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"Did you hear? Ren Tsuruga's manager has dropped all of his current acting gigs" "I heard one of his co-actors was killed by his fans," "I heard Tsuruga-san was in love with the girl who died" "I heard that it was his fans that attacked her" "Yeah, well I heard that Tsuruga-san tried to kill himself after she died!" "He did WHAT?!" "Seriously?!" "That cant be true" "I heard that he still hasn't woken up"


"We are officially late!" Yashiro called banging on the door. When he didn't hear anything he pushed at the door. Nothing happened. Yashiro was getting really worried now. He kicked the door as hard as he could, and it broke. Ren was sitting peacefully in a bathtub of red water. He had his eyes closed and head resting against the wall, and there was a smile on his face. In one of his hands he held the necklace with the gem that Ren gave to Kyoko. In the other hand lay the stone which she named after him, 'Kuon'.

Yashiro rushed to his side at once. "Ren, REN!" he shouted tears starting to come from his eyes. "No, you can't leave me too!" he grabbed a towel from the rack beside the bathtub and wrapped it tightly around one wrist, staunching the flow. He took the other towel from the rack and did the same to the other wrist. Only after he had hindered the flow of blood did Yashiro carefully remove the stone and necklace from Ren's limp hands. He then pulled out his own phone and called 999. "Yes, Hello?" fuck formalities, he didn't have time for them right now. "Please get an ambulance here as soon as possible, Ren tried to kill himself." At the last few words Yashiro's tears became sobs and he was just being asked where he was when the line cut. "DAMEDAYO!" He shouted, frustrated. He had forgotten to put on his technology glove when he went to use his phone. It was no good now.

As quickly as he could he took the glove from his breast pocket and put it on, then took Ren's mobile phone and redialed 999. "Yes? I just called but my phone died. Ren tried to commit suicide, please send an ambulance over immediately. Yes, No he isn't conscious, Yes; lots of blood" He answered the operator's questions sharply with a quiet edge to his voice no one had ever heard before. He couldn't relax even when the operator said that she had dispatched an ambulance to the address he had given her. He heard the wails of the sirens with apprehension making it hard for him to draw breath. 'What if he died?' Yashiro asked himself nervously. Ren and Kyoko in the same week would be far too much to bear. He knew that much for certain.

Footsteps thundered out of the elevator and pushed open the unlocked door. "Mr. Yashiro?" Of the paramedics called in the doorway. There was a call from the bathroom and the four paramedics filed in past the agent. If there was a glimmer of recognition when the paramedics saw the actor's face, they didn't show it. They pulled the man from the bath and lay him on the gurney, which was brought up with them. One of them started CPR while two of the others dressed and re-bandaged the wounds.

The final paramedic went over to Yashiro who was pale. Yashiro tried to stand to make room for whatever the paramedic needed and promptly collapsed.

He awoke with a start a few minutes later on the ground where he had fallen with an oxygen mask on. The fourth paramedic was checking his pulse and his temperature. "You passed out from oxygen deprivation," He said to Yashiro calmly. "It's not wholly uncommon when someone witnesses this kind of trauma. You will be fine, just remember to breath. And I want you on that oxygen for another ten minutes at least." Yashiro nodded and looked over at the still motionless form of Ren on the gurney. "We got your friend's heart beating again, but he is not out of the woods just yet. We are going to need to bring him to the hospital to let the ER finish patching him up. He has lost a lot of blood, he will need at least two units of blood when we get to the hospital." The knot in Yashiro's chest loosened a bit and he accompanied the paramedics back into the ambulance and to the hospital.

Once the nurses said that Yashiro was ok and didn't need to be on oxygen anymore, he went to go call Lory. They were supposed to have been at the funeral an hour ago, and everyone was probably wondering where they were. "Moshi, moshi" Lory answered after only one ring. "Yashiro, is that you" he asked after the agent hesitated, not knowing what to say.

"Hai, Lory, Its Yashiro" Yashiro answered, trying to draw out the preamble as long as possible. He just wanted to say anything to let Lory live in the dark for a little longer.

"Where are you and Ren" asked the manager, getting straight to the point.

Yashiro took a deep breath, forcing the words out. "Lory, we are at the hospital, Ren tried to kill himself just before the funeral."

There was a long pause. "I will be right there" He said grimly after a quiet which seem to hold all the emotion of the past week in the dense, solid silence. There was a *click and Yashiro was alone again.

