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~Fifth Chapter~

~The Rambunctious Guild~

People who were smart enough avoided a certain train cabin as a large amount of tension hang around the occupants of the cabin. Inside this particular train which headed towards Magnolia four people currently sat inside a private cabin courtesy of Natsu's status as a member of the Council though they didn't quite enjoy the luxury.

Natsu said cross-legged opposite of Mirajane, arms folded over his jacket with an expression devoid of any emotions as he looked towards the ground with Wendy sitting next to him and the blonde-haired girl named Lucy occupying the seat next to the white-haired mage.

The pinkette sweatdropped at the uncomfortable silence that lingered around their cabin; Lucy was fidgeting in her seat, Wendy was playing with some of her blue locks trying to ignore the frightening air around the demon and Mirajane glanced outside the window of the cabin, completely ignoring their presence altogether. Hell, Natsu almost felt offended by Mira's attitude if it wasn't for the fact that he too actually felt a little intimidated by the womans hostility. How it came down to this Natsu didn't know and certainly didn't except.

The rosy-haired Council Mage scratched his head in exasperation before turning his attention to the woman who was supposed to guide them to Magnolia.

"How much longer till we're there?" Natsu spoke, shifting in his seat in impatience. But Mirajane remained silent and kept looking outside, seemingly ignoring the dragon slayer's question. Frowning, Natsu snapped his fingers in order to gain Mirajane's attention.

"Oi, I'm talking to you."

It was as if Natsu was talking to a wall; Mirajane kept ignoring the dragon slayer, further irking the man as Natsu felt his eye twitch annoyance, the two girls around them slowly turning their heads with uncomfortable smiles across their faces as they watched on.

Clenching his hand around the armchair, Natsu took a long heated glance towards Mirajane and growled.

"For the last time." A threatening edge formed around Natsu's voice as he began speaking, "How much longer is it till Magnolia, Mirajane Strauss?"

Ultimately tilting her head to her side, Mirajane's indifferent gaze fell on Natsu's offended face, the woman showing nothing but complete disinterest and not even in the slightest bit intimidated by the Council Mage's pent up anger.

"What are you? A kid? When we're there, we're there. Plain simple. Now stop whining like a little child." The white-haired take-over mage retorted almost contemptuously, her patience with the dragon slayer wearing thin; she felt as if she was dealing with a spoiled child. In her opinion, the man did come off as boastful and pompous with his black fancy clothes and his white ring. His attitude also didn't quite suit the take-over mage.

The snob.


A loud crunch echoed through the train cabin, bits of splinters falling down on the ground as Natsu's hand completely crushed the armchair he used. A dark scowl was plastered across his face as he looked on to the woman across of him.

"Are you deliberately annoying me?" The pink-haired mage growled out, his voice dripping with venom as he addressed the S-class mage of Fairy Tail. Mirajane smirked defiantly and crossed her arms as she stared back inside Natsu's onyx eyes.

"So what if I am? You gonna do something about it, Wizard Saint?" the snow-haired chuckled mirthfully. Mirajane's voice was filled with a condescending tone, her blue eyes staring right into Natsu's own dark orbs.

The tension inside the cabin suddenly shot up remarkably as a white layer of magic gathered around Natsu while a purple coat of darkness embedded Mirajane's body; Mira's mocking smile met Natsu's scowl head on, the woman finding it extremely amusing annoying the rose-haired Saint while the dragon slayer used every bit of self restrain he had to not strangle the woman sitting across him.

Along the sides Lucy kept observing the interactions between the demon and the dragon slayer before she realized that this could get out of hand. Letting out a uneasy chuckle, Lucy waved her hands in front of Natsu.

"I'm sure we're gonna be there soon, Natsu! Probably ten minutes or so!" The blonde said trying to avert Natsu's attention from the white-haired mage earning her a irritated glare from Mira which she didn't quite saw.

As soon as Lucy heard who she was dealing with, her entire chances of joining Fairy Tail suddenly became an uncertainty; the famous Mirajane Strauss and the legendary Natsu Dragluna, two mages whose reputations were spread wide across the magic world suddenly entered her way and the blonde girl didn't know whether to be lucky or not; these two were either her ticket inside the Fairy Tail guild or not.

