RATED High T for Minor course language, violence and adult themes.

Enjoy my first "book" in my series over Wolverine and the X-men animated series. I own none of the characters EXCEPT Emily and my other OC's that will eventually come into these stories…

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Chapter One

When One Life Ends….Another Begins.

"Go! I'll find you!" Wolverine barked, while holding onto Sabertooth; pinning the giant mutant further into the dirt ground.

Mystique did as she was told, ignoring the chills running down her spine. Why did he have to choose those words? Those damn words. Anything else would have been just appropriate! But no, fate had decided to bring up those words to come from his rugged mouth. Were they to haunt her for the rest of her life?

Mystique ran into the room and found the equipment she was looking for. She knew it was no longer time to dwell on painful memories; Mystique had work to do. With expert ease, she removed the covering that was protecting the equipment; two tanks filled with thick yellow liquid stood in front of her, hooked to several pieces of monitoring devices. Mystique placed the bag she had been carrying on the floor, reaching in. She pulled out a device, setting the timer carefully. With an unreadable face, Mystique planted the oddly shaped timer onto the left tank and waited for the device to do its job. Soon, black liquid was pouring into the yellow substance as a females voice carried over the speakers

"Warning! Cotangent detected! System overload in ten minutes."

Mystique smirked darkly to herself when seeing the bomb slowly counting down. She turned from the room, only to glance in the computers directions, pondering if she should take any knowledge from them. She knew the information they contained could be very useful for Magneto's cause. Mystique fought inwardly with herself, one side savoring the challenge, the other wanting to get the hell out of this god forsaken place. Too many of her darkest nightmares haunted these walls.

Mystique looked back at the computers again. It was as if they were calling to her, begging her to take a peek….just one little peek. She tried desperately to reason with herself. Sure it only take….barely two minutes, to get what she needed? Get in, look around the hard drive and get out. Easy as that. Mystique could hack computers like this one in her sleep. Besides, this was a personal mission, after all. They had taken so much from her…..they had taken James. Every day, every minute, they forced Mystique to look at the shell of a man she once loved.

Mystique stared at the blue screens and her eyes swept to the keyboard. Sadly all mutant or man can resist many things…except temptation. Before the mutant woman knew it, Mystique had walked over to the computer and sat down with ease upon the metal chair. Cracking her knuckles, a smirk sliding up her lips, she began hacking into the systems of her once demanding masters. It only be a short time later that Mystique would wish she had never touched them. Years after; she'd be glad she did.

The hacker dove into the files with a hungry flare; fingers dancing across the keys. Upon peeking into the files kept on individual mutants, Mystique had not expected to see herself on file. She couldn't help to think that was a little strange; it had been over ten years since James had busted her out, sacrificing himself so she could escape into the night unharmed. Why would they have her on file after all these years? A knot began to twist and coil in her pit of her stomach. They wouldn't….unless they had something to hold over her.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of dread; the mutant woman clicked on her file. A name appeared underneath Mystiques, answering her suspicions. She quickly felt her heart drop to the floor. How could they have possibly found out? Without wanting to, yet not being able to stop the temptation, she clicked on the name. A loud gasp, short and quick, echoed off the walls.

On the plain white screen a small girl appeared in a photo. Her velvet black hair reached past just her shoulders, curving in short waves, held out from her face by a silver headband. The little girl's bright blue eyes danced, staring ahead. Head tilted to the side, arms crossed over her small frame, the child was smiling for the photographer as she leaned on the given prop of a silver clothed table. A soft smile. A gentle smile. Just like James. Under the photograph, a bunch of information was labeled, reading…

Name: Emily Anne Howlett

DOB: April 21, 1999

Age: Ten years, three months old

Mutation: No indications so far, though possess strong likelihood.

Status Notes: Currently held at Sisters of Charity Orphanage, New York. Abandon by mother, subject Raven AKA "Mystique". Unsure if father knows. Unsure if adopted at this point in time.

