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'This is wrong. So so wrong.'

Emma felt her heart racing, her mind scolding her while her throbbing body begged for some kind of release. Killian was currently nipping at her neck and using his free hand to trace circles on her thigh. She let out a low whimper when he stopped tracing circles only to brush his fingers across her still clothed damp center. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and shivered when he let out a long groan.

'God his groan'

"Emma love you're already so wet, practically dripping, and I've yet to even began pleasuring you"

She didn't know if the smirk he gave her made her want to smack it off or pull his hair and kiss him senseless.

'Come on Emma. Fight him off this is bad. Think of Milah. She's your friend. This is cheating! Killian is in a RELATIONSHIP'

It seemed like that tiny voice of reason was so very far away.

"Tell me love, why won't you just let go?" he asked huskily. The smoothness of his voice brushed against her skin, his hand tugging her shorts down inch by inch. He could sense his swan was still fighting it. She would give into him soon. It was only matter of minutes.

Throwing her shorts to the side, he slowly dragged his hands up and under her shirt, moving over her breasts, teasing and kneading them through her bra. Her eyes fluttered and he watched as she bit down on her bottom lip. Gods his swan was positively breathtaking and he hadn't even gotten her fully undressed. Not having the patience to wait any longer, he lifted her tank top up and bra, bunching it just above her breasts, and keeping his eyes locked on her, he descended down. Emma released a strangled cry when his mouth closed around a nipple and bit down. He released her nipple to move his tongue around, soothing the flesh before bringing it into his mouth and sucking hard.

"Oh fuck" She brought her hands to his head and tugged hard at his hair, whether it was to pull him back or just to hold onto him, she didn't know anymore. His mouth wasn't helping her think straight. She felt one of his hands go under her back and push up slightly. When he pulled back a little, she let out a whimper of protest but complied while he lifted her tank top and bra off her.

Throwing her garments to the side, he went back to nipping and sucking her nipples, using his other hand to palm the other, switching from pinching and flicking and squeezing it. Emma threw her head back and let out a loud man. He took his time caressing her breasts in attention before moving up and catching her lips in a steamy kiss. He pushed his tongue past her lips, groaning when her tongue met his, her taste sweet and addictive. They both pulled back panting, staring each other in the eye. He could see her still fighting but so close to letting go. Just a little more and she'd give into him.

"Let go Emma." His breathed against her lips, mouth brushing against hers slightly as his hand moved past her breast, down her stomach and dipping into her underwear, sliding a finger between her folds. Her body reacted on its own, her hips arched up and she let loose a groan. Killian watched her face twist in pleasure, his blue eyes heated with desire, the pupils dilating with need.

"That's it love. Just let go" He murmured, eyes watching her, glazed with lust.

Fuck this was so bad. She couldn't think straight. Especially when he took his shirt off and she saw his chiseled chest, dusted with black chest hair. God help her, she had a thing for men with accents, chest hair and facial hair and Killian had the whole package.

'Is this really so bad? He wants you. He isn't happy with Milah.'

God she couldn't even get that voice of reason to speak up. To tell her how wrong this was. She couldn't even bring herself to stop it anymore. Especially not when he moved his fingers like that. She arched her hips up when he curled his fingers inside her, pumping them in and out roughly.

"Oh Killian" she breathed out earning herself a low growl from him. He removed his fingers and lifted her legs up to slip her underwear off, leaving her bare before him. He felt his cock twitch against his jeans at the site. Not even his wildest fantasies could compare to this. Moving down over her core, he rubbed her entrance with two slickened fingers; catching her soft cry with his lips. He curled the two digits slightly inside her and pumped with an easy steady rhythm, working towards finding that sweet spot he knew would push her over.

"Gods love you're so tight and hot love." He breathed against her ear. "I can't wait until you're wrapped around my cock." He nipped at her earlobe and brushed his thumb against her clit.

