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Summary: Steve and Alexia have their lives flash before their eyes.

Family Tree (age):
Their children/spouses: Julia/Ben (65/67), Lucy/Jessie (62), Jack/Alyssa (57)
Julia/Ben's children: Jenna (37, married, 2 kids), Steve Jr (34, married, 1 kid), Chelsea (32, married, 1 kid)
Lucy/Jessie's son: Mark (32, married, 3 kids)
Jack/Alyssa's children: Katie (30, married, 2 kids), Joey (27, married, 1 kid), Sammy (27, married)

Of All the Moments


Alexia woke up, though it wasn't where she had fallen asleep. She remembered drifting off at the hospital, telling her grown children and grandchildren goodnight, though she knew at least one of her kids were going to be there over night. When she woke up though, she was back at the house, waking up in her own bed. Glancing around, her eye caught the mirror above the dresser, she was startled. She was no longer a ninety year old woman, hair all white, small and frail with age. She looked exactly the way she did when she was in her thirties, when she was the mother to three small children.

"Hi baby," Steve said from the doorway, getting her attention. He looked the same as he did in those days too, not how he did in more recent years; still the tall, proud, strongly built man, though also frailer with age, his hair white and gray.

"I've gotta be dreaming," Alexia said as she walked up and went over to him. There was something in her though, not to mention the look on Steve's face, that told her differently. "...oh," she said softly.

"And I thought you told me doctors never got sick," Steve teased her, though he was gentle still, cradling her face in her hands. It was a lot to take in.

"I knew it wasn't going to take me long, after you were gone," Alexia said quietly and he kissed her forehead. Steve had passed away in his sleep two months before, a heart attack. Since his passing she had slowly started to deteriorate, landing in the hospital a few days before. Though she wasn't lonely and was surrounded by a loving family, her heart was still broken.

"We did good though," she smiled a little and Steve smiled back.

"We did great," he emphasized, taking her hand and leading her out into the hall. The wall held pictures of all their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. "Three kids, seven grand kids, 10 great grand kids-"

"Almost eleven," Alexia chimed in. "Chelsea's expecting her second." Steve smiled at her.

"I know," he grinned. "Don't worry, I've been keeping an eye on everyone."

"I'm glad to know we can," Alexia agreed. She knew she couldn't live forever, but she wanted to be able to watch over her family, to know how they were doing, that they were happy and safe. "I guess you saw, about the boys then."

"Jack and Ben turned over Five-0," Steve nodded. "Steve, Danny, Joey, and Sammy are running it now." He smiled at the thought of him and Danny's grandsons and namesakes running Five-0 with the help of his other grandsons. "Mark is still fire fighting like Jessie."

"And the girls are all still a marine biologist, a lawyer, and the proud owner of her own restaurant," Alexia finished for him. "We did do great," she laughed.

"We had great kids, who had great kids," Steve nodded. "Great kids because they have a great mom," he told her now.

"And you're a great dad," she reminded him.

"Speaking of," he grinned at her. "C'mere."

"What?" she laughed as he took her hand a lead her down the stairs.

"I wanna show you something," he said, smiling that smile that made her fall in love with him at sixteen. Leading her around the corner to the kitchen, she spotted John there, making pancakes much like he did for her when he would come take care of her during her first two pregnancies.

"Hi sweetheart," John smiled at her.

"Oh my God, John!" Alexia exclaimed happily, hugging him.

"We're not alone here," Steve finished saying. "We've got company."

"The best company," Danny said, letting himself in through the deck door.

"Danny," Alexia smiled hugging him.

"Mmm," he smiled, hugging her tight and letting go. "Glad to see you. But, you owe me you know."

"For what?" Steve laughed.

"I bet her she would outlive you," Danny informed him, though Danny had passed away two years before Steve. While not entirely heartbroken like Alexia had been when she lost him, Steve wasn't quite the same after his partner and best friend died. Realizing all their loved ones were there, she turned to Steve.

"Does this mean..." She trailed off as there was a knock at the door; Steve nodded at her. Heading to their front door, Alexia pulled it open quickly, still surprised to see the person standing there.

"Dad?" she asked quietly. There he was, just as handsome as she remembered as the day he left when she was fifteen.

"Hi sweet pea," he smiled at her and she threw her arms around him.

"I missed you," she said as he let her go.

"I miss you too," he assured her. "Every day."

"Where's mom?" Alexia asked.

"She's here," Mark assured her, then smiled. "She's at our house, having some memories of her own, but she'll be by soon."

"Memories?" Alexia asked in confusion.

"I almost forgot," Steve cut him, coming over to meet with her and her father. "It's the best part about this place. Come here," he said, leading her out towards the deck. When they got outside, she saw exactly what he meant. There was Julia, eleven years old, showing three year old Jack how to kick a soccer ball while eight year old Lucy cheered him on.

"Oh wow," Alexia said softly. This was one of her favorite moments, watching her three children playing with each other in the backyard.

"I think this is what they mean when they say your life flashes before your eyes when you die," Steve said quietly, not wanting to disturb her too much. "We get to relive our greatest hits over and over."

"Whenever we want?" Alexia asked.

"Whatever we want," Steve smiled and the memory suddenly shifted. They were there on the deck, watching in the dark, Lucy, Julia, Jessie, and Ben crowded around with them.

"Did he ask her yet?" Lucy asked in not so quiet a whisper. They were all hiding low behind the railing. Alexia remembered this night, the night Jack proposed to Alyssa down by the water in their backyard. The family knew Jack planned to ask and were waiting on edge for days; they were just about ready to burst with excitement.

"Shhh!" Julia hushed her.

"Now you're being loud," Lucy informed her.

"Both of you are," Jessie said, both women giving him a look. "Well, it's true," he mumbled.

"Guys, you're missing it," Ben nodded ahead to where they could see Jack's silhouette on one knee. Next came Alyssa jumping to hug him.

"YES!" Lucy and Julia said, high fiving; they loved Alyssa and were so glad she was going to be their sister in law.

"I knew you guys were watching!" Jack shouted up at them, making them all laugh.

"I love this," Alexia laughed, taking Steve's hand.

"You're my heaven," he told her with a smile.

"And you're mine," she smiled, kissing him.

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