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~First Chapter~

~Heaven and the Apocalypse~


Four full centuries ago, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse came to existence. Four hundred years ago, the Black Dragon Acnologia ceased the throne of the dragonkind and ruled as its self-proclaimed King. He had every right to, no other creature was able to stand in his way. As the most superior of the dragons, thus the most superior of all the races, Acnologia saw it a matter of course that he ruled Earthland as he saw fit.

For over decades, Acnologia's name was whispered in fear and anguish believing that his very name was cursed. People lived in fear of the mighty dragon and he took great pleasures in the fact that he was able to install such amounts of great fear in people. He even went as far as destroying an entire country on his own just to give the humans an image of how powerful he truly was.

Years passed and Acnologia's name was mostly associated with the title 'Bringer of the Apocalypse', the dragon that completely laid waste to an entire nation by his own.

However, these were all recorded in the ancient history books of the world.

Was it truly Acnologia alone that destroyed Illumia?

Not according to some old forgotten reports of witnesses...

Reports that told about a second dragon.

A dragon who rivaled the King in terms of power.

These old reports murmur... of a second name that also took part of Illumia's destruction.

The name called... Myogaluna; the White Dragon of Heavenly Light.

Dark clouds enveloped the skies above the once peaceful nation of Illumia. The country resembled nothing of his former self anymore; large fires were scattered across the lands eating away at everything it touched, lightning bolts crashed into the grounds and left large craters as the sky bleed an ominous dark shade. The once glistening and wealthy cities of Illumia were now all reduced to rubbles, their great walls and palaces nothing more but broken ruins.

Amids all of this destruction, two gigantic creatures were encircling each other and shot beams of either dark blue or white red energy at its adversary, the strength behind their roars strong enough to blow away the debris that lay hundreds of kilometers of them away.

One of the two titans had black scales with intricate blue circles littered across its body. Its eyes were white as snow and devoid of any kind of warmth, only pure desire for destruction evident in them. Four sharp elongated plates were extending backwards on its head while an arrow-shaped protrusion hang on its chin. Its wings, not something one would expect, were black feathery in appearance but something not to underestimate as those very same wings were capable of creating gusts of wind strong enough to level cities.

This very same creature was the legendary dragon Acnologia.

His adversary was what seemed to be completely its opposite. Matching the gargantuan in size, the entity before Acnologia had white scales with several protrusions of crystals on top of its claws, back, knees and talons. White leathery wings were protruding out of his crystal-hardened scales, their backs covered in light blue crystals. A single golden plate on top of its skull was extending backwards and its eyes were colored a deep shade of red. Its eyes, unlike its counterpart, weren't filled with an unquenchable thirst for destruction. Instead, they were radiating with a steeled sense of judgment and determination.

"This destruction is because of your insatiable desire for annihilation, Acnologia! I command you to stop this immediately!" The ground shook at the sheer amount of strength behind Myogaluna's voice as the creature faced its fellow dragon, its wings slowly beating up and down over the ground.

A low growl escaped the black dragon's throat, its eyes staring straight into the white-scaled dragon's defiantly, "I do not need to follow a command from a lesser being such as yourself Myogaluna!" Acnologia taunted and clashed with Myogaluna, his black form trying to overcome the dragon of old. The two crashed into the ground, shaking its foundations with large tremors that reverberated throughout the land. A large cloud of dust engulfed the two dragons for a moment before a large beam of white-red light suddenly pierced through the dust and blew it away with its force. A loud roar soon followed afterwards and the sound of large feet pounding on to the ground repeatedly kicked up more dust clouds. With a beat of his wings Acnologia blew away the clouds and bared his teeth at Myogaluna while a large burned place could be discerned on the lower part of his body.

"How dare you! You will pay for this dearly, you old lizard!" With a slash of his claw Acnologia rammed into the white dragon and the two crashed yet again, this time over the old remains of a city they wrecked in their path of destruction a few days ago.

