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When Adam, Bree and Leo entered the house they were overwhelmed by nostalgia. Although the place had been re-decorated and all surfaces were covered with blue prints and files filled with ideas, notes and calculations, the layout was still the same.

"So what are we gonna do?" Bree asked.

"Well to be honest I didn't know if you were coming." Chase replied softly.

"Why wouldn't we?" Leo questioned curiously.

"I haven't seen any of you for at least 2 years, you have no idea how heartbroken dad was!" Chase said, his voice bitter.

Bree smirked, "so he lets his favourite call him dad but we weren't allowed to?"

"Funny you should say that, I don't recall him ever saying we weren't allowed to call him 'dad'. Do you? So shut up and help me. If not, leave cause I can't be doing with your diva attitude, Bree."

Bree started to retaliate but Adam shushed her.

"Funny you say that, Chase. We haven't heard anything from you either." Adam retaliated.

Chase glared at him, "maybe I would have if I hadn't been looking after a broken hearted Davenport for 2 years."

"Oh so now you're blaming my mom?" Leo growled.

"No, I'm saying my two brothers could have at least returned my calls and my sister could have atleast acknowledged my existence." After a long pause he continued, "look, you must feel some kind of... Loyalty? Otherwise you wouldn't be here."

All of the ex-superheroes looked down, "that's what I thought."

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