A string of curses spilled out of the mutant woman's lips. Mystique put her hand to her mouth crying out "Oh my god…"

She looked at the image of the little girl. Her little girl. The one she had chosen to give away…all for a cause. A child Raven had tried so hard to love. Mystique put both hands to her face; a soft cry slipping out of her lips as dry sobs racked her body. The woman from before, mourned for the daughter of now. However, the pain passed as quickly as it had begun. Mystique shook her head, rage billowing out towards the surface, hands turning into tight fists. She slammed those fists onto the table, hissing "They know."

Mystique's mind ran a thousand miles a minute. How did they know?! She had made sure that no one knew of Emily! Not even Logan had the slightest clue of her existence! Mystique had seen to that herself. Logan was not the man who had conceived this child; he had no rights to Emily as he was. James was dead; so was this child's father, as far as she was concerned. Mystique began to rack her brain for any time in the short few years of the child's existence when she had screwed up. Nothing came to mind. So that all had to mean, that her dear old masters, were keeping tabs on them long after the doors had been shut. It was not a comforting feeling to know.

Mystique jerked her head upward at hearing a noise from the outside. Thinking quickly, the mutant woman bolted up from her seat and ran over to the exit walls. She eased her body against the side of the cold tile, sneaking a look out the door. Mystique saw several armed guards taking a few scientists and Kristy's encased body into what looked like a laboratory. Mystique stiffened; it was time to move. She went to sneak out the door but slowly hesitated. Her yellow eyes glanced back at the screen, the image of her daughter still blaring through.

Mystique's fist tightened. Her lip formed into a straight line. Out of nowhere, Mystique sat back down into the chair. Her fingers flew across the keyboard as she hacked into the main system. In a blink of an eye she was deleting everything involving Raven and the little girl. In a matter of moments the child's information was erased from their records. One instant she was there, the next, little Emily never existed; not according to their records of interest.

When it was all finished, Mystique pushed herself roughly off the chair and turned to leave. However the image of that little girl came floating back to her mind. Mystique gritted her teeth and grabbed the chair she had been sitting in. With a grunted cry, she lifted it up and slammed it to the screen with all her might. The computer shattered into pieces, debris falling to the floor. Electric parts sparked and sputtered as Mystiques shoes click clacked out of the room. She did what she always had done. She never looked back.

xxx xxxx xxx

Logan stood back up; rolling his massive shoulders. The feral mutant was the closest to what felt like content. It was all over; Kristy was safe and Maverick was surprisingly alive. There was just the little problem of what to do with Mystique. Logan studied the blue mutant critically; ice blue eyes sizing her up in a predatory fashion. His forehead creased, a deep frown etched on his face. Logan had noticed that Mystique had been acting strange since coming out of the research labs. Her whole scent had been off; sprinkled with several fiery emotions. Yet, even without his feral nose; Mystique entire body language had been different. But it wasn't just her behavior either…it was something else….what the scientist had said…..

Sharp flashes blinded Logan's mind… as he began…to remember….

He was running as fast as his legs could carry him. James had to get to her in time! Two lives depend on it! He covered his face as the bombs blew off the entrance to the lab, coughing deeply in his throat. James looked down in alarm to see Raven restrained to the table, fighting desperately to get free as tears ran down her blue face, while the scientists slowly lowered her into the tank. She lifted her head, reaching outward, crying "James!"

It was then all Logan could remember was one second, they were in the Weapon X halls, making their way through…the next….they were outside running….

James smelled the black powder just as it was about to blow. He pushed Raven to the ground, covering her protectively, gritting his teeth as spare fragments bore into his skin. Slowly the smoke cleared and he helped Raven gently to her feet; shaking off the access fragments as they feel from his healing flesh. James then suddenly sniffed the air; a threatening growl billowing out of his throat. Raven look at him concerned just as Creed came jumping in front of them, hunkering down for an attack. His voice and eyes filled with contempt, he shouted "An opportunity of a lifetime and you run from it!?"

James pulled Raven close, shaking his head while fighting his feral impulse to savagely attack the person threatening his family. Instead, James tried reasoning with the enraged mutant, shouting "Creed, this is wrong! You can't force this on people!"

Creed snarled, leaping into the air. His foot connected to James's chest, as he spewed "Yes I CAN!"