The two titans were rolling over the ground until eventually Acnologia gained the upper hand as the black dragon's form loomed over Myogaluna's. Acnologia reared his head back and channeled magic into his maw, the surrounding air sucked into it. A dark blue hue gathered around the dragon's maw and Acnologia violently flapped his wings in a display of domination. Just as the dragon of the Apocalypse was about to blast his roar point blank at Myogaluna, the white dragon snaked its claw around Acnologia's throat and forced it the other way. Acnologia's beam of chaos was sent hurling towards a direction not wanted by the dragon and it clashed with a nearby mountain range. The mountains were equaled to the grounds as nothing was left after the blast connected, a large explosion the result as it engulfed the mountain range.

Using its crystallized talon Myogaluna pushed the black dragon off of him and took flight. Rearing its head back towards Acnologia, the white dragon sent a look towards his adversary.

"Acnologia, I swear upon my birth as one of the most ancient dragons, you will be defeated! Our paths will cross again!" With another roar, Myogaluna decided to end it here and flew away from the land, his ears picking up the angry roars of Acnologia demanding him to return and finish their battle. But he had other plans.

As much as Myogaluna wanted to deny it, he was not stronger than Acnologia. Perhaps he was even weaker than the notorious Black Dragon of the Apocalypse. Their clash started six days ago and they've been butting heads with each other without a moment rest. The ultimate result was the destruction of the once peaceful and beautiful nation of Illumia. Being a peaceful dragon at heart, it weighted heavily on the dragon's conscience the outcome of their meeting. Hundreds if not thousands of people had lost their lives because of them fighting it out.

"This cannot happen again, a battle between dragons would ultimately end up as a catastrophe." Myogaluna moved its head around and took in the destruction he and Acnologia had caused to this land. It saddened the dragon but he knew he had no other option; it was either stopping Acnologia here on his rampage and sacrifice the lives of few, or fewer, than having him further continuing his trail of destruction and death.

Spotting a mountain range that was still untouched by their destructive powers, Myogaluna decided to head there and rest to licks the wounds he received from Acnologia. That was what he intended to do.

If not for something that he spotted.

Or rather heard with his enhanced dragon abilities.

The sounds awfully matched those of cries?

Stopping in his trajectory, Myogaluna glanced towards the distance at the source of the cries having a curious feeling as to what it precisely was; they resembled the cries of a hatchling but not entirely. The white dragon's curiosity rose at the thought of a dragon hatchling being around this place and he decided to head towards the cries to investigate it. It was better to save the young one from the clutches of the still lurking black dragon was the thought of Myogaluna.

Spotting the sight of a small village, Myogaluna's suspicious were instantly thrown away as he immediately recognized the situation; a destroyed village and its inhabitants being either dead or away while cries of a young one reverberated through the place meant only one thing.

A human was left alone here.

"It is best not to meddle in their affairs."Myogaluna reasoned with himself, his being already changing its course towards the mountain range he found earlier. He noticed that said cries intensified, making it harder for the pacific dragon to ignore it. Myogaluna was having an internal battle with himself as to whether or not seeing if the child was alright. A part of him said that he as a dragon was forbidden of any kind of contact with humans. This was due to the past they shared with them, the past of dragon slayers turning against dragons during the Civil War, a time Myogaluna remembered clearly. Another part told him that he was responsible for the situation the child currently was in.

Suddenly, Myogaluna picked up the sounds of humans shouting frantically and the great dragon reared his head back towards the sound. He spotted several groups of humans alongside soldiers having frightful expressions on their faces as they looked at the majestic white dragon. A blast of magic was suddenly fired at his head and Myogaluna scowled at the stinging feeling he received. Letting out a threatening roar, the white dragon showed the gap between them and himself and he considered that was enough for them to turn around and flee the scene.

The dragon however didn't expect a volley of blasts heading his way from all the mages present. Myogaluna started to grow agitated as he felt as if something was continuously scratching him. Enduring it for a moment, the dragon landed on his talons and claws before he breathed in through his maw and charged his magical power. With a swift move Myogaluna spit out a small stream of light towards the hostile mages and completely wiped them off the surface of Earthland. Standing tall again on his four legs Myogaluna glanced towards the remaining humans with a feeling of disdain. Maybe he was a peaceful dragon, but he didn't like humans, not one bit.

