A/N: Written for the 5,10,20,50,70,100 fandoms challenge, fandom 44. Also written for The A-Maze-Ing Race Challenge fic 1, prompt – word: benefit, for the Quintessential Quoting Challenge, quote: "Be awesome in comparison to mediocrity." – Philip Defranco, and for the 100_tales challenge on livejournal, Demon Diary: Raenef V & Eclipse, prompt #080 – forgiveness.

Being Studious

Eclipse wondered if pulling out his hair would serve as enough of a punishment for the both of them.

'Lord Raenef,' he said, sliding the book out from beneath the blond's cheek and slapping it on the desk.

Raenef shot up at the sound, doe-blue eyes wide and amusingly shocked. Eclipse frowned at him, trying to hide the smile attempting to claw its way to his face – and successfully, as the young Demon Lord looked properly chastised.

'I'm sorry Eclipse,' Raenef said immediately. 'I'm trying to learn; I really am, but –'

Eclipse shook his head at the blabbing. 'Demon Lords do not apologise.'

'Ah – yes – I – ' He straightened. 'How dare you – !' He stopped again. 'Uhh…'

Eclipse sighed; sometimes, Raenef was insufferable. 'I believe we will be returning to etiquette training. At least then you might not embarrass us both at the next meeting of the Lords.'

Raenef looked down. 'Am I that…disappointing?'

"Yes" was the honest answer, but it wasn't in Eclipse's place to say. 'You are…special,' he ventured instead. 'But you still have much to learn.'

Raenef scrutinised the desk a little more, before straightening with a grin. 'I'll do my best,' he said cheerfully, bending over his notes again. 'Don't worry Eclipse; I'll make you proud.'

Eclipse thought it was best, at that moment, to not remind Raenef that Demon Lords also did not aim to please others. It really was easier to treat him like a child: when he was asleep on his books, or unconsciously grabbing his ponytail…

Eclipse sighed. It was hardly the time to be daydreaming with Raenef looking expectantly at him.

He handed back the book. 'Page 59,' he said,' the etiquette during times of…'