Raven barely got out of the way of Creeds assault; crying out as her lover was not so lucky. James was slammed back onto the rock formation, his body crashing to the ground. Creed smiled sinisterly; claws slowly arching outward from his fingers. James recovered immediately from the attack, managing to take in slow jagged breaths and glare back up at Creed; snarling his white canines. His gaze drifted to Raven who looked at him with wide yellow eyes. She was obviously scared out of her wits. He didn't need his sense of smell to tell him that. James got up, using all his muscled bulk to charge towards Creed, ordering "Don't wait for me!"

He tackled Creed to the ground, pushing him down. Using the feral mutants body against him, James ignored his dark growling as he looked back up at Raven. She had not moved. Fighting with the two hundred pound mutant underneath him, James shouted "Go! I'll find you both!"

Raven jolted out of her trance and went running into the forest; taking one last look over her shoulder. James pushed Creed further down, the mutants hands circling around his neck, but James continued to urge "GO!"

Logan blinked back to reality, his heart racing just as it had in the memory. Forcing it back to regular rhythm, he stared down at the woman who had been centered around the whole flashback. Slowly, he walked out of the X-jet.

Logan walked up towards the crossed armed female; careful in his steps in hopes of not scaring her off. Mystique's yellow eyes flickered up to him, then back towards the setting sun, a emotionless mask etched on her face. The feral came closer, daring to speak.

"Raven." Logan spoke softly, coming up from behind. Mystique turned her head to glare at him, replying curtly "Don't."

Logan stopped a foot from her turn backside, scratching the back of his head and ice blue eyes oddly gentle for once. He looked at Raven, urging "Why didn't ya tell me?"

"Because….the man who saved me. The one who sacrificed himself so I could get away….he's gone…" Mystique spoke quietly. Her voice began to break near the end. She couldn't let him see that; not as the man he was. Mystique, however, finished her explanation; her voice conveying an emotion she would rather hide, finishing "They took him."

Mystique took a step forward but Logan grabbed her shoulder gently. For a brief moment, it felt like James. But when she turned around, Mystique's hopes were dashed, as she stared back into the eyes of the Wolverine. Logan. Not James. Yet, the mutant standing before her, looked at Mystique with a desperate face.

"Who was that man?" Logan asked. He placed both large hands on her small shoulders, pulling Mystique closer, pleading "Tell me, please. I have ta know!"

Mystique placed a hand on his chest; thinking of laying a hand on his cheek but denied herself the action. Looking at Logan dead in the eyes, she replied "It doesn't matter. You can never be him again."

They stood in that close space for a few long and quiet minutes. It was the closest Mystique had ever let anyone come to embracing her in a long time. However, eventually she slipped away from him, not looking back to see Logan's disappointed face.

The feral mutant watched Mystique go silently; something was bothering him. It was lingering in the back of the feral's mind, nagging and barking for attention. It was from the memory. Snap shots of his thoughts came playing back to him. What did he mean two lives depend on it? Logan didn't recall anyone else escaping from that lab with them. And the last thing Logan had said to her before Raven ran away, it pulled at him the most. Literally screaming at him; begging Logan to remember something very important. He clenched his fists, watching the receding Mystique. Softly, his gruff voice asked "Why did I say….I'd find ya both?"

Mystique's entire body jerked around at the question. Her eyes were wide and dilated to the max. Logan sniffed upward, filtered her body's changing smells. It indicated….shock. He quirked his eyebrow at her, asking "Raven?"

Logan's brain began to work as an idea hit him hard in the gut. Why would any man talk about saving two lives….when only one woman stood in front of you? Feeling an overwhelming sense of urgency, the muscled feral took a step forward, demanding louder "Raven!"

Mystique didn't answer but merely shook her head; tears filling her eyes as a hand fell over her mouth. Logan had never seen this particular woman cry, or at least, from what he remembered. He went to grab her arm but Mystique bolted. Quick as lightening, she ran from him. Logan immediately went to chase after her but Kristy yelled out, waving from the jet. He stopped, cursing under his breath as Mystiques form disappeared into the setting sun. The feral growled, stalking back to the jet, a sickening feeling rising in his chest; Logan's mind going over the foggy memories of his forgotten past.

xxx xxxx xxx

"Stay down Runt!" The brown haired boy grunted. His fist taught for another blow, he hesitated to see what his victim would try.

