Sam heard the alarm go off but Cat did not wake up

Sam said, "Wake up, red head"

Cat was still asleep

Sam said, "LOOK!, BIBBLE!"

She didn't wake up

Sam shook her to death

She was still sleeping

Sam tried the same technique about 10-25 times but nothing happened

She had an idea

She pushed Cat off the bed

Cat finally woke up in pain, "Ouch, my head!"

Sam said, "It's time for school!"

Cat said, "Today is Teacher In-service Day, I don't know why my alarm beeped today"

Sam said, "Sorry kiddo, go back to sleep"

Cat said, "Kk"

~30 minutes later~

Sam woke up again and saw Cat sleeping like a toddler, she went to the kitchen and saw insects and turned down the thermostat down by 20 Degrees because she read somewhere that those insects die from cold temperature.

After that, Sam went on a regular round around the block on her motorcycle. But forgot that the thermostat was on cold.

~1 hours later~

Cat woke up

"Good Morning Amer *sneeze* ica", Cat said

Cat crossed her arms and blankets' around herself and commented, "It is so cold here".

She went looking for the thermostat and tried to turn up the thermostat but it didn't work which caused the temperature to go down by 5 More Degrees

Sam came back from her ride and bursted in from the back door and said, "Kiddo, you look... um... terrible!"

Cat asked, "Did you *sneeze* turn down the thermo*sneeze*stat?"

Sam said, "Yeah"

Cat shouted, "You got me the *cough, cough, cough* cold"

Sam said, "Sorry about that, I'll just turn up the temperature

Cat stared as Sam could easily pushed the + button on the thermostat and it was a success, the temperature went back to normal

Sam commented, "It was that easy, Silly"

Cat complained, "How come it didn't work when I did that?"

Sam walked to her and was holding the red-head's hand and said, "Your fingers' ain't as strong as Momma's, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!..."


Sam said, "That should explain why you wet your bed every time I laughed like that"

Cat said while blushing really hard, "Yeah"

Sam said, "Cat, drink some hot chocolate and go back to sleep, you'll be the old red head again"

Cat said, "Kk"