Seeing as they all fled as soon as they noticed that the mages were dead, Myogaluna breathed out a sigh that blew away some nearby trees and flapped his wings ready for taking off. But that wasn't the end.

The cries still hadn't subdued.

Myogaluna was sure that when those humans arrived at the place one of them surely had taken the child with them. Landing on his legs before glancing around, Myogaluna's sight fell on a small house which was miraculously not burned down yet and the great dragon crushed the roof without a second thought before sticking his giant skull inside the house. Sniffing around, Myogaluna noticed a boy sitting on the floor looking towards the ground with a pained and confused look. Noticing that he wasn't alone, the kid looked up and met the eyes of the dragon, his being completely frozen solid to the ground he sat on.

As Myogaluna took a good look at him, the dragon found him a rather... peculiar boy. With his messy rose-colored hair, the large black-onyx eyes, Myogaluna found his interest piqued by this human who showed no kind of fears yet.

"W-who are you?" The boy's voice sounded troubled and confused. Myogaluna neared his head further towards the child who slightly backed away. Bringing his snout close enough to take a sniff, the white dragon took in the scent of the child and rose his head slightly in surprise at what his nostrils registered.

The child smelled completely neutral.

Most humans already possessed an affinity, whether it was dark or light. To have one without an affinity was a rare sight.

"What is your name, human child?" The old dragon questioned and noticed the kid tense at his words, probably because of the intensity of power his voice held.

"I-it's Natsu..." The boy fidgeted and answered timidly as he purposely didn't meet Myogaluna's face. The dragon stayed quiet for a moment before he lifted himself up.

"Do you not possess a surname, boy?" Natsu looked up before slowly gazing downwards towards his hands, a look of confusion across his face.

"I-I... don't know."

"You do not know...?" Myogaluna repeated after the kid's words and received a confirming nod from Natsu. The kid suddenly decided to look up and Myogaluna stared straight into the boy's eyes. The white dragon felt something, a feeling that told him something important but he wasn't sure what.

Natsu slowly stood up and approached the white dragon with cautious. The pink-haired carefully placed his hand on top of the dragon's snout. Myogaluna felt a surge of strength course through his being the moment his snout was touched by the boy's hand. Out of instinct, Myogaluna removed his snout from the boy and took on a defensive stance as he bared his fangs towards Natsu.

The kid backed away instantly and glanced fearfully at the imposing form of Myogaluna. The dragon narrowed his eyes at the child and slightly softened his stance.

"What did you do, boy? Answer me truthfully!" The dragon bellowed and demanded an answer from the rosy-haired boy.

"I-I don't know!" He retorted and brought his arms in front of him, the frightened look still present on his face. Seeing as Natsu meant no harm with his actions, Myogaluna dropped his guard and looked impassively at him.

"I certainly hope for you you did not do anything." A warning was given by the dragon before he raised his head outside of the house, the thought of leaving before Acnologia found him crossing his mind, "Leave this place, child."

As the great dragon was outside again and flapped his wings, he suddenly noticed the same pink-haired boy running out of the house.

"Wait! I want to come with you!" He shouted as he brought his hands together in front of his mouth. Stopping the beatings of wings, Myogaluna neared Natsu and pushed him gently away with his snout.

"I am afraid that that will not happen. Go now human, it is too dangerous for you to be here. Find a place safe." Noticing the look of despair on the child's face at hearing that, Myogaluna was about to tell him to search for anyone he knew.

"I-I don't know where I am... I only remember my name. I-I-I just don't know where this place is... But I don't like it here!" Natsu shouted with a tone of despair in his voice as tears threatened to fall down his eyes. The kid looked up at the dragon, the tears now freely falling, "Please, take me with you! I'm scared here!" Natsu pleaded and glanced back down towards the ground waiting for the dragon to answer him.

Myogaluna glanced with his eyes down at the child and wondered for a moment. Was it the right thing to do? Taking a human with him? As one of the only dragons capable of besting Acnologia, Myogaluna had probably the most difficult task on his shoulders. He couldn't take in a human, he would only burden himself further and endanger the child.

