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Ajax Nobody

Prologue: Baby in a box

The night was dark and a storm was raging. A bolt of lightning lit up the sky showing a sign that said "Wheelbarrow Orphanage." A shadowy figure appeared and went to the door, placing something at the doorstep, knocking on the door before leaving. A woman in her late-twenties came out to see who was there but saw nothing, she was about to close the door when she heard someone crying. She looked around to see the crying coming from a small box with a blanket bundled up. She went to the box and saw that there was a baby inside it, it look that it was no more than three days old, and the lady soon saw it was a boy.

Woman: Oh, you poor thing. I wonder, do you even have a name?

She look over at the box, it had a label for 'Ajax Moving Co.'

Woman: I think I'll call you Ajax. Hopefully you will go to a nice home very soon.

Season 1: Episode 1

Ajax: A Misfit Hero

The sun comes up on a small town surrounded by green hills; this is the town of Wheelbarrow.

Narrator (Stan Lee): It's been a little over twelve years since that night. Sad to say nobody really adopted poor Ajax. He's a brilliant kid but, ever since he could walk he has had nothing but bad luck causing him trouble, no family would want him. The kids at the orphanage and school didn't help. Eventually it got so bad that….


Narrator: What the..?! Oh, wait, I'm on the wrong side of town. Quick somebody get me to the right place.

60s Batman place change music

Sunrise appears over a tall tree that was hundreds of years old, at the base of it were a small door with a few windows dug into the bark.

Narrator: Please use different music next time. Now where was I, oh yes, It got so bad that Ajax eventually he ran away, but with nowhere to go he still stayed in town. He went to the giant tree that was at the edge of town and from a hollow at the base of the tree and made it into his home using thrown out wood panels and a bunch of tools. After making his home at the tree the townsfolk soon called Ajax: "the Hobbit of Wheelbarrow." Every day since he left, Ajax has tried many things to get something right, learning different skills to try and find something he was good at but he failed everyone, but he never gave up, he tried and tried, retrying his mistakes hoping he would get something right.


Narrator: You know what; I just let you see for yourself.

A hatch is propped open at the side of the tree, and smoke is bellowing out. Inside the house, someone could be heard coughing. The inside is nicely done and furnished, carved woodwork filled every inch of the house, part of it was hardened dirt that had been dug out for the house. More coughing is heard and enters a twelve-year old kid with red-orange hair blue-green eyes, a red t-shirt, tan leather jacket, a fedora, and shorts.

Narrator: Say hello to Ajax.

Ajax (coughing, slight Irish accent): Okay, so that didn't work. Let's take a break and go over the to-do list. Okay, work on new project, check. Try to fix old failed project, is next.

An English Cocker Spaniel got up from its bed and started whining to Ajax.

Ajax: Oh yeah, right, time to feed you Sophia.

Ajax and Sophia went to get some food. Meanwhile, a little ways out a car was driving towards Ajax's tree. Two people were in the car, one was a woman in her early 40s with brown hair, and grey eyes; the other was an eighteen year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes.

Young girl: I'm excited to be working with you, Ms. Angelo. I'm glad that accepted me for this childcare internship, I'm sure it will be an invaluable experience.

Ms. Angelo: I'm glad that you think that way Haley (HA-lee), because I was surprised that you choose Wheelbarrow for your internship, not very many people would choose a small place like this.

Haley: I thought it would be good away from the city life, plus I heard that your orphanage has a special case, and I wanted to see it for myself.

Ms. Angelo: Well you are right about the special case, but I must warn you the things he does my surprise you. Also, as my assistant you will need to help my with the day to day activities of the orphanage and that includes know about every child who is part of the orphanage.

Haley: I understand I already met all of the kids at the orphanage so; I think I have that covered.

Ms. Angelo: Not everyone, there is still one kid left and we are going to see him.