The blonde mage remembered from the hundreds of pages she scanned through Sorcerer's Weekly that a mage sent by the Magic Council would keep an eye on Fairy Tail and act as a member for the time being. Never in her life had she expected to be thrown in a large act of fate, her meeting with the rosy-haired Natsu and the white-haired Mirajane almost divine intervention.

The golden-haired mage saw her chance; if she impressed either of them, she'd surely gain a spot as a potential member of Fairy Tail.

The fact remained; she needed either Natsu or Mirajane because even though they just met the two already looked like they wanted to punch the hell out of each other.

A recommendation from a dead body was not very practical the blonde concluded.

Natsu grunted, "Whatever." and averted his glance outside, his scowl still present. Lucy sighed in relief and took her seat again, wiping the sweat of her eyebrows. Her brown eyes noticed the blue-haired girl next to Natsu and she noticed the girl mouthing a small 'good job' to her before giving a quick thumbs up. Lucy smiled to herself and leaned into her seat settling down and waited for the train to enter Magnolia.

Suddenly, the intercom of the train started to ring, catching the attention of the train passengers.

"Attention passengers, we're nearing Magnolia Central Station in about five minutes. I repeat, we're nearing Magnolia Central Station in about five minutes. Please, don't forget your bags and belongings inside the train. We thank you for boarding our train and we wish you a nice stay in Magnolia."

As the intercom went dead, Natsu stood up and stretched his body followed by the rest of the occupants of their cabin as the three grabbed their belongings and quickly left the room. Lucy grabbed her bag as vwell and followed after the three with a giddy feeling coursing through her.

"I'm almost there! Fairy Tail is just a five minute walk from here!"

The blonde-haired felt ecstatic as she stepped outside the train after Wendy; her goal of at last meeting the guild of Fairy Tail was no longer a dream but almost a reality. The blonde couldn't wait to see the famous guildhall which held so many stories and legends.

With a beaming smile, the golden-haired strode forward while her mind was somewhere else. While she was daydreaming she failed to notice the pink-haired man standing in front of her, colliding with the mans back as a result.

Natsu slightly bending over in surprise, not expecting someone to bump into him Natsu looked with a grimace behind his shoulder, "Oi, keep your eyes in front of you, blondie."

Rubbing her head with the sheepish smile, Lucy nodded apologetically at Natsu not wanting to get on the Saint's bad side. Natsu grunted again, his temper far from good and the girl bumping into him only worsening his mood. Natsu shoved aside his chagrin and took a glance to Mira before he tapped the woman on her shoulder.

"Now what? You gonna take us to your guild or should I walk there myself?" He questioned, trying to give Mira the idea of bringing them properly to Fairy Tail; the woman had some serious manner problems. Hopefully she picked up the hint so that at least he could complain to Fairy Tail's guild-master as soon as possible about this woman.

But Mirajane had other plans.

"Huh?" She replied as she eyed the man behind her shoulder, "Go ask some of the townspeople where Fairy Tail's guildhall is." She said before waving them off, "I'm out, I've better things to do." Mirajane announced before casually walking away from the three shocked mages. Natsu stood rooted on his place astonished at the white-haired mage's insolence; the woman didn't show a bit that she cared whether she represented her well guild or not. The rosy-haired Council Mage found it inconceivable.

Natsu gritted his teeth harshly, the grinding almost threatening to break his jaws. Eventually, the dragon slayer sighed and rubbed his eyes in exasperation at Mira's disrespect but thought that he'd settle that another time; right now, he wanted to find Fairy Tail and get the introductions over with.

He would show Mirajane her place once.

Yes, he'd show her big time.

Grabbing a random passerby by the collar Natsu faced the unlucky man with a scowl that foretold excruciating pain if he didn't play his cards right, "Where is Fairy Tail's guildhall."

Wendy and Lucy both sweatdropped as they watched how Natsu's victim started to become a sickly pale white in complete fear while pointing with a shaking arm towards the north and stuttering some words along the lines that it was located on top of a hill.

With a grunt Natsu released his grip and dropped the man, "Thank you. Your cooperation is appreciated." The Wizard Saint thanked as he headed towards the location of Fairy Tail's guild.

Wendy quickly ran up to the man and gave him a small satchel of Jewels for his effort as a thanks before catching up with her brother figure, Lucy not far behind as the three came closer to the hall of Fairies.