'Fuck he's a dirty talker'

Her head tipped back in bliss, a moan falling from her lips. His touch felt like fire, burning every cell in her body. Her desire continued to grow, the heat pooling in her stomach making her vision dance and toes curl. She was far past the point of stopping him. It just felt too damn good. Her breath hitched and her eyes widened when she felt him start kissing his way down her neck, past her breast and stomach to her core. His breath fanned out against her and she shivered, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Oh god.

Killian pressed a kiss to her folds, chuckling when she arched her hips. Deciding to tease her for a little longer, he leaned forward and started planting kisses on her inner thighs, purposely avoiding the place they both wanted him to be. He smirked against her skin when Emma gave a frustrated groan and leaned herself up with shaky elbows to glare at him.

Oh if looks could kill.

"Impatient aren't we love." He murmured against her core, breath fanning over it.

"Fuck you Killian. S-stop teasing me!" Emma breathed, dropping her head back onto the pillows and fisting her hands into the sheets.

Killian let out a low chuckle and let his tongue slip out to slowly swipe up her lips. He closed his eyes and clenched a hand on her hip when she let out a cry. Gods above his swan was delicious.

Emma moaned loudly and bucked her hips. He moved his hands to hold her down as he continued to lick and suck. Finding her little bundle of nerves, he began to suck hard on it. His cock strained against his jeans at the sound of her moans and groans. He thrust his tongue into her tight opening and moved his fingers to roll and pinch her clit, thrusting his tongue faster when she let out a scream and came. He didn't waste a single drop; he kept sucking and licking while she came down from her orgasm.

Emma panted and watched Killian as he sat up and licked his lips. Swallowing thickly, she sucked her bottom lip and kept her gaze locked on him. He crawled up towards her, much like a fox catching its prey, until he was face to face with her. Giving her a wolfish smirk, he brought his clothed hips to hers and grinded down causing her to gasp and hold onto his shoulders. Pressing a kiss to her cheek, he moved and nuzzled her neck.

"Has anyone told you you're beautiful when you come undone love?" His velvet voice purred against her neck, sending shiver of delight down her spine. "Utterly breathtaking"

Unable to do little else she panted his name in warning. She was starting to get her bearings together. She had to stop this. This would hurt Milah so bad. She couldn't help the small thought deep inside the darkest parts of her that she didn't care.

God she was such a bitch. A home wrecker. No matter how much she would start getting lost in his touch, Milah was always at the edge of her mind.

She was so caught up in thinking of a way to stop him, and pushing away the dark thoughts, she didn't even notice he had taken his jeans off and was only left in his boxers until he pressed against her again.

"Oh god" she whispered as she felt the thick bulge against her center. She swallowed hard. Come on Emma. There was still time to turn back, but the tingling tremors in her sex-deprived body became a tornado of want and need. Her sexual instinct took over and her brain and conscience no longer existed.

She swore she could hear her conscience fighting with her lower regions. She fought within herself wondering if it was too late to turn around. This was Killian for crying out loud. Sure she was attracted to him and held some feelings for him, but his type was a huge risk. All thoughts left her – once again, but come on could you blame her? – When she watched him remove his boxers, giving her a nice view of his thick silk encased cock. She moaned and chewed her lower lip, ignoring her conscience's last attempt to stop before it was too late. The ache inside her was too strong. She wanted him and didn't give a damn about anything else.

Screw Milah.

Screw her conscience.

Screw the regret she was going to be drowning in tomorrow.

Screw how wrong this was yet how right it felt.

She'd worry about it all tomorrow.

Right now, she wanted this man to fuck her raw.

Killian crawled towards her, crashing his mouth onto hers, thrusting his tongue inside deep and demanding, sweeping throughout her mouth. She opened eagerly, welcoming his kiss. He nipped and sucked at her tongue, palming her breasts and grinding his cock against her.

