Okay, like it says on the title- don't freak out.

There's been some stuff at home that's been weighing on my mind lately and stressing me out (including my grandmother's current health). I've been looking back at the stuff I've written and published here compared to some of my older stuff and I'm not happy with what I've given you all. My older stuff just flows so much better, it's almost as if another person wrote them. It makes me really sad to see how much more difficult it's become for me to string together words for what I can picture so vividly in my head.

My real life problems have obliviously effected my writing. I am not okay with that.

Much of it seems rushed and not as well put together as it could be. I can do better. You guys deserve better and I know I can do it because I have a bunch of unfinished works backlogged in my computer that say so.

That being said, my stories are going to be put on hold. Rest assured, they will be continued and I'm not going to be taking them down. I'm simply going to be editing and replacing the old chapters with new, better versions. I'll update with another note once that's done.

I'll be posting a similar note on my other story I'm currently working on.

I'm really sorry if you were looking forward to the next chapter, it's going to be a while.