"That was a bit too much, wasn't it Natsu?" Lucy questioned, feeling sorry for what happened to the unsuspecting man; he was probably scarred for life after encountering a look that could have killed demons.

Giving a side glance to Lucy, Natsu snorted, "It was effective. That's enough reason."

If it meant using some intimidation to get as soon as possible to the guildhall then Natsu didn't hesitate. Fending his pent up frustration off on an innocent person had nothing to do with it, no, not even in the slightest. Natsu wasn't that kind of a person.

Yeah, as if.

Wendy knew better than that as the girl inwardly face-palmed.

Natsu was one of the most impatient and quick-tempered people in the world.

And he would show that abundantly.

The incident with that man was just the tip of the iceberg.

"So, this is Fairy Tail?" Natsu wondered out loud, his eyes glued on the large tower-like building.

Two large oak doors which seemed to be more than hundreds of years old welcomed the three mages standing in front of the guildhall. A blue flag with a golden symbol of a distorted fairy with an elongated tail was imprinted on the flag, distinguishing the hall as Fairy Tail's. The guildhall seemed to be a tiered tower, three layers in total with each ascending layer smaller than the previous one. The building stood imposingly between the other buildings, showing off its special reputation.

The pink-haired dragon slayer had to admit, he was impressed by the building; it gave off an ancient and powerful wave beckoning for its visitors to enter and tread with caution. Natsu wondered what kind of tales the halls of this legendary guild held. But right now, he wasn't humored to here some good stories.

Business had to be done first.

Natsu glanced behind him to the girls and gave them a sigh, "Well, let's get this done with."

Pushing the doors open Natsu, Lucy and Wendy stepped inside the guildhall and were greeted with the usual way how Fairy Tail greeted its visitors.

Tables were sent flying, mugs crashed against skulls some of them still filled with beer, various types of magic were casted towards one another and shouts and screams filled the main hall of Fairy Tail.


A collective sweatdrop formed on the heads of Lucy, Natsu and Wendy as they observed. Part of them expected as much, but not this... colorful.

A member of the guild was suddenly launched in their direction, the man screaming his lungs out as he was sent like a rag doll through the air. With honed skills due to excessive training sessions Natsu horizontally kicked the man away from him as if it was a pest, a grim look plastered across his face as he took in the destruction caused by these... animals.

The dragon slayer and the girls with him strode forward amidst the fights and flying people, Wendy and Lucy taking cover behind the pinkette as he dodged or repelled people, tables, chairs and other flying objects which headed their directions.

Natsu scoffed at the idiocy. They acted as barbarians, fighting and shouting while completely drunk; the dragon slayer could have sworn he heard some member roar about how it was manly to be a man.

Finally arriving at the bar, Natsu silently took a seat behind the counter and rested his arms on top of the bar, Wendy and Lucy taking the two seats next to him. A girl with short white-silver hair which reached slightly till her ears dressed in a simple blue shirt and white shorts currently used a clothe to clean the used mugs, whistling happily as she did her work.

Natsu coughed in his fist and made the girl turn around. She noticed him sitting there at the counter and faced Natsu with a polite smile.

"Oh? How may I help you?" She offered in a calm and polite tone, the way she talked putting Natsu greatly at ease. Inwardly, pink-haired man sighed in relief; thank God not all of Fairy Tail's members were mindless savages. This girl seemed to be at least normal.

"A glass of water would be nice." Natsu replied, returning the polite smile. Nodding in affirmation, the girl disappeared into the kitchen before quickly coming back with a glass filled with water.

Thanking the girl Natsu gulped the entire content slowly before putting the glass down. He wiped his mouth with his hand and sighed.

"Thank you, just what I needed."

Smiling further, the girl took the glass and put it into the sink, "Are you guys here for business with the Master?"

Tapping his finger on the counter, Natsu nodded, "We are," he gestured to himself and Wendy. Natsu then had his arm on Lucy's shoulder, startling the girl greatly as she blushed with the contact, "Blonde here, I don't now, probably wants to join your guild."

The silver-haired girl laughed a bit as she was done with her work, putting the glasses on a tray before placing them on top of the counter, "May I know your names? Wearing such clothes means that you're from the Magic Council and the Master is currently expecting some mages from them" She inquired the three.

