Chapter Two: Transported

Sam and Cat's Bedroom

6 P.M

Sam sits on Cat's bed, making sure to leave enough space for the redhead to spread her legs. The dirty blonde pours cough syrup into a spoon. The sickly girl, Cat Valentine, lies down with her eyes shut; she's barely conscious and gapes.

Sam clicks her tongue, signaling the redhead to sit up. Cat yawns and rubs her exhausted eyes. The blonde puts the filled-spoon inside Sam's mouth. Cat coughs, but tries her best to swallow the cough medicine.

"Thanks, Sam" Cat comments with a nasally voice. She cracks a weak smile and falls back into her bed.

"Cat" Sam asks her: "Did you pay the electric bill?"

Cat weakly nods and falls asleep.

Sam and Cat's Living Room

10 P.M

Sam frantically paces the room and talks to a doctor over the phone.

"Yes, the heater's in full swing" Sam wipes her sweating forehead, but then the power cuts out. The blondie jumps back: "Crap. The power went out"

The doctor panics: "What? I thought your roommate paid the bill!"

Sam sits down on the couch and scratches his head: "Cat must've mumbled in her sleep"

Sam and Cat's Bedroom

10:05 P.M

The blondie runs inside the bedroom and shakes the redhead awake. Cat sneezes into Sam's face.

"AGH!" Sam screams and impulsively grabs a bottle of hand sanitizer from the nightstand. She foolishly rubs her face in the hand sanitizer. Her eyes burn and she screams louder.

Cat covers her ears and weakly apologizes: "Sorry. What's going on, Sam?"

Sam rubs her burning eyes and sighs: "Cat. We're gonna have to spend the night elsewhere"

To be continued