The 'victim' was a small ten year old girl, who had just seconds before, had been standing upright and talking to a nearby kid. Now she was on the ground, blood oozing down her nose. Her soft raven hair lay matted down and entangled around the length of her back, just above her shoulders. Yet, her ice blue eyes glared up at the imposing thirteen year old bully. Slowly, she wiped away the blood falling from her nose, eyeing her tormentor with an emotionless face. A crowd of children chanted and screamed for her to fight back. The thirteen year old boy smirked smugly down at the glaring ten year old, listening to the cheers. The little girl's bright eyes snapped and sparkled like firecrackers.

Out of nowhere, she puckered her lips and spat in the bully's face! Mucus and blood splattered on the boy's cheek. Before he could react, the girl reared back her leg, kicking him in the nuts….hard. The crowd's voices raised volumes as fists pumped the air and hi fives circled the groups.

"As if, Stanley." The little girl muttered. She reared her left fist and punched Stanley in the gut. The thirteen year old hit the dirt, falling to his knees. The crowd deafened the basketball court with their cheers. The little girl carefully got up, wiping the remaining blood off her nose. Stanley moaned, hissing out "Bitch."

The little girl smiled, patting Stanley's cheek. Putting on a sweet, innocent, face, she mocked "It's not nice to call girls names."

"You're not a girl, Emily! I doubt if you're even human!" Stanley grounded out, holding his groin. Emily rolled her eyes, retorting "Ya watch the news to much."

A red haired, green eyed, twelve year old girl smirked down at the boy. The child crossed her arms as she walked next to Emily. Shaking her head, she sighed "I said when you got here, not to mess with her, Stanley. She's not like the other kids from your old orphanage."

"Molly's right! Emily might be small, but she can kick your butt!" A black haired boy named Derek shouted. He high fived his other friends, whooping and giving cat calls. Stanley glared at the boys as the crowd around began to fade. They had all seen enough; the natural order of the orphanage had been maintained. The new kid finally knew his place now.

Molly put an arm over Emily's shoulder and smiled down at the younger kid. The nuns in the orphanage had always made jokes about them; best friends, but different as water was to fire. While Molly was pale and stocky, Emily was darker and thinner. Molly was big shouldered, Emily small shouldered. Emily had eyes a cold bright blue; Molly's as green as new spring grass. Even their size, with Molly standing a good six inches above Emily, was different as night was to day.

Many new to the orphanage would swear Emily was eight just by her size. Like Stanley, for instance, who had been used to being the bully of the schoolyard because of his age and build. Molly knew, regardless of her warnings to the boy, it was only a matter of time before he'd try to pull something. The new kids had always tested Emily; wanted to see if they could push her over. Sadly for them, it normal always ended up to a trip to the nurse's office and a stern talking to from the nuns.

"You think he learned his lesson?" Molly teased. Emily snorted in the boy's direction, leaning into Molly. She whispered "Let's just say, if it wasn't for that lucky punch at the beginning, he'd be crying by now."

Both girls giggled at the joke and held hands at they walked away from the moaning thirteen year old. Emily stopped smiling though and frowned in thought. It had been three days since Sister Rachel had given the 'wonderful' news that Molly had been chosen for adoption. Since then, Emily had tried to ignore the fact that Molly was going away; disappearing, it seemed, to somewhere she didn't even know and to people whom she had never met. Yet, today was the day Molly's 'parents' were picking her up. Emily couldn't hide from the fact anymore; or run away from the hot and cold emotions running around in her mind. Why did life have to be so difficult? Why couldn't she and Molly been born as sisters, or at least with families on the same street block? It didn't seem fair that fate had chosen them to come together as friends, only to say goodbye five short years later.

Molly noticed Emily thinking and elbowed her slightly. Emily grinned but her heart wasn't in it. Gently, her hand took a hold of Molly's. She looked over into her best friend's green eyes', saying "It ain't gonna be the same without ya here."

"I know, I didn't think the Roberts would pick me." Molly comforted, putting her hair back behind her ear. Emily gave a playful punch, remarking "Why not? I like ya and ya know how hard that is!"