The dragon slayer stood up and dusted himself off before offering his hand, "Name's Natsu Dra-

But before the pinkette could finish, a mug smashed against the back of his head eliciting a gasp from the three girls around him as they saw how remains of beer dripped out of the Saint's hair.

Natsu's eyes were shadowed by his bangs and the dragon slayer began to shake slightly, small signs of spasms coursing through his body in pent up anger. Natsu suddenly glanced up and a surprisingly friendly smile spread across his face.

"One sec."

The rosy-haired dragon slayer spun on his heels and slammed his palms together before horizontally spreading his arms. Dozens of small white-red seals appeared behind him as a result each one of them pulsing dangerously with magic. Natsu's face was completely contorted in rage; around the edges of his eyes red and white light had gathered giving off a terrifying look.

"Heavenly Dragon's Javelins!" Natsu threw his arms in front of him and crossed them. The seals behind him lit up for a moment before hundreds of spears made of light shot out of them. The spears all collided with the members of Fairy Tail as small explosions reverberated throughout the halls of Fairy Tail.

Through the windows of the guild rays of light beamed out, illuminating the windows and blinding everyone who took a peek inside.

The guildhall rumbled for a solid ten seconds before it finally settled down as smoke started to emit out the doors and windows. Inside Fairy Tail, every member was knocked out cold as they laid in the guild's rubble and mess, their faces contorted in pain as groans of protest escaped their throats.

Natsu snorted indignantly as he had his arms crossed.

More groans and moans gradually started to fill the guildhall before members started gain their conscious again. They rubbed their heads to ease their dizziness and pain, some even shook their heads while others slapped themselves lightly to make the small lights disappear from their visions.

"The hell was that?" A dark-haired man wondered loudly with a following groan. He wore nothing but a pair of black-gray pants and a bracelet around his wrist. It was one Fairy Tail's most promising members and resident stripper; the Ice-Make mage Gray Fullbuster.

"Ugh, my head spins. Damn, it's like I drank fourteen barrels of Uranium vodka." Another person, this time a brown-haired woman, complained as she pinched the bridge of her nose. A strikingly beautiful woman she was, her hair flowing curled and as deep brown as chocolate; not ashamed to show off her beauty, the brunette wore a blue bikini over her large chest with, simple brown sandals on her feet and a pair of tight fitting dark jeans on her legs. This woman was none other than the guild's fortuneteller and heaviest drinker; the card-mage Cana Alberona.

"MAN! That HURT!" A bulk of a man roared while easing his sore chest with a hand. Looks like he got the attack straight into his midriff. With hair as white as snow jutting upwards and a body size that could frighten the strongest body-builders, this man was the brother of two famous mages of Fairy Tail; the Master of Blades known as Haru 'Glory' Strauss and the take-over mage Mirajane 'Demon' Strauss. Also a force to be reckoned with, this man's name was Elfman Strauss, the 'manliest' as he self-proclaimed member of Fiore's top-guild.

The dragon slayer snorted at their complains and turned back to the guild bar which seemed to be spared from all the havoc and sat down on his previous barstool with an apologetic smile across his face,"Sorry for that. I didn't catch your name, what was it again?"

The white-haired girl let out a weird chuckle before she replied.

"M-my name is Lisanna Strauss."

Natsu recoiled slightly in surprise at hearing the girl's surname, "Strauss? You're Mirajane Strauss' sister?" Natsu questioned incredulously, finding it hard to believe that this girl and Mirajane were related to each other. Mirajane was cold, rude and a bit of an anti-social person while this girl was friendly, polite and gave off a certain warmth. Now that the dragon slayer took a better look at the girl, she did resemble Mirajane greatly.

Natsu snorted in disbelief; the two were like the sun and the moon, two different yet similar things.

Lisanna merely nodded with an understanding smile; she and her sister were indeed quite opposite in personality. Not that it mattered anyway, she loved her sister for who she was; a frightening demon who held little to no interest in others expect for her own family and friends.

The dragon slayer shook his head, "Well, anyway, where is Master Makarov Dreyar?"

A shrug Lisanna gave as an answer, "I think he's inside his office."The silver-haired perked up and laid down her cleaning clothe, "I'll go get him for you." She added as she placed her hands on the counter.