They are heading for the Ajax's home. They soon reach their destination, and step out of the car; Haley just stared at the giant tree while Ms. Angelo was getting something out the back of the car. Haley saw that in front of the tree was a small fence with a mailbox to the left of the front gate.

Ms. Angelo: Impressive, isn't it?

Haley: Yeah, looking at the place, it looks like I enter into the Hundred-Acre Wood.

Ms. Angelo: Or a Hobbit-hole. This is very old tree is home to Wheelbarrow's most interesting citizen, and you are in for a treat. Sun's almost up and his garden should be waking up right about now.

Haley: Wake up?

Just as Haley said that the front yard started to move around revealing that the plants were alive.

Plants: Hello, Ms. Angelo.

Haley: I've heard rumors of these plants, a guy named Crazy Dave grew these plants to fight zombies but I didn't think they were real.

Ms. Angelo: In a world where superheroes, Greek gods, and magical beings, zombie-fighting plants are unbelievable. Besides these plants are the only company the kid has, but they are nice once you get to know them.

Peashooter: Hi there Angelo, who's the new girl?

Ms. Angelo: This is Haley, my new assistant.

Plants: Hello Haley.

Haley (crept out): Nice to meet you all.

Peashooter: Oh, relax kid. We don't bite, except for the Chompers but, they only eat rotten meat. So, unless you're a zombie or someone who is just causing trouble we don't bother anybody.

Haley: Good to know.

Ms. Angelo: Where is your gardener?

Sunflower: He's inside cooking up his latest project for the farmer's market tomorrow.

Ms. Angelo: What is he working on?

Peashooter: Go in and find out.

Ms. Angelo and Haley went up to the small door and knocked on it, waited for a few moments then Sophia answered the door and barked happily at Ms. Angelo.

Ms. Angelo: Nice to see you too, Sophia. Can you take us to Ajax?

Soon Sophia led them to Ajax who was working with some chemicals. Sophia barked and got Ajax's attention and he notices the others.

Ajax: Oh, hello Ms. Angelo. Who's the new girl?

Haley: Greetings I'm Haley, the new intern, and you must be….

Ajax (shaking Haley hand): I'm Nobody, Ajax Nobody.

Haley: Your name really is Nobody? If you are an orphan then how do you have a last name?

Ajax: Long story, everyone calls me Nobody and it stuck. So, you're the new intern, I didn't think that anybody would want the position because of what people had heard of me.

Haley: Why would anyone be afraid to come…?

Ajax: Long story. Anyway, Ms. Angelo what are doing here?

Ms. Angelo: Came here to check on you, also I had this. As well as figure out what you are up to.

Ms. Angelo brings out a book and hands it to Ajax.

Ajax: A copy of the 'Arabian Nights,' excellent, another book for my collection. And to answer your question, I am in the process of creating a formula that will multiply any fruit or vegetable I choose and I am almost done before the farmer's market. Hopefully it will be my first success to go on the wall, the wall of mess-ups is getting full.

Ajax points to a wall with multiple newspaper clippings with a sign above the area that says 'Wall of Failures.' Haley just stood there wide-eyed. Ajax then looked down sad faced.

Ms. Angelo: Don't worry, someday you will get something right and then everybody will forget about your past mess-ups.

Ajax: Yeah, hopefully this is the time that I do get it right, I tired of get laughed at.

Ms. Angelo: I know. Well, here is your book. We'll be on our way.

Ajax: See you again sometime.

Ms. Angelo: Bye Ajax, take care.

With that Ms. Angelo and Haley left, Ajax put up his new book but, he still was a little sad and just look at his wall of failures. Soon, he went back to work on his formula.

Narrator: Poor kid. Oh yeah some explanation is probably in order. It used to be that all the worlds were separated and no one knew they existed, until some idiot broke the rule and cause everyone in the worlds to meet. Soon there came a time where all the villains teamed up to destroy the universe, eventually all the heroes joined together and defeated the villains. Afterwards the heroes decided that they all work together as one big team, so they created the Heroes Alliance so that the heroes would be able to help each other in case the villains decide to do a massive team up again. Speaking of the heroes they should be at the Watchtower forming a meeting.

