with you. I will return them to the sea, tomorrow morning, of course after having my fun with them."

The two of them shared a laugh which sounded more like a bark, and more forced on Renji's side.

Damn him that asshole, tomorrow I will follow him to see where he gets them from.

~~Revenge Of The Sea~~

The next morning, Renji followed Ichigo as he was sailing his boats, carrying with him a large net, obviously meant for catching more than fish. And to Renji's amusement, Ichigo didn't sense his presence at all, even though he was clearly not trying to hide. Renji watched his 'friend' returning home, after successfully catching a rather busty green-haired mermaid.

As soon as he made sure Ichigo was away, he threw his net into the sea, and fortunately, his succeeded after 10 minutes. And he was more than happy to pull the small mermaid to his boat. But he noticed that this mermaid in particular was different, as she had octopus legs instead of a fish tail.

" At least her upper body looks like a human." He muttered dejectedly.

~~Revenge Of The Sea~~

"You must be hungry." He put a small dish in front of her. But the girl pushed the dish away.

"You don't want it?! There's small fish, shrimp and other sea food in it, it's really delicious."

But the girl shook her head strongly.

"Then what do you want to eat?" The girl shyly pointed her finger at him.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

The girl's long tentacles captured him, and then more but smaller ones teared through her face as she started to slowly feed on her meal.

And loud cries of fear could be heard throughout all the village from Ichigo's house, but they quieted down as the nauseating smell of blood filled the air.

You reap what you sow, humans.

I hope you liked my first Bleach fanfiction . I know my writing isn't really good but I tried, and also, writing with your iPhone is really exhausting, my fingers are really numb.

If you didn't guess, the mermaids mentioned in this fiction were, Rukia, Nel and the one who killed Renji was Momo.

And obviously, Ichigo lied about returning the mermaids, as he caught Nel.