On the other hand... What if he taught him? Trained him? His battle against Acnologia would surely be less difficult if there was another person who mastered enough power to rival him, thus indirectly also Acnologia. If he molded him into a drago- No! Myogaluna immediately threw away the idea of raising this child into a dragon slayer, he simply refused. The Civil War had cost him many unnecessary deaths of brethren he grew up with since he was a hatchling all because of the bloodlust of dragon slayers.

"Leave now, human... I will not change my mind." The white dragon answered back in a cold tone. The child reared his head and glanced with a defeated look at the dragon. Natsu's eyes then fell towards the ground, his short pink hair shadowing his eyes as he began to tremble.

"So, you're gonna leave a child here? Alone? All by himself...?" Myogaluna let out a growl of annoyance and was about to answer but Natsu had beaten him to it, "Don't you have any sympathy for a child...?" Natsu questioned and Myogaluna jerked back at hearing the accusation as if he placed his tail inside a volcano. Feeling the guilt rise, Myogaluna suddenly felt a tinge of reluctance.

"What are you trying to say, human?" Natsu stared deep into Myogaluna's eyes for a good moment before he replied.

"I'm all alone here... I don't know anyone here nor do I know where this place even is. You're currently the only one I encountered yet and you're the only one who I feel like I can trust." Natsu stuck out his hand and looked with a steel look at the white dragon, "Will you take in a helpless child or not?" Natsu finished, the steeled look replaced by a small hopeful smile. Myogaluna had to suppress a growl, either because it would probably blow away the child and the fact he had found someone as annoying as this child. The dragon on the other hand had to admit, Natsu had something special about him and he couldn't figure out what yet.

Giving a nod towards the child, Myogaluna ignored the hand that was offered to him and grabbed the boy earning him a cry of surprise. The dragon placed Natsu on top of his head before he lifted off.

"Very well child, I will take care of you... but there is something you have to promise me." Natsu absentmindedly gave a nod while he was marveling the sight with a grin, "Vow that you will obey any order, every order that I give to you.

"Alright, I'll do that. What's your name anyway?"

As the two flew away towards the range of mountains that was settled not too far from them, Myogaluna sported an impassive look as his reptilian eyes glanced up on the form of the kid on top of his head.

"My name is Myogaluna, the White Dragon of Heavenly Light.

"Myo-o-gaina? That's a hard name to remember."

Letting out a sigh which caused Natsu to shake all over because of the tremors, Myogaluna concentrated his attention on getting away from prying eyes first, especially the eyes of a certain black dragon.

"In due time, child, in due time you will be able to pronounce it."

And so the decision of Myogaluna raising Natsu sparked a chain of events that eventually would influence the fate of the world.

The birth of the Heavenly Dragon Slayer had come.

The countermeasure to the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse.

Five years later.

Five years ago, the Heavenly Dragon of Light took in the boy Natsu as his own pupil and foster child. Since then, the boy trained under the tutelage of the white dragon and trained in the arts of Heavenly Dragon Slayer Magic, a powerful brand of Lost Magic only taught by dragons. Since the boy had no surname to bear, Natsu decided to give himself one. In honor of his foster father, he named himself Natsu Dragluna.

The rosy-haired boy sat on top of a large boulder and Myogaluna laid across of him, his large head resting on top of his claws as he looked at his foster son. Natsu breathed in and out slowly and recurrently as a white-red cloak of light embedded his body.

"Try to grasp the inner power that dwells within you. Concentrate and you will achieve it. Believe and you will achieve it." Myogaluna waited for his student to grasp the strength inside him and occasionally gave words of encouragement or advise.

The white-crimson light around Natsu intensified and was shortly replaced by a burst of power that sent a small shockwave away. Natsu's body was glowing inside a cloak of white-red aura as the light danced around his being. The pink-haired boy stared at his hands in surprise before his gaze turned to his foster father.

