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Milah never questioned her boyfriend's odd habits or peculiar actions. She never asked why he would suddenly grab her and kiss her at odd times - such as at her job or when she was talking to her friends or when he dropped her off at class - or why they would be long and full of passion. At least she thought so. She never asked why. She wasn't one to complain. Hot loving steamy kisses from her sexy boyfriend? She wouldn't pass those up.

She had always seen his actions as endearing, how he would ask how her friends were doing, because to her, that showed he cared. That he actually listened to her and liked being apart of her life unlike her past boyfriends.

She however did find it odd how much interest he showed in one of her good friends.

Emma Swan.

She was an ivory skinned beauty with gorgeous, forest green eyes and luscious golden hair. And of course she couldn't forget all her womanly curves and long legs. If she was being honest, she had always been secretly jealous of her. What wasn't there to be jealous of? She was intelligent, alluring, kind to everyone, saw through lies and dear mother of god - her eyes. She wasn't even into girls but she could get lost in those eyes. She swore they changed colors sometimes, but Emma didn't think so. While that pang of jealousy always managed to stay in her, she couldn't find herself to hate her or treat her rudely. Emma was a golden goddess among other girls and even though she harbored jealousy; she knew she had one thing Emma could never have.

She had Killian Jones. He was practically sex on legs. Perfect messy black hair, deep ocean blue eyes, a good build AND a perfect Irish accent that made a girl's knees go weak. She had grown up with him – went to the same high school together – they had a normal friendship. They only talked at school but only really hung out if it was a group of them. He had been handsome when they were younger, but as he grew older his looks got even better. She had harbored some feelings for him in high school, but they had been separated due to him moving schools, and she had lost any way to contact him along with her feelings for him. But an accidental meeting – well, her bumping into him when she was rushing to class in college had brought back the feelings she had thought were long gone and she fell for him all over again. Hard.

After a month of friendly conversations, coffee, and movie dates, he had asked her out and they soon became an official couple. He had doted on her and pampered her like the perfect boyfriend and was always a gentleman, but deep inside she always felt like he held back. She felt like she never saw the real Killian Jones but she simply brushed it off and thought she was just thinking too much.

Today marked their one year anniversary.

They were meeting at a small restaurant right by their university. It was a great place with amazing food and held a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

She was currently seated in a cushioned booth waiting patiently for Killian. She had arrived earlier than their decided time because she was eager for their celebration. Thrumming her fingers on the table, she checked her watch for what felt like the millionth time.

A little chime sounded throughout the place and her head shot up. Killian strode through the door, pushing the heavy oak effortlessly. He was dressed in his special event attire; black denim pants and a black wrinkle-free dress shirt that made his eyes stand out.

His eyes caught hers and a smirk made its way onto his face. He walked over, ignoring the many stares he was getting, and Milah couldn't help but feel pride settle in her. That fine handsome man was hers.

All hers.

He sat down and leaned over to give her a quick peck on the lips. She wouldn't tell him but she was slightly disappointed this wasn't one of the times he would give her those long passionate kisses.

The door chimed again and they both looked up to see Emma entering, struggling a little with the door at first. Milah brightened up and waved her over. Emma gave them a surprised look before grinning and strolling towards them.

"Hey guys, I didn't expect to see you here. What are you guys going here on this nice day?" she exclaimed, her cheeks looking flushed; she most likely ran here. She worked here on the weekends and after class sometimes during the week to get some extra cash.

"It's our one year anniversary so we're here celebrating it" Milah gushed with a cheerful smile. It felt good being able to call Killian her boyfriend. She refused to admit it to herself or anyone else, but a small part of her liked to rub it in Emma's face that Killian was her's. She had never seen the girl show any interest in him thought. When ever she took the time to thing about it, it left her dumbfounded. What woman wouldn't want Killian Jones? She often questioned asked herself if maybe Emma swung the other way.

"You don't say huh? A year, damn that's a long time. I don't think I could ever be in a relationship for that long." She winced, most likely thinking about how bad that had sounded, and scratched her head "Well congrats guys, I gotta go to work or else Granny will kill me. See you around!"

Milah waved as Emma disappeared behind the kitchen door while Killian just stared. Smiling cheerfully, Milah turned to Killian. "Emma's so funny isn't she? I'm glad she's one of my friends"

Killian merely smiled at her and nodded his head. "Plus we get discounts on the food here"

Milah giggled at him and started to go on about her day, remaining oblivious to the thoughts in her boyfriends head.

Emma appeared again while they were eating their food, wearing her standard work uniform: a black pencil skirt, a white blouse, a red tie, and a shinny golden name tag. Her hair was up in a clip, some stands sticking out. Killian loved the few rebel curls that stood out. To him, it just made her look unbelievably sexy.

He found it pretty funny how Milah was oblivious to his infatuation with Emma.

The poor love struck girl never noticed how he stared at her in class, observing every feature, storing them in his memories, making sure he had every little detail etched into his brain so he could dream about her later.

He had met Emma a year before bumping into Milah and even though his infatuation with the golden haired goddess was still present, he agreed to become Milah's boyfriend. His good friend August had always asked him why he bothered to go out with Milah when he didn't even hold any feelings for the girl and his answer left his friend speechless and frowning.

