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Summary: It's not a secret to anyone how much Steve and Alexia love each other. Unfortunately though over the years, they've been caught expressing that love by a few people.
(i thought this would be a cute/funny chapter to write, but i promise bc i think we're all on the same page with this, it's NOTHING EXPLICIT)



Steve found that he had the house to himself, like he did many evenings. Tonight, his dad was working again and his mom was at the school for her parent-teacher conferences before having to pick Mary up from a friend's house. Steve was sitting there, watching a re-run of some show while Alexia sat sideways with her back against the arm rest, legs over him, studying.

"What are you looking at?" Steve asked curiously and she held up her copy of The Scarlet Letter. "That test's not for two weeks," he told her.

"Well, I'm getting a head start," Alexia shrugged, trying her best to ignore the smile on his face. "Don't look at me like that Steve McGarrett," she warned him, a smile creeping onto her own face.

"Like what?" he grinned, leaning over to kiss her.

"Steve!" she giggled against his lips as he moved over her. "What if someone comes home?"

"No one's coming back yet," he said, kissing her again, the hormones of a seventeen year old taking over; Alexia gave in, dropping her book to the side. They would never go past kissing on the couch, but they were a little too involved to notice the front door opening.


"Dad!" Steve exclaimed, moving away and sitting up fast. Alexia covered her face with both hands, embarrassed as she wished she could just sink into the couch and disappear.

"Hi Mr. McGarrett," Alexia said, face still covered; they'd never gotten caught making out before.

"Hi sweetheart," John told her, shutting the door, hanging his keys on the hook. "Are you staying for dinner?"

"Uh huh," she mumbled, her blushing face burning her hands.

"You," John pointed at Steve, before motioning for his son to follow him into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry dad," Steve immediately apologized.

"Remember what we talked about?" John asked Steve now, raising an eye brow.

"That she's someone's daughter," Steve echoed the talk he had gotten from his dad. "And sister. And I should treat her how I'd want guys to treat my sister, or daughters I might have."

"Good," John nodded. "As long as you remember that."


Alexia had just shown Steve around the new house after he was finally joining her at home for good. Over the last few months she had been working on a few home improvement projects with her brother who was visiting frequently that summer, staying with their mom for now. She was so happy that Steve was home that she forgot that Seth was due to come over and help her. On the couch she moved so she was sitting with her legs around Steve's waist, kissing him deeply while he ran his hands through her hair. It wasn't long though before they heard the front door closing.

"Seth, hey!" Steve said nervously. Yes, Steve was bigger than Seth now. And, yes, Steve could kick Seth's ass in under a minute. But there was always something about your girlfriend's older brother that terrified you.

"Hey Seth, what's up?" Alexia asked casually.

"You're not even going to move?" Seth asked, commenting on how Alexia was still on top of Steve.

"Trust me, I'm really wishing she would," Steve assured him, leading to Alexia giving him a look.


Like most times they got caught, it was due to Steve coming home suddenly and Alexia being so excited that she forgot everything else that was going on that day. Today was no exception as Steve came home from who knew where as a surprise, meeting Alexia in the kitchen where she jumped into his arms. He set her on the counter where he continued to kiss her, with her peeling off his t-shirt first.

"Daddy's home!" two year old Julia exclaimed; the couple felt their faces turn red, looking over to see John carrying Julia in after babysitting her that morning.

"Yeah," Steve said, quickly yanking on his shirt. "Hey guys..." he said uncomfortably.

"Hi John," Alexia blushed like when he caught them making out in high school, covering her eyes with one hand in embarrassment.

"Uh huh," John nodded, having the same uncomfortable tone as his son. "You know what we forgot to do today Julia?" he asked the two year old. "Get ice cream."

"Ice cream!" she cheered now, clapping her hands. "Bye daddy and mommy!" They watched them go, a little surprised.

"Did he just..." Alexia started to question.

"My dad is the coolest," Steve said like they were in high school or something, making Alexia laugh.


It had been a long few weeks at the McGarrett house. There was the new baby, there was Doris blowing in and out of their lives, there was the usual chaos at work. With everything going on, there wasn't time for much else. What was starting to get to Alexia that day was how there wasn't any time for a certain other activity, causing the spur of the moment decision to drive to HQ after her shift let out that afternoon.

"Hey baby," Steve said from his desk, setting some paperwork down. "I didn't know you were coming by."