"No need, my dear." An old hoarse voice boomed through the hall, gaining the attention of the people who were still conscious. Natsu looked up and saw an old short man dressed in orange clothes with a jesters hat standing on a supporting beam with his short arms crossed behind his back as an iron look was plastered across his face. Around the rims of his head were blonde-white locks of hair implying his elderly age and a thick and rough mustache was above his lips.

Lisanna smiled at Makarov's appearance, "Good to see you, Master. These two," She motioned to Natsu and Wendy, "are the Council Mages who were sent by the Chairman."

The old guild-master scratched his chin for a second before he hopped off the beam as he landed on his two small feet near the four mages. Still having his rigorous expression on his face, Makarov strode with quick paces towards the group before stopping right in front of the pink-haired mage.

He glanced up to his fellow Wizard Saint, "Did you do that to my guild members?" He voiced out in a dangerous tone, the fact that his children as he referred to his guild members were all lying on the ground in pain not unnoticed by the short man.

The rosy-haired dragon slayer glanced through half-lidded eyes to the short man, meeting Makarov's steeled gaze with one of his own.

"They were a nuisance. I merely gave them a correction tap." Natsu countered, locking eyes with the guild-master of the most powerful and destructive guild of Fiore.

A stare down began between the two mages, Makarov staring right into Natsu's eyes with a judging glint while the dragon slayer's gaze met the elder's fearlessly. A terrifying force field of magic came alive around them, forcing everyone who stood too close to back away in fear as the two Wizard Saints swirled around with their respective magic

The image of a majestic large dragon clad in white scales and crystals stood tall on his claws taking a dominant posture across a gigantic titan who was ready to pass down judgment on anyway who dared to cross him.

It was a frightening aspect to see; two mages holding powers capable of destroying entire cities facing down each other.

But just as soon as it came, it disappeared moments after as Makarov breathed out a long sigh before scratching his mustache a bit, "Those brats never learn; always wreaking havoc wherever and whenever they desire to. I think my age is catching up to me."

A wholehearted laugh escaped Natsu's mouth as he too relaxed considerably in an instant, smiling down to his elder in respect, "With age does come experience, patience and strength only an elder can have. Everything has its ups and downs, Master Makarov."

A laughter was shared between the two and Makarov grinned at the young Saint, patting his leg friendly, "It's been awhile, Natsu."

The dragon slayer nodded at the older man, "Two years since your summoning at the Magic Council." Natsu remembered and Makarov smiled as he too remembered that day.

"How was your ride to Magnolia?" The old guild-master asked curiously to Natsu.

The pinkette tensed noticeably before a weird chuckle escaped his mouth.

"Let's not start about that."

The two men further exchanged words, ignoring the rest of the guild much their annoyance and bother. The dark-haired shirtless guy coughed in his fist, "Oi, aren't you forgetting something?" Gray said dryly at his guild-master. Several other members nodded in agreement, eager to know who Natsu was.

Makarov nodded back at his guild members before he threw a look at Natsu. The white-haired old mage pointed towards the guild's podium, "Go up there and introduce yourself to the guild," The short man asked before he strode towards the stairs that lead to his office. Before he left he gave Natsu one final look.

"I trust you'll manage here?"

The pink-haired dragon slayer merely chuckled, "Yes, I'll do. Just explaining why I'm here and answer some questions before I'll head out."

Smiling with confidence to the pinkette, Makarov winked encouragingly before he ascended the stairs.

"If you need me, I'm inside my office."

Natsu breathed out a long sigh and averted his gaze towards the podium.

He had to introduce himself to Fairy Tail.

Nothing special, just explaining to them who he was and for what purposes he was here.

Nothing too much for the Wizard Saint.


"This is gonna be a hassle."

Grimacing, Natsu could feel anxiety build up inside himself as he kept thinking about standing on that podium in front of a mass of strangers who'd want nothing but to chew his ass out just because he was part of the Magic Council. A trickle of sweat trailed down his neck as he kept fidgeting with his jacket, reluctant to walk up that stage and get the introductions over with.


Jumping slightly at the sudden mention of his name, the rosy-haired dragon slayer looked to his side. The blue-haired girl Wendy gave Natsu a knowing stare, the glint her eyes held obvious but her face remained neutral as she observed her fellow dragon slayer.

