I have gotten a few reviews saying that they were confused by my ending of Love Saves. (which was kinda the point...)

Here is what happened.

Ch.1 (Ren's Dream)

Yashiro saves Ren's life and when Ren wakes up in the hospital he freaks out at Yashiro, saying he wanted to die to be with Kyoko. The nurse sedates him.


he woke up to Kyoko/ Satsu, he then confesses to her and starts noticing strange similarities between the dream and real life. He swears to himself that nothing will happen to her.


Ren tells Yashiro about Kyoko being attacked in his dream when getting switched out of his Cain Heel personality. Kyoko comes along and Ren takes the conversation outside the trailer. Ren gives Kyoko a ride to work and warns the stage manager not to let anything happen to her. Kyoko tells the girls that she is working with that Ren confessed to her.


Kyoko and Chyuto go to get drinks for the cast during their break when the assistant stage manager gets called away. Kyoko gets lured out of the building by a recording of Ren's voice - taken from the conversation early that morning - and attacked before she could see who did it. Rumi finds Kyoko naked and with a bag over her head and calls for help. The director, the stage manager, and assistant stage manager run to help. Chyuto calls an ambulance which gets there in time. Ren is told and hurries to the hospital. it doesnt take them long to realize that the people who attacked Kyoko were Ren's fans


The doctor gives a detailed description of Kyoko's injuries. No one is sure if Kyoko will ever wake up again. Ren sits by Kyoko's bedside as close friends from the show (director, stage manager, Kanae, Yashiro, Lory, Honami, Yuka, Rumi, Chiori) come to visit Kyoko, who is still unconscious. Yashiro starts to wory about Ren's health. Police come and want to check Kyoko for signs of rape and Ren gets angry.

Ch.6 (Kyoko's Dream)

we follow Kyoko through a series of dreams, all revealing that she is lost. she sees herself being attacked in one of them. then behind a door she finds a terrifying monster. she thinks the monster needs water and suddenly the room was filled with water, and Kyoko started drowning. She makes it out, but she as she lay on a bed, she cant seem to catch her breath.

in the real world Ren notices that Kyoko's body starts to seize. the nurses remove her breathing tube and say that its because she is trying to breath on her own.

in the dream world Kyoko can breath again, but is looking for something she cant find. she calls out to ren, and feels arms wrap around her

Ren heard Kyoko call out in the real world, and decided the best way to calm her down was to hold her.

Ch.7 (goes in between reality and Kyoko's dreams again)

Starts with Ren waking up to Kyoko taking refuge in his arms, though sill asleep. He helps her through another nightmare before Yashiro comes in with Lory and the director. the director shows Ren some newspaper articles about the attack silently. There is one that mentions that Box 'R' is to be put on hold for the time being. Kyoko started trembling in Ren's arms again and the other men looked worried. Yashiro tries to get Ren to move and eat something, to think of himself, by saying that Kyoko doesnt even know that he is there. Lory objects, saying that he is quite sure she is aware of a presence, just maybe not who it belonged to. Yashiro convinces Ren to eat, and gets more onigiri, knowing that he will only eat things that are easy and that he wont have to get up for. The worst nightmare comes after Ren finishes his first onigiri, and Yashiro finally realizes the effect Ren is having on Kyoko.

We enter Kyoko's dream to see her reliving all the worst moments in her life. She starts to sob terribly when her mom leaves her and then she relives the attack again. She sees her worst nightmare acted out in front of her. Ren loving another woman. Ren tells her that she is no good and not worth someone like him. Ren turns into Sho who says something similar and tells her that no one would miss her if she just stayed where she was, asleep.

she wakes up to see ren asleep beside her.


Ren feels relief when he sees Kyoko awake, and kisses her. She slips in and out of sleep for the next day or so. She wakes up the third time to Ren's voice rumbling gently from his chest. Yashiro is there and protests to Ren telling him that she is sleeping. Kyoko murmurs Yashiro's name into Ren's chest and Ren gets angry at his manager. She tries to roll over to see the man, but everything she does hurts her. Ren helps her move and Kyoko immediately closes her eyes again, small movements tire her out. Yashiro looks surprised that Kyoko is awake, but when she awakens again, he is there. Ren doesnt let Kyoko ask questions, knowing the emotional strain they would put on her.

Ren switched to the other side of Kyoko, gently flipping her over with a nurses help. When she was settled again and the pain subsided she fell back asleep, sleeping the entire next day. When Kyoko awoke she remembered the attack and her dreams. she pushes a startled Ren away from her and is sobbing in a corner apologizing when Kanae,Yashiro, and Lory come in. Lory realizes it must be from what happened that night but Kanae is uninformed as to what happened. Kanae is dumfounded at the news and then Lory gets a call telling him to turn on the TV. There is a reporter interviewing the girls who claimed to have attacked Kyoko. They said that they killed her, but she deserved it. the head girl called kyoko a slut and said she had her way with six guys that day.

Ren tries to discard the news, but Kyoko speaks up still sobbing. She says that what happened was true, but she didnt want it and she didnt even know what was happening. she says that she should have just never woken up. Ren holds her gently and comforts her, telling her that none of it was true.

Ch.9 (Ren's Dream) - this is where people seem to be getting confused

Ren wakes up in a hospital bed with Yashiro sitting next to him. Ren is confused. He says that Kyoko had been getting better, asking if she died in the night. Yashiro told him that she had died a fortnight ago during the attack. Ren tries to go to the nurse but is stopped by the IV which he rips out again. He asks the nurses for Kyoko's room but they dont know who he is talking about. Yashiro leads him back to the room. Yashiro tried to tell Ren that it was a dream but Ren gets angry and starts throwing things. the nurse sedates him again and his muscles become limp. he fell asleep, dreaming of Kyoko in all her guises, who beckoned for him to join her. He woke up and Yashiro wasnt around. He tried to hang himself with his blanket, but the blanket tore and Yashiro came in before he died. Kuu was there when Ren woke up again. Ren asked him what Kuu would do if the love of his life died. asked if he would die to be with him. Kuu confirmed Ren's suspicions. Yashiro left for the night and Kuu convinces Ren to take a shower. Ren takes the blade Kuu left on the sink for him and slits his wrists in the shower. He hears his name being called as he dies.

Ch.10 (Real life)

Ren wakes up to Kyoko beside him. He tells her that he cannot live without her and proposes without any preparation at all. she accepts and they go back to sleep, relaxing into each other's arms

That is the ending of Love Saves - NO ONE DIES! (just a lot of dramatic things happen in dreams)

i hope this clears things up ^^


btw- sorry it ended up so long - i tried to just put in what was important... but... i must have gotten a bit carried away, either that or there was a lot that was important.