"You busy?" Alexia asked, closing the door and dropping her bag on the couch.

"Not really, just finished up a case," he explained as she came over to sit on him in his chair, kissing him hard. "What's that for?" he laughed, adjusting to let her legs rest on either side of him.

"Are you going to question me right now?" Alexia asked curiously.

"Nope," he shook his head, kissing her again, his hands rubbing her back, their kiss deepening.

"Whoa, hey!" they heard Danny shouting at them from the other side of the door. He was about to come into the office when he saw them through the glass door. "Are you kidding me?" He motioned to the door. "They're glass."

"Danny, it's been-" Alexia started to complain.

"No, no," Danny shook his head, cutting her off. "I don't care how long it's been." He motioned to them. "You don't do that, you don't come to work and-"

"All right Danny," Steve said in exasperation. "We get it."

"Control yourselves," Danny said finally before turning to go.


"Hey Lex!" Steve called, coming into the house late that night and shutting the door a little harder than he meant to.

"SHH!" she called back, rushing down the stairs.

"Sorry," he whispered, taking off his shoes and sitting on the couch.

"I finally got all the kids to sleep," Alexia whispered back, coming over to him.

"Yeah?" Steve smirked, grabbing her hand and pulling her down onto the couch with him.

"Steve!" Alexia squealed, giggling as he kissed her.

"SHH!" he teased her and she laughed as he pressed his lips to hers, moving over her on the couch. Caught up in kissing they didn't hear the tiny footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Mommy, daddy?" five year old Jack said.

"Oh my God," Alexia gasped, pushing Steve up. "Jack-"

"Whatcha doing?" Jack asked innocently.

"Ah," Alexia hesitated as she sat up, looking over at Steve.

"Mommy was choking," Steve lied quickly and Jack's tiny mouth dropped open. "So, I had to do first aid," he finished, knowing Jack's kindergarten class learned what to do in an emergency last week.

"Are you ok mommy?!" Jack asked in concern.

"Uh huh," Alexia nodded, biting her lip to keep from laughing. "I'm fine sweetie. Why do you go back upstairs and we'll come tuck you in?"

"Ok!" Jack said, kissing her cheek before heading upstairs. Alexia continued to bite her lip, looking over at her husband.

"I knew that choking thing would work one of these days," Steve admitted and she busted out laughing, falling back against the sofa cushions.


"You take Jack to his friend's?" Alexia asked Steve as he came home that evening, meeting her in the upstairs hall. She had a laundry basket with her and was replacing towels and sheets in the closet.

"Yeah," Steve nodded. "Where's Lucy?"

"She went over to stay at Julia's for the night," Alexia replied casually, placing the last of the towels away. "So, it looks like it's just me and you."

"That right?" Steve grinned at her.

"Uh huh," Alexia nodded, smiling as she kissed him, knowing that look. She giggled as he picked her up, wrapping her legs around him as he held her up against the wall, kissing her more.

"OH MY GOD MOM, DAD!" Lucy screeched. Steve dropped Alexia to her feet while Lucy covered her eyes. "You guys are so gross!"

"Lucy," Steve tried to talk to her.

"No, dad!" Lucy protested. "She is my mother, and you were...ew!" she exclaimed.

"How is she more angry at me than you?" Steve asked as Lucy rushed into her room to grab what she forgot to take to Julia's place.

"How does she think she was born?" Alexia countered as Lucy was coming out of her room.

"OH MY GOD MOM!" Lucy shrieked, flying down the stairs and out the door.

"Now we're even," Steve nodded, making Alexia laughed.


"Hey Jack," Steve greeted his son as he brought Alyssa, Katie, and the new born boys over to the house to visit. Alyssa stayed in the house with the kids and Alexia while Jack went outside to meet up with his dad who was grilling.

"Hey dad," Jack said back, passing him a beer that he brought out before opening his own.

"How are things with the new babies?" Steve asked. "How's being out numbered?" he joked, remembering Jack's worry from about a month ago.

"It's not so bad," Jack said encouragingly. "It has some down side though."

"How so?" Steve asked, ready to give some fatherly advice.

"Well, for starters," Jack admitted, a little embarrassed at first. "Katie caught me and Alyssa the other night."

"That does get more complicated with more kids," Steve half laughed. "What did you say to Katie?"

"That mommy was choking," Jack smirked and Steve nearly choked himself as he was sipping his beer.

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