Episode:The Baby

Ahh! They all said. When a flashing light blinded them. The light stayed there for only a short time.

As it ended Mikey said,'' Ugh, my eyes fell wierd.'' He starting rubbing his eyes. Everythig started to clear up.

''I wonder what that was about.'' Leo said. He definitly didn't expect that.

''Um one question guys.'' Galileo said looking down at the street, '' Where did the kraang go!?''

''What!'' Leo exclaimed looking at the now empty street,'' How did they get away so fast?''

''I know its all..'' Before Raphael could finish his sentence Mikey exlaimed, ''A helipcopter!''

''Where?'' Leo asked looking around in the sky for it. He didn't want to let them get away.

''Over there!'' Galileo exclaimed pointing at it. While he was pointing at it, it started to fly away,

''Quick we have to see were it's going!'' He said doing a handstand. Then Leo jumped on Galileo's feet he got ready for Raphael to to hold on his hands.

''Oof'!'' Raphael said when Mikey got on him, ''Mikey you gotta start a diet.''

''Here use my telescope.'' Galileo said as he through up his telescope with his tail.

''Got it.'' Mikey said he started to look for the helicopter, ''Woah this is harder then I spy.''

"Well what do you see?'' Leo huffed it was getting harder to hold the up.

''I see buildings and more buildings.'' Mikey said, ''OOO! The pizza place!''

''Ugh! But do you see the helicopter? I'm getting tired of holding your butt!'' Raphael yelled at Mikey.

''You don't have to yell at me I can't see over the buildings.'' Mikey said still looking.

''Wait what do you mean you can't over the building?'' Galileo asked to himself, ''You should be able to see over the building...What! He said as he realised something.'' Wh...

Aha! A cliffhanger huh I bet you didn't expect that huh. Well until then peace!