The place is now the Justice League Watchtower. Inside the Watchtower, heroes and leaders from all over came to the meeting. Superheroes, wizards, half-bloods, keybladers, knights, and any other kind of hero were in attendance. Everyone was chatting with each other discussing about what the meet was about. Soon Superman came up to the main stage and called the meeting to order.

Superman: Ok let's get this meeting under way, I appreciate all of you coming here now I am going hand over the meeting to Batman.

Everyone clapped for a moment before Batman took the stage.

Batman (Kevin Conway): Thank you all for coming. Now as you all know, we have had nearly a year of no world-wide catastrophes, but that doesn't mean we should let our guard down in any way. Now on to business, few months ago Stark found an ancient ruin to an unknown civilization with the only artifact found was this golden scroll.

[Tony Stark smirks]

We don't know anything about the culture so; we need to be ready for anything that may come up.

Batman turns on a projector and it shows a gold scroll with two handles with intricate designs.

Batman: The scroll we found had some ancient writing inscribed into it. We haven't finished translating the writing on it, so we need to assume that it contains something dangerous. The assignment is to go to the Gotham Museum and protect the artifact at all costs. Mr. Bruce Wayne has agreed to let us be there for security detail. Now you will all be assigned certain positions at the museum, now go going.

Narrator: After everyone was assigned their jobs the meeting was adjourned and everyone went to their respectable worlds. However down in the Underworld the villains were having their own meeting.

A tall man with blue skin and flame hair was pacing back and forth steadily getting angrier and angrier.

Hades (Disney version): This is getting ridiculous, we've been in hiding for nearly a year and we haven't come up with some new way to get rid of all the heroes once and for all.

Maleficent: Calm yourself Hades. Soon we will strike at the heroes we just haven't found a proper way of doing it yet. We all want revenge as much as you do but we must be patient.

Joker (reading a Gotham Newspaper): Yeah, Flame Head. It's not like the answer is going to come up at our doorstep.

Joker returns to his newspaper, and a headline for a new exhibit at the Gotham Museum. Hades notices a picture of the scroll and goes bug-eyed.

Hades (screaming): Get every villain we can spare and get ready to attack the Gotham Museum; we are getting that scroll before the heroes find out what it contains.

The villains just looked wide-eyed at Hades as he stormed out.

Dr. Doom: What was that about?

Maleficent: I do not know, hopefully our blue friend will enlighten us on what is going on.

The villains soon left the room after Hades to work on a plan of attack.

Narrator: Well this doesn't look go but I think have gotten better for Ajax so let's get back to him.

The scene changes back to Ajax's home in Wheelbarrow and Ajax is putting the final touches on his formula. Ajax is setting up a testing area while talking with Sophia.

Ajax: I'm telling you Sophia this is the one, the one that is going to change everything. After the farmer's market and a little luck I'll finally be out of Wheelbarrow.

Sophia: (whining)

Ajax: I know, I know I've said that many times before, but this time I sure this will be the time I get something right.

Ajax placing a tomato on top of a stool and took a needle and put a small amount of his formula into the tomato. Then Ajax retreated behind a glass screen to protect himself. Ajax waited to see the results of his work. Then the tomato started to rock, Ajax retreated to be safe, then the tomato turned into two tomatoes.

Ajax: It worked, no exploding, no goo, no acid, nothing is wrong. Finally, I did, I did something right. Oh, wait till the townsfolk get a load of this. They will forgive me for all my past mistakes and I can finally be adopted. I think a trip to Pap's Soda Bar is in order. I'm going out Sophia. See you in a few hours.