"Don't tell me," A knowing grin formed on the bluenette's face and Natsu could feel the anxiety skyrocket at the face, "that you're feeling like chickening out~?" Wendy said as she sang the last part teasingly, the grin on her face morphing into an amused smile. Oh how she loved this side of the usually confident and strong Natsu.

Natsu suffered from stage fright and whenever he had to stand in front of a mass of people back at Era he first had to go to Wendy; the girl would cast a calming spell on the man in order to have him reserved and composed. It was actually quite funny; one of the strongest man recognized in the world suffering from something trivial s stage fright.

The pinkette frowned down at Wendy and crossed his arms, "Of course not." He curtly replied, trying to sound convincing; but Natsu rather tried to convince himself of that idea and even he found it not convincing.

The bluenette knew him well.

Too well.

Pointing a finger towards the podium, Wendy giggled mischievously, "Then show me that you're not gonna chicken out. Besides, they're getting impatient~"

Half turning around, Natsu noticed several members sending quick glances to them before mumbling among themselves like a bunch of gossiping women. Grumbling bemused, the dragon slayer then rested his glance on Wendy's smiling face. Getting more aggravated by her attitude towards him, the dragon slayer then grunted before he grabbed the bluenette by the arm and yanked her with him, earning a yelp from Wendy at the sudden and rough action.

Heading to Fairy Tail's podium, Natsu picked up a chair from a nearby table along his way; if he sat down he felt less nervous and he wanted to come over as confident as possible.

Finally for what seemed like a walk through hell for the anxious Saint they arrived at the stage. Still feeling reluctant, the dragon slayer hesitated for a split second.

Enough time for Wendy to act.

With a shove augmented with her magic, Wendy pushed Natsu pushed onto the podium roughly, his hand still tightly clutched the chair he carried along. Unceremoniously coming to a halt in the middle, Natsu suddenly tensed up; his onyx eyes turned to his side and the dragon slayers saw how many people exactly were inside the hall, all of their eyes glued on him.

"Damn, I didn't realize they were this much!"

Cursing his luck, Natsu put the chair down and was about to sit down. He casted a look over his shoulder and saw Wendy giving him a thumbs up as support. Snorting, the dragon slayers found the gesture more mocking than supportive. Shaking his head, the dragon slayers turned his head back in front of him and sat down in his chair. One final breath escaped his mouth in order to calm his nerves and Natsu completely made his expression devoid of any kind of emotion.

"As you all may have heard, the Magic Council has sent an envoy from their own ranks to your guild to keep an eye around for the time being." The Wizard Saint began and all the noise and murmurs slowly died down the moment he spoke. Natsu took their silence as a sign to continue and cleared his throat again, "The girl you see there," The pinkette continued as he pointed to his side towards Wendy who waved and gave a friendly smile to all of Fairy Tail's members, "And I are the mages; The name is Natsu Dragluna and her name is Wendy Marvel. From now on you could see us as the newest members of your guild." The dragon slayer ended his announcement, slowly feeling less nervous.

The guild members suddenly began to mumble among themselves again as they processed what Natsu told them, all of them voicing out what they thought about; the dragon slayer heard more often than not complains being voiced out by members, lamenting about the fact that now two Council Mage were keeping tabs on them now; It didn't suit the members of Fairy Tail, they abundantly made that clear.

Loudly coughing inside his fist, Natsu tried to gain their attention again and ultimately had to result in clapping as they didn't gave a respond. Growing agitated at their attitude, Natsu channeled some magic towards his palms, augmenting their strength before giving another clap. The power behind it send a small gust of wind through the air, effectively silencing the guild members as they turned their heads to the Council Mage finally giving their attention to the rosy-haired Council Mage.

"Now, before you guys start another discussion amongst yourselves, let me tell you this beforehand that there is few you can do against the Chairman's decision. As a result of your destructive tendencies during missions which causes enormous amounts of repair costs, the Magic Council has decided to put a leash on you guys so to speak. As I said earlier, Wendy and I are here to keep an eye on you people and, should the need arise, take actions when we deem it necessary. I should be rather thankful for such a decision; several Councilors even suggested forcefully disbanding this guild for the sake of public safety. Not that I agreed on that matter." Natsu whispered the last part mostly to himself.