"You have activated one of your dormant powers called 'Heavenly Drive', a sudden surge of magic that strengthens you. Well done child." Myogaluna praised and lifted his head before he stretched his body trying to get rid of the stiff feelings around his titanic form. Natsu stood up on his two legs and clenched and unclenched his hands as he stared at them. Nodding, Natsu jumped into the sky and noticed he was floating. Grinning to himself, Natsu started to fly off, changing his trajectory now and then and soared through the sky in glee.

"This is awesome! Being able to fly is awesome!" The kid flew around Myogaluna's gigantic skull and the ancient dragon started to grow annoyed by Natsu's antics; it was like a mosquito was pestering him continuously. Lifting his claw, the white dragon swatted Natsu towards the ground and growled in exasperation.

"Stop your annoying acts! You're a dragon slayer for heaven's sake; try to act like one properly!" The dragon bellowed before took flight, "Return home, I am going to look for some prey. Do as I say, son or you will regret it." Nodding at his father's words, Natsu reactivated his 'Heavenly Drive' before he too took off and headed towards their mountain cave while Myogaluna headed into a different direction.

Natsu's training was tough and extremely difficult. The dragon was actually surprised to see how far the pink-haired boy had managed until now. On the other hand, Myogaluna noticed that glint in his eyes, the very glint he himself had when he faced a challenge.

The thought brought a content feeling inside the white dragon.

Seven years later.

Within the course of seven years, Natsu became a full-fledged dragon slayer. Myogaluna deemed him worthy to be called one; his strength, the knowledge he taught him, his determination were all on sufficient grounds. However, meaning that Natsu was now a dragon slayer also meant that Myogaluna's task was complete. His obligation of raising the boy was complete seeing as he was now more than capable of defending and finding a home for himself.

Still, it wasn't an easy task for the dragon, much to his own chagrin and surprise.

It looked like Natsu had grown on him.

The white dragon's head hovered above the sleeping form of Natsu. Myogaluna's protective form surrounded the kid, his tail keeping him warm and safe. Myogaluna brought his snout closer to the rosy-haired kid and sniffed.

"That brat, he actually managed to grow on me..."Taking in the peaceful form of Natsu sleeping soundly, Myogaluna started to feel hesitation. He quickly suppressed it thinking about what kind of dangers Natsu would had to face if he stayed any longer with the child; in order to ensure his safety, he had to distance himself and guard him from afar.

His decision made Myogaluna stood up and shook the child with his snout. Natsu let out a groan of protest before he slowly opened his eyes.

"W-what is it, father? Is it day already?" Groggily raising from his self-made nest, Natsu rubbed his eyes before his dazed face met his foster father's.

"It is time for me to leave you Natsu. I have taught you everything I know, from this point you have to go your own path..." Myogaluna began and looked down at the small form of the boy he called his son. Not fully understanding what the dragon was saying, Natsu looked confounded. Feeling the sleep leaving his system, Natsu glanced with a confused yet fearful expression towards his father-figure.

"W-what do mean you are going to leave...?" With a panicked voice, Natsu spoke and carefully walked towards the dragon before he stood close to the dragon's snout.

Myogaluna let out a sigh, "Exactly as I said, Natsu. Your training as a dragon slayer is completed and I myself have a task of my own. There is nothing else anymore that keeps me here, my son."

"What's that supposed to mean!? What about me!? Are you going to leave me here to fend for myself!?" Natsu felt anger and hurt built inside him and clenched his hand tightly at what his foster-parent was implying.

Narrowing his eyes, Myogaluna brought his head closer to Natsu, "That is exactly what I am implying..." Natsu looked defeated at the words his father figure uttered and glanced downwards, but Myogaluna wasn't done yet, "However, this is not the last time we will see each other, son."

Not wanting to look at dragon, Natsu scowled at the ground, "What do you mean...?"

Lifting his claw, Myogaluna brought the giant crystallized appendage to the kid before he opened it, showing a small white object resting on his palm, "You will be destined one day to face him in battle, my son. This will help you in your inescapable battle." The pink-haired glanced at the white gleaming object before he grasped it and brought it close to his face. As the light died down, the object revealed itself to be a white ring with a deep red colored square ruby in it. Examining it for a moment, Natsu stared indifferently at the jewel before he looked back at the white dragon.