Ajax left his home and went out for the evening. Meanwhile at the Gotham Museum, the heroes were securing the place for the night. The main leaders for each branch of hero was attending the actual event, Yen Sid, Yoda, Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Superman, Chiron, and King Mickey were all talking to Bruce Wayne who was the one who helped finance the exhibit.

Tony Stark: Great party Mr. Wayne, you sure do know how to party, but my parties are better.

Superman: Yes, this party is great. Don't worry about anything happening to the Museum while we are around. Nearly every hero is here, except for Batman, he doesn't do parties very well.

Bruce Wayne: It's alright, having the leaders of the heroes here makes up for it. I'm just glad none of the villains have shown up in a long while.

Yoda: Peaceful, it has been. Be wary, we should, for darkness will return.

Chiron: We should be glad for this long period of peace.

?: And it shall become a longer period of peace if I have any to do about it.

They all turned to the source of the voice to see a tall man in a suit with grey-black hair and beard with electric blue eyes.

Chiron: Lord Zeus, what are you doing here?

Zeus (Percy Jackson version): I am here for the scroll. Give it to me now before the consequences commence.

Bruce Wayne: But Zeus, the scroll is on exhibit we will give it to you after the party.

Zeus: No, now, before anything happens to the scroll.

Yen Sid: Calm yourself Lord of Thunder. We can reach an agreement, one that will benefit us all.

Mickey: Master Yen Sid is right; we will give you the scroll before…


Mickey: …bad happens.

The smoke cleared and nearly every villain was there.

Joker: Hello Gotham, sorry for the absence but we just came by for a few hors d'oeuvres, cause a little mayhem, and pick up an ancient scroll.

Hades (Disney): Enough with formalities. GET THAT SCROLL!

Then chaos erupted, and villain and hero got into a battle royal all battling for the scroll. The scroll got tossed around during the fight, eventually being tossed out the window into the sewers.

Maleficent: Dick Dastardly, Doofenshmertz, get that scroll.

The two villains followed the orders and chased the scroll to the sewers and tried to catch the scrolls exchanging roles of 'Who's got it.' Soon the scroll slipped from their fingers and down a pipe, when the villains came to it all they saw was a swirling orange vortex.

Doofenshmirtz and Dastardly: Oh no.

They returned to the museum to see the fight was still happening.

Doofenshmirtz: The scroll is GONE!

Everyone stopped was those words were heard, a lot of people were frozen in midair, others holding back punching.

Spider-man: Lousy villains say what?

Dastardly: It's true, the scroll fell down a pipe and at the end of it was an orange portal, and the scroll must have ended up inside it.

Hades (Disney): Great, now we have no idea where it went to. Retreat everyone, and grab the princesses on the way out, we need something to slow those zeroes down.

Some of the villains grabbed the princesses before anyone can comprehend what happened. The princesses' loved ones and friends called out for them as they were carried away. Some of them broke down where they were as the ones they loved were taken from them once again.

Superman: Everyone, we need to regroup. Round everyone up and get back to the Watchtower. Zeus you have some explaining to do.

Zeus (Percy Jackson): Chiron, bring the Oracle from Camp Half-Blood.

Yoda: We must hope that the scroll falls not into the wrong hands.

Narrator: Uh oh, the scroll went done an orange portal, anything that goes into those things ends up being randomly sent somewhere in the universe. What makes it worse is that the princesses were kidnapped, again. Hopefully the heroes can figure out a plan. Well let's get back to Ajax, who is at Pap's Soda Bar and his is enjoying an orange soda and talking to the owner Pap.

Ajax: I'm telling you, Pap this time for sure I did it right. This time tomorrow I will finally be able to say that I have finally done something right.

A man in his 60s with white hair, mustache, looks at Ajax. He is cleaning a glass with a towel and is wearing a blue shirt with a white apron that has been stained with soda.

Pap: Kid, you have said that many times, like the time you made blankets and nobody bought them, or the time you made sarsaparilla and it tasted terrible, or the time that you try to improve duck-tape and no one could get it off, or the time that….