Molly grinned but the joy never reached her eyes. She shrugged and stared out into the country side. Emily stood quietly, understanding very well what to do when Molly got like this. The girl's vision set onto the lake and both watched the ducks quacking shrilly as they drove their heads into the water. Then back up they would come, most flapping their wings and soaring to the skies above. Molly studied the ducks, as she picked up a stone and threw it outward. Emily mimicked the action and both watched silently as their pebbles skipped across the water. Their faces twitched with amusement as the ducks gave out obnoxious calls of anger, fleeing from the movement from the water. Quietly, Molly sat down on the nearby bench, whispering "I've just been in orphanages for so long….I don't even remember what it's like having a family."

Emily shuffled her left foot around the grass, looking down. Molly glanced at her direction just as Emily looked up. Each girl looked away, staring in opposite directions. Emily quietly sat next to Molly on the bench and put her hand over Molly's. Softly, she muttered "Me neither. I haven't got close to anyone since my mom…..Except you."

Molly stared at Emily and a smile gradually rose to her face. She playfully slapped Emily on her forearm stating "We'll, you were stuck in the same room with me for five years! You either had to like me or beg for another roommate!"

"And risk getting Sassy Stacy? No way!" Emily cried out teasingly. The girls laughed in unison, smiling from the nickname bestowed on their fellow orphan best friend. Each smiled for a while until Molly's slowly disappeared. She looked right at Emily's face until her eyes began to get red. She casted her head away, hiding the tears threatening to form. Emily was taken back, Molly never cried. They laughed, argued and showed fear but never had the tall red head cried in front of the small raven haired girl.

Emily gently took Molly's hand again and squeezed it tenderly. Molly didn't look up, but said in a low whisper "I begged them to take you too. But they only wanted one."

"I didn't ask ya to do that." Emily said softly. Molly returned her grip with a tight one of her own and looked up into Emily's blue eyes. One tear fell from her face as she replied in a choking voice "But I wanted to."

Emily felt a hot sensation around her eyes, she too fearing the tears threatening to pool. She reached out and embraced Molly, hugging her tightly. Hoarsely, she cried "I love you, Molly!"

"I love you too, Emily!" Molly cried out, returning the hug.

The girls held each other, not allowing the tears to fall. They sat like that for a good hour, hugging, whispering, laughing, and nearly crying. Each retelling stories that the other may have not remembered. Each falling to fits of laughter at themselves at the pranks they pulled with the group of their friends and the horrific fights they had gotten into that had seemed so important at the time. Reliving, remembering, and grieving with each other. That was, until the shrill cry of Sister Rachel told them Molly's new parents were there to pick her up. Both girls looked at the other for a moment, before grabbing each other's hand, and heading to their room. A room that would only be theirs a few short moments more.

xxx xxxx xxx

The Robert's faces were nothing short of glee when they saw Molly come out from the orphanage doors. Emily was right behind and grinned shyly to the beaming adults. As they chattered on about how excited they were, how much Molly was going to love her new room, about the siblings she had now, both girls remained silent. Emily, once in a while, would reach out and squeeze Molly's hand. There would be no crying or acts of jealousy. Emily knew this was a happy day for Molly; no matter how bittersweet it seemed to be.

When everything was packed away, Molly turned to Emily shyly. Scratching her head, Molly said "I guess this is it."

"Yeah." Emily whispered. However, a smirk fell on her face and she teased "So Molly Roberts, huh? Sounds like a character in a book!"

Molly smiled, replying "Yeah, I could be the youngest crime fighting mutant there ever was! Saving the day with my annoying catch phrases and snappy comebacks!"

Both girls erupted into giggles. A hush soon fell though, as Mr. Roberts slammed the back of the SUV shut. Molly unexpectedly, after glancing at the two adults, pulled something out of her jean pocket and placed it into Emily's left hand; closing the little girls hand into a fist. Emily opened her hand to find a golden heart bracelet. Molly's golden heart bracelet. She stared shocked at the red head, stuttering "I…I…can't take this!"

"Yes you can. It's to remember me by." Molly stated back firmly. Emily stared down at the locket and then back at Molly. Slowly, she pulled her right arm from where it had been hidden the past five minutes and put something in Molly's hands. It was a sketchbook. One of Her sketchbooks. Molly stared at it stunned as Emily explained "I drew all ya favorite places and also put a lot of different pictures of us and the gang in the back. That's my present for ya to remember me by."