He was a selfish person. He couldn't have Emma. She had shown no interest and he didn't want to mess up their friendship, but that didn't stop his obsession with her. So after a few weeks of thinking, he decided to go out with Milah. She was beautiful – didn't hold a candle to his Emma – but she would do. So for the sake of just having someone and secretly hoping deep inside his feelings for Emma would vanish, he dated Milah. Never straying, making sure to never do anything to upset her, although there were times he did.

But no matter what he did, his infatuation with Emma continued. If anything it just grew.

After a couple months he noticed a certain brown haired curly Irish male take interest in his golden haired goddess. Annoyed, he decided to throw caution to the wind. He'd be damned if anyone dated his swan. He started to go to great lengths to get her to notice him, whether he was with Milah or not. Whenever he noticed her around Milah, be it after class or Milah visiting her at work or even when they were talking with their group of friends, he would snatch Milah, crushing her to his body and kiss her hard and long while keeping his eyes on Emma. No one would notice though, because he hid it quite well, with eyes barely open, only small slivers of ocean blue could be seen but that was more than enough for him to observe her reactions. She would always look uncomfortable, awkward and she would look away, go back to work or awkwardly talk to whoever else was there. And after those kisses, he would pull away from his girlfriend, who was dazed and most likely turned on, because come on. He was Killian Jones. He took pride in pleasuring his women. He knew how handsome he was and he didn't consider it cocky. He saw it as being honest.

Staring at the woman across from him, he supposed he had to admit: she was pretty. Pale skin, sky blue eyes, petite figure, and long wavy ink black hair, but even as pretty as she was, she was nothing compared to the vision that was Emma. His golden haired goddess. Milah didn't have the natural grace or perfect curves his golden goddess had.

The thought of having her in his bed, owning her in mind, body and soul, made feelings of excitement course through his body every time it crossed his mind. Now was one of those times. He wanted nothing more than to have her crave his touch and attention, something he would gladly give her. Having her cry out his name and beg for him night after night - he would relish in it. He often fantasized about her doing that even when he was in Milah's presence. She never seemed to notice though. She probably thought he was thinking about her or something having to do with school.

Milah hummed happily as Killian asked for the bill. He was such a gentleman. He was her perfect man and she mentally jumped around and screamed in joy at being able to call him her's. She often wondered if Killian thought about her as much as she thought about him before shaking her head and mentally scolded herself for even thinking that. Of course Killian thought about her. They were in love.

Oh how ignorance is bliss.

Inwardly, Killian was smirking as he signed the receipt and put his credit card in his wallet. He knew why Milah had chosen this restaurant. It had been the place of their first date but unbeknownst to her, he had chosen this place because Emma worked there. He often spent his evenings there, when she was working, using the false cover of having no food at his dorm or that he was craving hot chocolate to learn more about his golden haired goddess.

Milah cleared her throat softly and smiled at him "Killian I want you to know that this has been the best year being with you. Thank you for this date and for being such an amazing boyfriend. I love you baby"

Killian stared at her, in what she thought was a look of utter adoration, and winked at her with those famously breathtaking eyes. "I love you too babe"

Lies were so bittersweet.

He caught a flash of gold out of the corner of his eye, and an idea formed in his head. Leaning over, he pressed his lips to Milah's - knowing full well his golden haired goddess was watching from across the room – and kept his eyes wide open and trained on Emma.

Emma made eye contact with him, forest green eyes widening in shock and embarrassment. The look he had was something that shocked her to the bone and she was pretty sure, she was the definition of that 'deer in head lights' look.

His ocean blue eyes were dark with lust, staring into hers, keeping her frozen in place. He pressed harder against Milah, running his hands through her hair, all the while keeping his eyes trained on Emma, making sure she knew full well that she was the one he wanted to kiss like this, that she was the one he desired above all else.

Emma gulped and tugged at the collar of her blouse. The smoldering gaze he was giving her was making her uncomfortable, yet at the same time sending shivers up her spine. That was lust alright in his eyes, clear as day, but it wasn't towards Milah. No. It was for her. In the two years known him she'd never seen him look at her like that. Or maybe she had been too dense to notice. She was always bad at knowing when a guy was flirting with her. She didn't want to be one of those girls that assumed a guy was hitting on her when he was really just being nice. She never could see the difference anyways. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she watched Killian pull away from Milah slowly, and let out a breath of air she wasn't aware she was holding.

The couple stood and began walking to the door, forcing Emma to take a shaky breath and focus on her task at hand, but she couldn't stop herself from glancing up at Killian. He was opening the door for Milah and was about to exit himself but before he did, he sent one last look over his shoulder, making sure his eyes showed the desire and heat he held for her. Emma stared at him with wide eyes, gaping like a fish, not failing to notice the smirk on his face when he exited.

What the fuck was that? Feeling overwhelmed, Emma chewed on her lip and excused herself to go to the bathroom. A nice splash of cold water on her face sounded great about now.

Killian thrust his hands in his pockets while Milah searched her purse for something, still going on about stuff he held no interest in. A Cheshire cat grin found it's way to his face as he recalled Emma's expression from only moments ago. He got his point across. Now it was only a matter of time.

Emma Swan was going to be his no matter what it took.

After all, a man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets.

And he had every intention of fighting for Emma Swan.

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