Ajax: Ok, you made your point. But this time is different; this latest one actually works for a change. So, tomorrow at the Farmer's Market I am going to show everyone my latest project.

Pap (raises glass): Here's hoping.

They both take a sip of their drinks. Then a loud noise came into the place and a man about eighteen came in, he had the build of a football player with brown hair and eyes, he came in with a few of his buddies. Ajax tries to leave unnoticed, but the guy sees him.

?: Well, if it isn't little nobody.

Ajax turns to see the guy.

Ajax: Oh, hello Tristan, how are you?

Tristan: Good, has the town's little screw up made another failure to add to his long history of failures?

Ajax: Actually, this one works and you'll have to see it at the Farmer's Market tomorrow.

Everyone in the bar laughs.

Tristan (laughs): If it's anything like every other time I won't.

Ajax: Ok, everyone has had their laugh but I will do something right and then you'll finally show me some respect.

Tristan: Ok, you do that, but first let's play a little game of dumpster diver.

Tristan picks up Ajax by the collar and started heading to the door.

Haley: Hold it.

Everyone turned around to see Haley standing there with an angry look on her face.

Tristan: Well hey there, you must be new. I'm Tristan, and my dad is the mayor so if you need anything let me know.

Haley: Put him down now.

Tristan put Ajax down albeit roughly.

Tristan: Well, well, well, Ajax who is this some bodyguard you ask to protect you isn't that sweet.

Haley: My name is Haley, and I am the new intern at the orphanage. Just because you are the Mayor's kid doesn't give you the right to that to him, and I will not tolerate bulling like that ever.

Tristan: Relax babe, we were just messing around. Come on guys, let's go.

Haley picks Ajax up.

Haley: You okay?

Ajax: Yeah I am.

Haley: I've learned about your other mistakes and I understand why people would do hate you, but one event that I need to ask is the bake sale incident.

Ajax cringes and everyone freezes.

Everyone (ghost moaning): The Bake Sale.

Ajax: Word of advice, don't ever mention the Bake Sale, it was my worst mistake ever, and no one ever wants to talk about it.

Haley: Good to know.

Ajax paid for his soda and said goodbye to Haley and made his way home.

Tristan: Hey, nobody we never finished our little game.

Ajax: Ah, man.

Few minutes later Ajax is thrown into a dumpster screaming, Tristan and his friends closed the lid on the dumpster and walk off. Ajax got out of the dumpster and shook the trash off and continued home. He made it home and was greeted by Sophia.

Ajax: Hello Sophia, let's show them that I am not just a nobody.

Then a rattle could be heard, Ajax looked around for the source of it and saw it was coming from small pipe that was in the wall that looked that it had yet to be removed. Ajax went over to the pipe to look into it. The rattling became louder and louder before, clank, a golden scroll fell out of the pipe and hit Ajax in the face.

Ajax: Ow! What the heck was that?

Ajax looked around and found the scroll lying on the floor. He picked up the scroll and looked at it. Ajax shrugged and put the scroll on his desk for later. He headed off to bed after that. Meanwhile, on a distant world, in a dark castle, the princesses were being escorted to their cell.

Guard #1: Okay, time to check which princesses we kidnapped, let's see: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Eilonwy, Padme`, Anastasia, Odette, Zelda, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Alice, and Kairi. That makes it twenty-two. Hey Phil.

Guard #2 (Phil): Yeah Dave.

Guard #1 (Dave): What is it with our bosses and kidnapping princesses?

Phil just shrugs and they lock the cell, leaving the princesses alone. The princesses were trying to figure a way out; Peach however was shuffling a deck of cards. The other princesses were looking at Peach with a bewildered look.

Peach (shrugging): You get used after about the twentieth time. Anyone want to play go fish?

The rest just nodded and played go fish to past the time.