-End of Flashback-

Yashiro sighed as he walked out of another café on his way back to the hospital, the entire place buzzing with rumors of what happened to the famous actor Ren Tsuruga. He was actually surprised at how accurate most of them were. Ones that said, for instance that Ren and Kyoko had been secretly lovers for years, were fake, but close enough to the truth. If Kyoko hadn't had a tight seal around her emotions all the time she may have realized long before that Ren felt the same way about her that she did about him.

It had been a week since the near fatal incident, and while Ren was in stable condition, he still hadn't woken up yet. He was breathing on his own, and his heart was beating by itself, so the doctors were sure he would make a full recovery. At least, he would make a full physical recovery. Once he woke up that is. Yashiro tread the familiar path back to the hospital and into Ren's room. Lory looked up, looking as tired as Yashiro felt, and nodded silently to him. Lory then got up, grabbed his coat, and left. He would come back tomorrow night if Ren still hadn't woken up. However Yashiro was given strict instructions to call the LME president as soon as the actor woke up, it didn't matter what time it was.

Yashiro sat down next to the bed and watched Ren. Yashiro had known the actor for five years now, he thought he knew the man. But the expression that had been expressed itself on his face on their way to the studio was a new one. When they went to identify Kyoko's body he also wore an indefinable emotion on his face. It was full of pain, tenderness, and fury. His eyes were gentle when he had stroked her cold purpled cheek, and Yashiro was surprised (but pleased), when he bent down and kissed the cold girl gently on her cold lips. He had seen Ren angry before, but the fury behind the pain in his eyes now was new. It was frightening. Not avoid looking at you frightening, but run, hide, someone is out to get me, frightening. Because if there was one thing that Yashiro was sure, it was that Ren wanted those girls to pay for what they did to him, and it seems, in the end, he didn't really care how.

Ren awoke to bright lights and white walls. Heaven? He thought, then he caught sight of Yashiron next to his bed, no, still in hell. "What happened?" He asked, voice hoarse form disuse, the brown eyes that Yashiro knew so well, dead and unreadable.

Yashiro sighed and rested on his elbows on his knees, leaning forward and looking down. "You tried to kill yourself. Right before her funeral." He said to the floor.

"I know," came the reply, Yashiro looked up quickly. "Why am I still alive? I tried to kill myself, the cuts were deep enough, I know that, so why didn't I die?" Ren asked again, his handsome face, miserable.

"It was because I saved you, baka!" Yashiro jumped up, annoyed. "What were you thinking? What about the ones you leave behind 'eh?" tears were streaming down his face again. Ren looked away.

"I can't live without her" He said finally. "She makes everything better, makes me better. How can I live when she is not here?" Ren pulled the IV out of his arm and turned swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Where do you think you are going?" Yashiro asked, glaring daggers at the larger man, who was still trying to get to his feet.

"I need to join her. I need her. She needs me" He said staggering to the doorway.

"NURSE" Yashiro called, pressing the call button on Ren's bed at the same time. A minute later Ren's nurse came bustling in. She noticed Ren still trying to make it to the door and gently turned him around back to bed. Ren resisted but, because he was so weak from lying in bed for a full week, Yashiro and the nurse together were able to get the large man back into his bed.

"NO!" Ren shouted, tears streaming down his face. Struggling against Yashiro as the agent held him down. "I need to find her!"

"Hush" said the nurse, taking a needle and a phial of medicine the nurse injected something into Ren's arm and gradually the thrashing stopped and he fell back asleep. The only sign that anything had happened were the rivers running down his cheeks. The nurse carefully took the sheets and covered the now sleeping man once more, then she took a needle and started a new IV line.

"You may want to go find this girl he is looking for" she told Yashiro in an offhand voice.

"I can't," Yashiro said, looking at his friend with eyes full of sorrow. "She was killed 10 days ago."

A/N - This is part one of the sequel. hope you guys enjoy it! let me know if you have any suggestions for what should happen next!

Also, you may note that at one point Yashiro dropped all formalities when he was on the phone with dispatch. for those who dont know much about japanese culture, here is what i mean. There are different ways to say words in japanese depending on how polite you want to be. the less formal, the shorter the words tend to be, the more formal the longer. Formalities are thus, anyone above you in work place, school, or society you must be polite to. if you dont know, the proper thing is to be formal. close friends, family and people under you are the only ones with whom plain form is acceptable.

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translations -

Damedayo - means curses, or shit. literally Dame in Japanese means not good

Moshi, moshi - its what you say when you answer the phone.

Hai - Yes

Baka - idiot