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Adam's POV

It was the final quarter. We were down by three points and we only have 3 minutes left. Third down, nine yards to go. I hiked the ball, and we were off. We scored the touchdown with 20 seconds to spare.

Leaving the family was the hardest thing I've had to do, but I feel like this is the best thing that happened for me.

After the game we celebrated in the locker room. We just found out we had made it into the playoffs! I was cheering until I got the call from Chase, my mind fuzzed over.

Leo's POV

I was giving a lecture to a group of my students. This wasn't the last lecture I had to give today. I had to give an advanced lecture on the same topic later. I love being a professor and all, but talking about the same stuff over and over again for hours gets kind of boring.

After I finished the lecture I had a one hour break. I went to my office and sat down. Then my cell phone rang. It was Chase. I haven't talked to him or my other step-siblings in three years. This had to be important.

It wasn't like I didn't love my family, but after Big D and my Mom split up I felt kind of awkward being around them. I know my Mom broke Davenport's heart so I couldn't not feel guilty when I was around them, it had been years.

After the call I was shaking. How could this have happened?! I told my boss I had to leave, that there was a family emergency back home. He agreed to let me go and I rushed to the airport. I caught a last minute flight to Mission Creek and then took a cab back to the old house, that's when the pressure of the situation hit me.

Bree's POV

I love being a model.

The life is glamour. I have an amazing boyfriend, his name is Garrett. He's also a model, with blue dreamy eyes and chiselled features you couldn't not fall head over heels in love with him.

I was preparing myself for a shoot, I was modelling some bathing suits today, I didn't know what kind, just bathing suits, and the company hadn't been that specific.

I was about to leave when my phone rang. It was Chase. After I hung up I drove myself to the airport, and not studio, trying to keep the tears from my eyes.