Episode : Ace Of Spades

Matt was in a cell thinking of a plan to escape. Once he made sure that the Kraang wasn't around; he put his hand in his shirt and pulled something out. Matt used it to stab through the door. An alarm immediately sounded off.

'' I thought this was going to be easy, '' Matt said under his breath, '' Hey guys nice to see you again. ''

The Kraang surrounded Matt pointing their guns at him. When the Kraang started to shoot at him, Matt jumped up so the Kraang ended up shooting themselves. More Kraang came yelling orders and shooting at Matt. He got ready and tightened his grip on the unseen object in his hands.

Next came the explosion of the hidden Kraang facility. Which Matt watched from a distance. Once that was done he started to look for the turtles. He jumped onto a rooftop to find a clump of brown fur. That could mean only one thing. Galileo was near and when he is near the others have to be too. Matt started to walk away in search of them, but then stopped when he noticed a silver feather stuck in the ground.

Matt picked it up his expression getting darker. He rubbed the feather in his fingers as he looked in the distance. The teenager brought the silver feather up so that it blocked the moon out of his vision and said one word.

'' Ace. ''

Matt angrily threw the silver feather back into the ground.

'' I'll have to find them before Ace does. How am I going to do it without revealing anything. It doesn't matter right now. I was going to have to tell them sooner or later anyways. '' Matt said before disappearing in the shadows; hoping that the turtles were okay.

Galileo was hiding behind a box that was in the same building that they first encountered Ace. Leo said it was their only choice. Galileo didn't know where Ace was so he was looking out for him. Donnie was trying to make an escape plan, but was failing. Galileo heard the sound of wing beats coming closer until they suddenly stopped. The mutant dog looked around until he looked up. Ace was perched right above Donnie. The hawk had a long silver feather in the shape of a katana sticking out of his wing. Before the hawk could behead Donnie Galileo pushed him out of the way; only to get slashed across the snout. A thin long line was now permanently on the dog's snout.

Ace laughed when they all got ready to fight him once more. He threw something on the ground that started to mist everywhere.

'' You think that air is going to beat us? Well you're wrong! '' Raph yelled before collapsing on the ground unconscious.

'' It's sleeping gas hold your breath! '' Leo ordered but it was too late as each one of them fell to the ground.

Ace chuckled evilly then brought the silver feather in the air to behead them all.

'' Goodbye. ''