A collective gasp ran through the hall as they heard the last bit of Natsu's explanation before they broke out in arguments with one another. Their displeasure with the Magic Council spiraled towards unknown heights as they continuously kept cursing the Magic Council.

"You have no rights to disband our guild!" A voice suddenly shouted out towards the rosy-haired mage; the throng of people cleared a path for a guy with hair as black as the night who marched with loud and forceful steps towards the first line of the masses; it was the same guy without a shirt who now miraculously was fully clothed.

Gray scowled in anger at the mage of the Council, obviously not liking what Natsu told them as he clenched his fists tight.

"You wanna say that whenever the Council feels like it, they can simply dissolve our guild? Bullshit! What have we done aside from causing some damage here and there, huh!? We've risked our lives for people during missions, helped them in whatever way we could in order to come the peace around Fiore! Only because the Council sees their pockets become less and less full, they decide to disband a guild filled with valiant people who do nothing but good for the magic world!? Please, explain how you people call this 'for the sake of public safety'."

Shouts of agreement were thrown left and right as Fairy Tail's members made their protests be heard, most of them openly showing their dissatisfaction at the Council's demeanor against them as they glared venomously to the Magic Council's envoy.

Natsu understood why they reacted this way and he could relate to their course of thinking being a man who saw justice not only from one side but both. But still, the dragon slayer did have something to tell them and he wasn't quickly defeated in arguments especially if he knew about what exactly he was talking about.

The dragon slayer knew he couldn't silence with just some simple clapping or coughing inside his fist as the throng's mind was too clouded with anger to hear another thing from a Council official.

The pinkette glanced at Wendy and nodded at her, "Give them some fresh air, Wendy." Natsu smiled and Wendy immediately gave a curt nod.

It was her time to show off some of her strength.

Wendy took a stand and spread her legs while raising her arms in a welcoming manner making it look like she expected something from above. She closed her eyelids and drowned out the angry shouts which were thrown around, sensing a feeling of peace overcome her as she kept concentrating.

"Secret Dragon Slayer Arts: Book of Peace: Serenity of Souls."

A soft light blue glowing breeze suddenly emitted out of the blue-haired girl before it blew away and over the shouting and angry mass of mages; the breeze filled the guild hall and coated it in a radiant blue glow like a looming, filling the nostrils of infuriated people. Slowly but steadily the shouts and screams dissipated one by one as mages suddenly felt an extreme sense of peace wash over them, filling them with a content sensation.

Gradually the Fairy Tail mages went silent all of them expressing calm and serene expressions on their faces.

Smiling to himself, Natsu mentally thanked his friend's abilities of calming people to such an extent. Hell, he himself was occasionally subjected to these 'meditations' of Wendy when he felt like he could destroy entire mountain ranges in rage and wrath. The Library of Era really held tomes of unprecedented values, the Book of Peace one of them which Wendy used to further enhance her magical potency in healing magic.

The dragon slayer once again cleared his throat readying himself to speak again.

"Look, I understand your anger and I find it, in a way, justified. Lord Yajima told me everything about this guild I had to know and from what I got, you people are good and well at heart. I've also notified the lists of jobs which lies recorded in Era's archive. All of them were completed properly, some members even did extra for their employers without charge. I came to the conclusion that Fairy Tail is not a reckless guild filled with indifferent mages who care only for their own pockets, far from it. Hell, I even had a feeling that this place held good intentions."

Another round of mumbles reverberated throughout the main hall, surprised at hearing a Council Mage other than Yajima actually praising and telling them that what they were doing was good. It calmed most of the members and slightly changed their opinions about Natsu.

Perhaps he wasn't that bias about the matter.

"However," The rosy-haired dragon slayer continued with a hard edge around his voice, "That doesn't mean I'm going to overlook the fact that you're being too careless when it comes to your surroundings."

A member decided to voice out what he thought, "What's so important about a few buildings? Surely the Council can repair them if it means saving a person's life." He retorted, his large buckteeth shining when he uttered the words

And this made Natsu frown.

A dark glint spread across the mage's eyes, feeling a bit angry at such a question before he blinked it away. His face then changed into a small smile; people with a healthy acting mind could feel something foreboding behind that smile.

"So that's how you think about collateral damage, eh?"

