AU Outtake nothing new in this world's 'Diary of a Potato Bag'
Timeline: AU set at an undetermined point in the future
Place: Some Grandline island
Title: There's a first for everything

There's a first for everything and anything is possible. Why, he was currently gliding across the skies in the form of a mythical fire bird. Nothing could get those concepts better in one's head than the Grandline. Expect the unexpected is not a suggestion but a prerequisite for survival.

Still, Marco would freely admit that the possibility of being in this position has never occurred to him as an eventuality. Never even made it to the non-existent list of All-the-wacky-things-I-have-not-yet-seen-but hey-who-knows.

So when his Girlie, aiming for the bag in his beak, jumped at him from the high he was surprised at the move. Surprise did not cover it when he realized she managed to successfully jump at his back as though he was solid.

He was not.

She wrapped her legs around him and proceeded to ride him, hands reaching for the bag.

Unbelieving and stunned were words that began to cover his state of mind right now.

His Girlieā€¦ was really something.