Molly opened the sketchbook with shaking hands and gave a gentle gasp upon seeing the beautiful life like figures appear before her eyes. She had always loved Emily's drawings, had told her since they met she was gifted. Emily was only ten and the people already started to look real! But never had Emily been brave enough to give her, or any of their friends, a complete book of her works. Molly felt a tear slid down her face. She had not been this touched in a long time. Gripping it close, Molly whispered "I'll never let anyone touch it."

"And I'll never take this off."Emily said, holding up the bracelet. She placed it around her wrist for good measure as Molly smiled behind her few tears. The girls embraced each other tightly, not once looking at the Roberts. As they separated, Molly grasped Emily's hand into her own, whispering "I'll find you again, someday. I promise!"

Emily nodded and whispered "I promise too!"

The best friend's hands gripped tightly to each other; wishing they never had to let go. However, they eventually did, their little fingers slipping from each other's embrace. Molly turned and walked to the car, not looking back. Mrs. Roberts put a comforting hand on Molly's shoulder, giving Emily an understanding grin, as she opened the door to the back of the car. Molly looked in Emily's direction one last time. She smiled and put her left hand in a fist. Emily smiled at their old hand motion, a joke of their first fight before they became friends. She too put her hand to mimic the fist. Each girl stared at each other until Mrs. Roberts slammed the door shut. Emily watched as the car drove away; the whole time her hand kept as it was; Molly doing the same. Not until the car disappeared around the corner did Emily lower her arm. After five years of laughter and memories, Emily was once again left standing on the street, alone.

xxx xxxx xxx

Lightening streaked across the sky as thunder rumbled in the distance. Emily stared at the pounding rain from her two story window, sitting on the big window sill. In her lap was a fresh sketchbook opened like a book. On the right side of the page was a nearly finished picture, a detailed image of Emily and Molly standing back to back. Emily's right hand was raised into a fist, Molly's left hand the same way. Both were smirking, displaying the best "tough" look a ten year old and twelve year old could pull off. Emily stared down at the image for a moment, then back into the pouring rain outside.

The little girl remembered the last storm they had watched together. Both huddled on the window sill, they had made bets for how close the lightening would get, before Sister Mary would come barging in to demand they get out of the window. Emily smirked in amusement. Molly would wait till the eldest nun would leave, turn to her and mimic Sister Mary's outraged voice to a tee. Emily would laugh as Molly could imitate the nun's movements, scrunching her face exactly as the old nun would and pointing to 'reprimand' the ten year old beside her.

Emily leaned her head against the glass; staring out into the drenched countryside. When thinking of Molly, the smirk on Emily's face was wiped away. With a rough jerk, she slammed the sketchbook shut and pulled her knees to her chest. Looking back out at the weather, she wished Molly had not left until after the storm had gone. How much Emily hated thunderstorms! It got worse after her mom…..

Emily shook her head. Right now Molly would probably have made a joke to ease her discomfort about remembering her mother. The fellow orphanage would smile and then start devising a plan on how they would smoothly put their twin beds together, without making a sound, so neither would have to be alone in the dark. Molly had always hated thunderstorms as much as the raven haired child. She had been the one to come up with the idea to put their beds together; a way to see someone in the darkened and frightening weather. It was what had started their friendship, that cold and stormy first night. Emily wiped away a tear from her eye and growled gruffly at the salty drop. She had to stop thinking of Molly! Emily knew crying about her didn't change anything. Molly was gone and Emily had to move on.

"Lights out children!" Sister Rachel shouted sweetly above the thundering rain. However, old veterans of the orphanage knew the nuns only asked nicely once. If any of them had to say it again….you were in trouble.

