I am terribly sorry to all of those people that (have) read/follow(ed)/favorite(ed) my stories, but I do not have enough time to keep writing my stories. Also, when I do have time, I don't always know where I want my story to go. As such, I will not be finishing any of my stories. Again, I'm sorry to all those who kept reading them. I am thankful to all those people, they certainly helped me keep going for the years I wrote.

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Here are the random notes that I had written down for this story:

Harrison Severus Snape

Use the backstory as one story and the combined case as a second story.

· S&L friends with RJL since 7th year

· Remus has map with him

· Lily and Severus become Animagi

o Lily- red fox

o Severus- black panther

· Lucius is best friends with Sev, and Lucius is the spy

· Lucius and Narcissa- Draco Lucius Malfoy, Mycroft Abraxas Malfoy, and Sherlock Severus Malfoy

· Sherlock and Mycroft are twins, and nine years older than Draco

Mycroft is 5 years older than Sherlock, who is 8 years older than Draco (Thus, Mycroft is 13 years older than Draco)

· Mycroft is 7 years older than Sherlock

· Severus is Draco's godfather and Draco's godmother is Amelia Bones. Lucius is Harry's godfather and Harry's godmother is Alice Longbottom.

Two three year olds were running around after each other.

"Wait up Harry."

The dark haired one turned around, and saw that his friend had tripped. He ran back to his friend, and grabbed the blonde's hand. His plan was to grab the blonde's hand, but instead, his friend pulled the dark haired one down on top of him. They roll around on the ground for a while, before they hear a voice calling them in for dinner. They both get up from the ground, go inside, clean up, and go to the table for dinner.

**Time Skip**

Seven year old Harry Potter was sitting on his father's suitcase.

"Do you have to go, Dad?"

"I do this every year Harry, you know if I don't go now, I'll lose my job."

"But I don't want you to go!"

"You know what Harry? I don't really like leaving either. I miss you and your mom; especially her cooking." Severus says while smiling.


Mycroft was sorted into Slytherin, while Sherlock was sorted into Ravenclaw. They both played on their house's Quidditch teams: Mycroft a beater, and Sherlock a chaser. They were both prefects, and Mycroft was head boy.

Harry is married to Ginny, Ron is married to Hermione, and Draco is married to Astoria. Ron and Harry are Aurors, Ginny is a reporter on Quidditch for the Daily Prophet, Hermione works in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Luna works as a reporter for the Quibbler (her family's newspaper), Astoria works in the Department of Magical Transportation: Apparation Test Center, and Draco is on the board of Governors for Hogwarts and works in the Muggle Liason Office.

Story 2:

· Harry and Ron take over a Scotland Yard case, with the help of Sherlock

· John Watson doesn't know about wizards

· Mycroft's job: IS the British Government, British Secret Service and Freelancer for the CIA

His position was unique. He has made it for himself. There has never been anything like it before, nor will be again. He has the tidiest and most orderly brain, with the greatest capacity for storing facts, of any man living. The same great powers which his brother have turned to the detection of crime he has used for this particular business. The conclusions of every department were passed to him, and he was the central exchange, the clearing-house, which made out the balance. All other men were specialists, but his specialism was omniscience. When a Minister needed information as to a point which involved the Navy, India, Canada, and the bi-metallic question, he could get his separate advices from various departments upon each, but only Mycroft could focus them all, and say off-hand how each factor would affect the other. They began by using him as a short-cut, a convenience, he has made himself an essential. In that great brain of his everything was pigeon-holed, and could be handed out in an instant. Again and again his word has decided the national policy. He lived in it. He thought of nothing else save when, as an intellectual exercise, he unbended if Sherlock Holmes called upon him and asked him to advise him on one of his little problems

Lestrade's POV:

John and Sherlock were just finishing up looking at the crime scene when this blond haired lady walks up to me and asks me in this voice that I can only describe as dreamy,

"Do you know where I can find Sherlock Ma-Holmes?"

I beckon the pair over, "Holmes, I believe this young woman would like to speak to you."

He looks at her for a second, but doesn't go on a tangent, instead he smiles and hugs her.

"Luna, it's nice to see you again."

"It's nice to see you too Sherlock."

"Why'd you need to see me? What's so urgent that you couldn't wait at my flat?"

She starts murmuring to herself, and I can just barely make it out, "Holmes, Holmes, well, I guess that's better than it used to be."

"What's she talking about Sherlock?"

"Luna, I quite liked my name, thank you very much. Believe-it-or-not Draco was the one that suggested the name, not Mycroft. Though, when I go to D. Alley I use my birth name."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't realize that, I must have heard wrong. Sorry Sherlock, I'd rather not get in trouble with Draco."

"No, I don't think you do."

"Sherlock, what's going on?"

"Actually, that was going to be my next question; or you could say it was my first question. What do you have to tell me that's so urgent that you couldn't wait at my flat?"

"Harry wanted you to keep an eye on all the cases coming into Scotland Yard this week, and see if any of them are a little funny. He said that we might overlap."

"Is that really all you had to say?" He says getting a little frustrated now, "You couldn't have just went to my flat!?"

She looks at the ground, "Harry told me to go by your flat, and see if you were there. You weren't, so then Harry told me to find you and tell you because you'd most likely be at a crime scene, and that's what this is about."

Sherlock just rolls his eye, says he'll keep a lookout, shoos the woman away, and then leaves with John after telling him that "the game is afoot."

*A Few Days Later*

John's POV:

We're sitting in the living room, both of us reading when I hear a knock at the door, and then I hear it open. What a polite person, oh well, they're probably here for Sherlock. It's not Mycroft, though, because he wouldn't knock; maybe it's that woman from before, hmm.

Draco's POV:

Today is just not my day! First I went to a governors' meeting, and my ideas got shot down! Then, I went to meet the Weasleys, the Snapes, and Luna for lunch, and I got lost! Then, we went back to the ministry and I was helping Harry with some paperwork, and his boss yelled at me. Finally, I get a call from Mycroft to go yell at Sherlock because of some case and Harry tells me to get Sherlock for a joint case- I wonder if they have anything to do with each other.

So, I apparate over to Baker St. and walk over to 221B. I wave to Mrs. Hudson as I walk up the stairs. I knock on the door, wait a couple seconds, and then open the door. I walk in the room, I see Sherlock and his flat mate- John Watson, I think- sitting across from each other reading books. I look at the cover; wow, Sherlock's actually reading a book that normal people would read, I guess Mycroft was right.

Sherlock doesn't even look up from his book, "What do you want Draco?"

I can't help it, I laugh. As blunt as ever, maybe he hasn't changed.

"Are you going to introduce me to this person, Sherlock?"

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Sherlock and John must have met one of us earlier, and Sherlock didn't introduce him/her. That doesn't surprise me.

"Way to go Sher." I say using the nickname I made for him when we were younger. "I see you chose to keep him in the dark. Not the best idea, I should say."

"Since when do you care about Muggles, Dray?

"Well, you wouldn't know because you went off the grid after the war!"

"You were in a war? When did you plan on telling me?"

"Never John."

I flop myself in a chair, "Gosh, Sherlock, when Mycroft said that things have gotten bad, I didn't know that he meant this bad. Anyway, I guess I'll tell you the story about why I care about Muggles all of a sudden."