The next day, the Farmer's Market was in full swing and Ajax was setting up a booth to show his formula. He got a table ready with a white tablecloth, a single tomato, and a syringe of his formula.

Ajax: Come one, come all, and see before your eyes the solution to world hunger, Ajax Nobody's Multipluim Formula. It makes any single ingredient food into multiples of it. Observe as I take this single tomato and have it become two tomatoes.

Ajax put a small sample of his serum into the tomato, a few seconds later it started to rock back and forth and then two tomatoes were sitting on the table. The crowd cheered for the results. Ajax was thanking the crowd, failing to see that the tomatoes were still rocking and started to multiply continuously at an alarming rate.

Ajax: Now the formula can work for any fruit... (Looks behind) or vegetable.

A mountain of tomatoes started forming and people were running away. Ajax is trying to contain the damage.

Ajax: It's okay, I can fix this. I can fix this.

The tomatoes kept on multiplying for the next ten minutes until it stopped. Ajax rose up from a pile of tomatoes and looked around.

?: AJAX!

Ajax turned to the sound of the voice to see the Mayor, Police Chief, and Fire Chief looking at him with deep anger on their faces.

Ajax (nervously): Hey, Mr. Mayor.

Narrator: Later that night, the town council had a meeting with Ajax to discuss his punishment for his latest screw up.

Ajax left City Hall looking completely destroyed, and slowly walked home.

Tristan: Hey Nobody, here's a tomato for ya.

Tristan throws a tomato at Ajax and it hits him in the face, then Tristan's friends start throwing tomatoes at Ajax. Ajax starts to run for home while Tristan and his crew run after him. Ajax makes it past the front gate of his home and his plants come alive to protect him from the bullies. Tristan is splattered with peas, corn, cabbage, and watermelon.

Tristan: You're safe now, but you puny plants can't protect you in the morning.

Tristan leaves with anger on his face. Ajax is just sitting on the floor of his house with Sophia in his arms crying his eyes out.

Ajax: I'm sorry Sophia, I failed again. Now they banished us from Wheelbarrow, and they are sending me to Ms. Ruper's Adolescent Correction House. Why does everything I do go wrong. I just want one chance to do something right, just one chance, that's all I ask.

Ajax looks up and sees the gold scroll from the previous night. He gets up and looks at it and starts playing at its lock. After a few minutes of messing with it, the scroll opens and a big gush of wind comes out of it. Ajax looks the scroll and sees that it is a map, to where he didn't know and he didn't care. He smiled and started to hastily pack things for his journey, food, water, clothes, sleeping bag, dog food, compass, and a pack to fit it all in. He grabbed a bamboo walking stick and ran out the door with Sophia behind him.

Ajax stopped at the orphanage and dropped a letter at the door, knocking on it before running off again. Ms. Angelo opened the door and saw the letter on the ground; she opened it and read it:

Dear Ms. Angelo,

I am leaving and I don't know if I'll come back again. Something came to me last night and I saw the opportunity of a lifetime, so I am leaving to follow it and to prove that I am not just some misfit and finally get a chance of success. Please watch over my house when I'm gone, my journals will help you take care of my plants.

So long,

Ajax Nobody

After reading it, Ms. Angelo broke down as the child she cared for twelve years ran off to who knows where.

Ms. Angelo: Stay safe Ajax, stay safe.

Ajax was running through the night as fast as his legs could carry him, following the map to where he needed to go, working like a magic GPS. He and Sophia stopped at a blue portal.

Ajax: Ready to see what the universe has to offer?

Sophia: (whining).

Ajax: Well, here goes nothing. CANNONBALL.

Ajax jumped into the portal as Sophia followed. The portal disappeared behind them.

Narrator: They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and Ajax has made a very big step. Can Ajax prove that he is not just a misfit, we'll find out soon enough. See you next time for the next episode of Ajax Nobody. Good night and Excelsior!

Next Time: Heffalumps, Woozles, and Woodpeckers, Oh my.