Emily got down from the sill, trying to ignore her overwhelming dread of sleeping alone in the room tonight. She almost called for Austin or Derek…they loved to sneak to the girls side just to make the nuns irritated…or even Stacy…she was going to be her new roommate tomorrow anyways… ….but stopped. The little girl didn't want her other best friends tonight. Emily wanted to be alone, stormed be damned. The child cuddled under the covers, turning the light off, listening to the raging storm outside. She cringed when a sharp burst of lightening illuminated the room and rubbed the golden bracelet on her wrist, twirling it between her thumbs. The repetitive action was soothing and soon Emily felt her eyes flutter. Gradually, she drifted off into a dreamless slumber; listening to the hollow emptiness of her bedroom as rain pelted against the window glass.

xxx xxxx xxx

Logan tossed in his sleep, a deep frown on his face. The nightmares were threatening to happen again. All the dark waters, sharp pain, and rage. All the mismatched memories, all the distorted thoughts. If Logan ever found the people responsible for what he was; the feral would make them suffer equally as of all his years of torment! Logan struggled to keep himself from being dragged into the nightmare. But it was as if some force was driving him to it. A part of his brain shouting, demanding, for him to pay attention!

Logan felt the wave of fresh memories attack his cerebellum. Yet this time…there was no violence. No acts of rage or excruciating pain overtaking his body. No…it was Mystique. Or Raven at that time. She had tears in her eyes, just like what happened today. Logan was trying to get her to tell him something. But Raven was just as closed mouthed back then as she was now; still keeping things very close to the chest. Her face began to fade in and out. Their voices jumbled grunts and murmurs.

Logan growled in his sleep. He was the epitome of frustrated. Why couldn't he have a clear picture of what was happening? Logan remembered Kristy, and escaping the program! It had only been eleven years ago since then! Why wouldn't his mind let him remember what she sai…

A loud thunderous boom and zigzag of lightening, flashed across the sky, as Logan was plummeted into a memory in the very black abyss of his amnesic mind….

"You can't let them do it to me James!" Raven pleaded, tears forming her face. James turned to his love in shock; he had never seen Raven so distraught. James pulled her close, replying "Why not, darlin? I thought you wanted the procedure."

Raven nodded her head but more tears spilled down her cheeks. She grabbed onto James, putting both hands around his neck. Laying her head on his chest, she replied shakily "I did. But not….not after what I found out…."

James held her tightly, his heightened senses working overtime to figure out what was wrong. He sniffed the air, his eyebrow shooting up from an unfamiliar smell. It was an odd unbalance in Raven. He had noticed it before but ignored it when Raven started to cry. Now James worked his whole mutated senses to that one smell. It was…a peak in her…hormones…..the hGC…..

James pushed Raven from his chest. He stared at her, ice blue eyes wide. Raven played a small smile on her face. Softly she replied "I guess the nose always knows, huh."

"You're….you're…."James stumbled out. Raven nodded, with a slight glow in her eyes, finished "I'm pregnant."

Logan jolted straight up in the bed, gasping and struggling to breath. His whole body shook as both arms propped him up on the bed. The feral struggled to keep his heart from pounding out of his chest while steadying his muscled girth. Quietly, in barely a whisper, his voice choked out "Pregnant?!"

Logan held his face in his right hand, swearing numerous obscenities, sputtering on his own breath. He replayed the memory again and again. No matter how much he spun, examined, dissected it; one word came out blaringly clear.


Raven had a child somewhere. He had a child somewhere! Logan swore louder, flying back to lie down on his bed. His large hands swept down his face and through his black hair. Ten years. Ten damn years he had a kid and now Logan wanted to remember? Why didn't Raven tell him? Where was his kid?

Logan sat up straight in the bed; a cold rush of anxiety hit his body and flowing through his veins. The last question he thought about began to replay more urgently in his mind. Gruffly, the feral's voice whispered "Where's my kid?"

Logan had never seen Mystique with a child. Not in any of the times they battled with her did the woman ever bring up a kid. She couldn't even look Kurt in the eye to this very day. Logan quickly felt a paralyzing fear grab at his heart and squeeze it tightly.

That woman had thrown her own son down into a ravine. What in god's name could she do with a child whose father she hated even more? Logan's racing mind froze ice cold upon that question. There were many things….and only one thing. His eyebrows hit downward, hands tightening into fists, as his blue eyes snapped ridged. His claws shot out from his knuckles with a loud SKINT!.

