Nightmare: Helloooo, readers!

It is time to dare!

Danny: Excuse me?

Tucker: Did she just say dare?

Sam: Oh, no.

Nightmare: What's wrong?

All three: Nothin.

Nightmare: Good!

Clockwork: Danny! Someone has altered the present and prevented my foresight!

Danny: Is it her? * points to Nightmare*

Clockwork: ...yes...And Danny?

Danny: Yea?

Clockwork: We are all doomed.

Nightmare: Really? That is soo cool! Who is it?

Sam: ...

Tucker: Can I leave? *sweatdrops*

Nightmare: Sure! But remember no one is safe from the dares! And there are no limits. *evil laugh*

Dan: I'm free! *evil laugh*

Nightmare: Perrrfect~

Danny: They sound sooo similar...*O.O*

Dan: Oh Crud! *grabs Clockwork's cloak* Put me back in! Put me back in!

Clockwork: Put me down, Dan. And if I have to deal with her, you do to.

Dan: Nooooo!

Clockwork: Sorry Danny. I have to go and discipline Dan.

Dan: With whips and chains?

Clockwork: *smirks* Maybe if you are a good boy~

Dan: ... *O.O* It was a joke...

Danny: Eww...

Sam: Wow...

Tucker: ...

Nightmare: That. Is. So. HOT!

This torture of Characters is inspired by War Dragon 909!

Check her out!

And I do not own the characters. Just my imagination. Though I wish I did...

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