The pinkette then lifted his arm slowly, alerting most of Fairy Tail's members with the action. Magic was sent to his palm and a small orb of white light gathered inside it, "You know, let's put your train of thought to action."

Natsu then threw his hand up and his white ball of light suddenly glowed brighter than before, pulsing with strength as the Wizard Saint poured more and more magic into it. A large and powerful beam of light shot out of his palm which ripped through the ceiling of Fairy Tail's guildhall; the hall rumbled at the strength behind Natsu's attack as several members lost their balance making them tumble over to the ground as a result.

After seconds had passed the beam of light slowly dissipated and with that the shaking of the guildhall, guild members of Fairy Tail lowered their arms or got up from the ground as they felt no tremors any longer.

"What the hell was that!? Are you trying to pick a fight!?"

Not a moment ago Fairy Tail was filled with silence and the next thing someone knew it was once again filled with shouts, roars and screeches as they threatened, insulted the pinkette or bemoaned the large gap inside their roof.

Natsu's eyes were covered by his frontal pink bangs and the dragon slayer gave the mass some time to fend off their stress.

Only for a moment.

Because now he was about to give them a piece of his mind.


"Shut your traps you morons!"

Natsu slammed his fist with great force on his armchair and it created a loud sound explosion that completely silence the hall filled with people, all of them taken aback by the man's sudden outburst. It was a miracle that said chair didn't break in a thousand wooden pieces.

The pink-haired gave a powerful glare to Fairy Tail, his face showing that he wasn't playing games now.

"Judging by your reactions, I see that you didn't like the little demonstration. This! Is exactly the same reaction the Council has when they hear time after time how many palaces you guys have destroyed, how many churches you people have burned down, how many houses you guys have ruined or how many monuments you mages have wrecked!" The rosy-haired mage pointed out rightfully; they showed such anger when they saw someone shoot a hole in their beloved guild's roof.

Now they knew exactly how their own medicine tasted.

"I could have obliterated this meadhall with just a flicker of my finger! What would you have done? Huh? Complain to the Council and demand for compensation? Or perhaps complaining to your guild-master? Or maybe even fight me? Facing one of the Ten Wizard Saints?"

Most members now began to realize what the dragon slayer tried to imply, the slow feeling of reconsideration about their destructive inclination creeping inside them.

This is what the Magic Council felt when they heard that yet another precious monument was equaled to the ground?

"You people need to consider around the fact that those same buildings, monuments, castles and cathedrals were build by us. We don't want to them to be destroyed as much as you guys don't want to see your precious guildhall ruined."

Sighing, the dragon slayer stood up from his chair and jumped off the podium, making several members back away from the frightening Council Mage. Observing them, Natsu could pick up their alarm around him but he paid it no real mind as strode left and right.

"I hope I've made myself and the Council a bit clear about why we're such a 'pain'. We don't want to hinder you in your progress as a mage; far from it, we want nothing but the best for the magic world. But keep in mind, we're here for a reason and that is to maintain order and peace over Earthland. Without a ruling government who enforces laws and verdicts for those who abuse magic, the world would be plunged into chaos."

"Right you are, Saint Natsu!"


Turning a dumbfounded look towards the one who agreed with him, the dragon slayer's eyes saw a figure stand at the far end of the throng supporting a sword on his back.

The guy had silver-hair almost platinum in color spiked up everywhere, a black bomb jacket with fur along the collar and two crosses on each side of his shoulders, a blue shirt underneath his jacket, a pair of brown rippling jeans with a chain on his left hip and brown boots on his feet. One each one of his ears he had an earring of silver. Blue orbs were staring right into Natsu's onyx ones and the dragon slayer felt a hint of recognition inside those eyes.

Through half-lidded eyes Natsu could see him smirk at him, the face agitating him for some reason.

"Do we know each other?"

A soft chuckle escaped the guy's mouth before he went silently. The stranger then grinned at Natsu and the dragon slayer's eyes widened in complete surprise, his mind screaming at him for some reason. Suddenly, the image of Mirajane's grinning face came to mind and Natsu instantly went blank for a second before his face contorted in unfathomable shock.

"Don't tell me..."

"That's right! I'm Mirajane's fraternal twin! Haru Strauss!"

So, they arrived at Fairy Tail's guild.

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