"What am I supposed to do with this? I don't need jewels..." Natsu said with venom dripping from his voice. He clenched his hand around the object before he threw it away at the far corner of the cave. He glanced back to his father and glared daggers at the dragon.

Sighing in tiredness, Myogaluna looked at the glaring form of his son, "You do not understand the situation, son. Do not try my-"

"Then EXPLAIN IT TO ME!" Natsu suddenly roared as heavenly light surrounded the pink-haired boy, surprising the white dragon. Tears were pooling around Natsu's eyes but his face still expressed the same glare from before, "Explain to me why you're gonna leave! Why you're leaving me! All I'm asking for is an explanation, something that has been denied to me for as long as I remember!"

Myogaluna felt sympathy grow inside him as he saw the kid. Natsu did have a point, an explanation was something the pink-haired had not the luxury of. He knew next to nothing of who he was, only his own name, he appeared at an unfamiliar place surrounded by destruction and during the seven years that he lived with the white dragon, nothing came back to surface as to who he was exactly. The dragon did understand why Natsu wanted an explanation, but he was not allowed to give one. At least not one that satisfied the child's curiosity.

Myogaluna opened his claw and laid it down in front of Natsu, an invitation for the child. Natsu hesitated but eventually nodded and climbed up his father's claw before he settled himself inside his palm. Raising his claw to his own eye level, Myogaluna gave a sympathetic look to his son, "Everything will be explained in due time, my son. The explanation you want is one that you cannot understand yet." Myogaluna's eyes started to glow and they stared right into the black orbs of Natsu. The pinkette's eyes were starting to glow the same color of light as the dragon's, almost like he was in trance, "You are not ready yet..."

The rosy-haired boy suddenly collapsed inside his palm, the sleep magic he casted on him starting to take effect. Gently placing the kid on the ground, Myogaluna turned his gigantic body and headed towards the exit of the cave. Before he left, out of the corner of his eye he spotted an object that was lying on the ground with a white radiance surrounding it; the ring he presented to Natsu.

Placing the ring next to the boy, the white dragon threw one final glance towards the child he called his son, "Be save Natsu Dragluna, this is not the last time we will see each other, that I promise." Opening his wings and flapping them a couple of times, Myogaluna took flight and gave a loud roar to the world before flying away from the place he left Natsu in.

Myogaluna's departure was like a giant white star traveling across the sky with a beautiful radiance.

Day of Myogaluna's departure: X777 on the 7th of July.

Okay! Hello guys! This my first try at writing in a long time... and it concerns FT this time. Honestly, I read some other works of Hiro Mashima like Monster Hunter Orage(Name of the dragon Myogaluna is where I got it) and I'm currently both reading FT and RM(Rave Master). I'll be honest, I like Fairy Tail, but the things that I've heard... it sounds like it's going down... fast.

I hope not really, it's probably one of my favorite mangas! But, if it really goes down like everyone says it is I'll just have to read to that point(currently in Tenrou Arc!)

Anyway! That kind of information doesn't interest you people, does it? No, the story is what interests you! So, I got this idea when I read several AU's concerning... uhh... Oh! Different foster parents for Natsu. I found them highly intriguing, especially Eye of the Black Dragon and I thought 'Let me try it out as well'. Basically, it's Natsu with a different dragon as a parent, obviously, named Myogaluna, the Dragon of Heavenly Light. Also, the attributes of Myogaluna's magic is called Heavenly Dragon Slayer Magic, something akin to White Dragon Slayer Magic... but then far more powerful...

Another point... the pairing for the story. Oh how I know you guys~ Pairings are one of the most important things here in the Fairy Tail section... Well, you need to suck it up because I completely dislike cheesy, corny stories with no character interaction and whatnot whatsoever. I'm not going blatantly Natsu X... whoever is gonna be paired up with him. On another note... I'm planning on something like... 3 girls perhaps? I've already set my sight on Mirajane as one, she's definitely gonna be one, the other two... I'm not sure... Before anyone even starts, no, I won't add Lucy... Simply because I cannot fully grasp her... I find her... uh... hard to write. Sawwy.