"I'll kill her." Logan growled, white canines flashing in the dark. He fumbled with his covers, grumbling at them as he rocketed off the bed, his claws receding into their place within his hands. Before he knew what he was happening, Logan had his clothes on. Every time his brain would try to work, to think something through, an image of a crying infant in Mystique's arms played in his head. An innocent child who dangled over a ledge; crying shrilly for someone, anyone, to save them from the mad woman who they called mother. A woman who had a sick smirk on her face, holding the baby, his baby, over the raging rapids. Logan growled deeply, pupils dilating a quarter of an inch, his razor sharp claws once again jetting out of his knuckles. He forced himself to regain some tiny shred of control and slipped his claws back in underneath the skin; grabbing for his stuff on the side table. Logan's ice blues darted over to the table's clock. The digits illuminated 4:00am on the blackboard screen.

The feral cursed again. The others wouldn't be awake for another five hours at best. Why did everyone insist on sleeping in later on Saturday mornings? Logan swung open his door, racing out of his room; it didn't matter anyways. He wasn't going to drag the X-men into this mess. This was Logan's mystery to solve.

The feral walked down the stairwell two by two, pushing the kitchen swinging doors with a heavy shove, the poor muscled mutant feeding on the image of a helpless infant. Logan's helpless infant; his child. Where was his kid? The question….and answer...haunted his every waking moment. Logan went to grab the kitchen back door into the garage when his brain clicked back to on. The feral couldn't just up and leave like he used to when a rush of memories would attack his mind. Logan was the team leader now, going Rambo wasn't going to cut it anymore. He had responsibilities to his team. Any other time it wouldn't have bothered the man much. Some thought the muscled feral mutant a lone wolf by nature but they'd be surprised to know he liked the company of the X-man. He hated chasing down the ghosts of his pasts, only to catch a glimpse of who he was, that left more questions than answers. But sadly, this very night, Logan was seeing his leadership as nothing but a nuisance. The feral retreated from the kitchen door, grabbing a notepad, not helping to sarcastically think "No wonder Summers was so pissy before the blast."

Logan thought fast, scribbling a note on the white paper pad, leaving it on the counter in plain view. He then made sure his cell phone was fully charged; stuffing it in roughly into his pocket. The feral was then out the door, hiking his leg over his motorcycle, revving the engine to speed off before the garage automatic lights had a chance to turn on. Thankfully, the storm had ended and Logan could drive without any setbacks. He revived the engine harder and picked up more speed down the interstate; his mind replayed the words Raven had said so long ago. Pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant!

Then that horrible question loomed over his mind like a dark cloud. Where was his kid? Logan had to know the answer; he had forgotten about this poor child for ten years. They deserved to have Logan at least find them. Even if finding them….lead Logan down a path that would change him forever. Though it was hard to admit, he would rather mourn for a child he never got to know, than spend the rest of his life searching….wondering…and…god help him….hoping. Logan had enough ghosts to find; a missing child was not one he wanted on the list.

The muscled feral sped up on the bike, sniffing the air, cold eyes searching the countryside ahead. Logan didn't know where to begin looking but trusted his heightened senses to lead him right to Raven. This all started with her; it would end with her. The feral snorted out as he caught on to her distinct smell; Logan swerving the bike to the left, ignoring the speed limit. He leaned his broad shoulders down into the bike, gripping the handle bars. As Logan glided along the country side, just reaching into the city streets, he passed by an orphanage. Sisters of Charity. For as the father looked for his child, his mind teasing him with visions of her death, Emily lay sleeping peacefully just blocks away from her father's reach. For as fate would see, and time will mend…when one life ends….another begins.

So…..do you like? : ) Be warned this first book might have some "fluff" in it but I'm trying to be as realistic about the characters as possible. If I start to OOC PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Oh and before I forget….. I'm going to clear up a little of the timeline for anyone.

For my fans who have never watched Wolverine and the X-men, this chapter circles around "Stolen Lives". I got this idea after watching this episode on Netflix. If you look at the date the episode "Stolen Lives" airs around July 31, 2009. Pretending that the show is going along the years and months it aired, I made her birth date as if they escaped before the year 2000. Since Kristy is nearly seventeen, I made Emily just about ten years old. Hope that helps settle any questions.


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