"Killian" she groaned as she pulled back and arched back and gods help him, he couldn't stop the shiver of pleasure at hearing her groan his name "Stop teasing! I want to feel you inside me"

His eyes dropped shut as he shuddered, heat shooting to his cock and it took all his self control not to thrust into her and pound into her until neither of them could walk. Swallowing, he looked her in the eye and couldn't stop the groan that left his lips. Gods. How many times had he dreamed of his Swan like this? Begging for him to take her. Moaning and screaming to the pleasure he was giving her, her body calling out to him like a siren and he her willing sailor.

"Killian please."

Letting out a growl, he spread her legs and lined himself up. Giving her a Cheshire cat smirk, he gripped his cock, stroking himself once, twice; and then bringing the tip to rub against her opening. Her breath hitched and she cried out, arching her hips up and coating his cock in her wetness. His hand gripped her hip hard as he panted and slapped his cock against her aching cunt.

"Killian please fuck me!"

"As you wish" Gripping her hip, he lined himself up and plunged in all the way to the hilt making them both groan. Killian panted, and clenched his eyes shut, lowering his head against her shoulder. He had dreamed about this for so long, and to finally have her. It was heaven. She was so tight around him, so perfect, like she was made just for him. They fit perfectly together.

"Emma, you feel so fucking good." He breathed, pulling back and gazing down at her. She looked so beautiful to him, lying beneath him; his fantasy coming to life. "So fucking tight. I never wanna stop fucking you." He rotated his hips slowly, gently, pulling out and sliding right back in. He kissed her, caressed her, and stroked every inch of her beautiful body.

She arched her back and moaned. How was it possible for it to feel this good? And gods help her but she loved when her partner talked dirty to her. She bit down on her lip to hold back her cries as he thrust hard into her.

"I want to hear you Emma." He growled. "Don't hold anything back my love."

He backed off only to thrust forward even harder, repeatedly pushing into her tight passage forcing her to make those moans he'd only dreamed about. She was better than any of his dreams and he couldn't help the spark of joy that she was responding to him. He swiveled his hips against hers causing her to whimper and close her eyes.

"Emma, open your eyes. Look at me." He cupped her cheek and turned her to face him. He wanted to see her face when she came undone. Leaning back on his knees, he lifted her hips and started angling his thrusts against the spot he knew would bring her closer.

"Emma" He groaned her name and started to thrust faster. The vision of his Swan lying on her bed with her golden curls splayed around her, writhing and moaning, breasts bouncing with every thrust, crying out his name. This memory would be forever engraved into his memory. No woman would ever compare to her.

Emma's breath started to catch in her throat while the spring in her belly wound itself tighter and tighter. She cried out as Killian hit that spot deep inside her over and over. She let her gaze fall on him and found herself entranced. His jet black hair sticking to his forehead, his eyes clouded over with lust and something else she couldn't quite place.

Killian grunted when he felt her walls fluttering around his cock and his movements became frenzied, feeling his own release building, he leaned down and nipped and sucked from her neck to her ear and whispered. "You feel so good around my cock. Come for me love. I need to feel you come."

"Killian" She cried out as her release hit her, her nails digging into his back, her back arched. Groaning, he speeds up his thrusts, the sound of skin slapping against skin resounding through out the room. With a few more sloppy thrusts, he pushed in as far as he could and spilled himself deep inside her.

Killian slowly released her legs and slipped out, causing Emma to whimper. He lay down next to her, pulling her close and savoring the way her skin glowed in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

"Sleep my love." He pressed a kiss to her forehead and brushed some hair out of her face, smiling softly when she cuddled closer to him, murmuring a soft 'okay'.

As she slumbered, he watched her, rubbing a hand up and down her back softly. How many nights had he dreamed about her like this? How many times had he wished she would ask him to stay with her?

Smirking to himself, he leaned his head against hers and rubbed her shoulder with his thumb.

"You're mine now Swan."

Emma peeked an eye open before, clenching them shut and nuzzling her face into the warmth at her side, successfully blocking out most of the brightness. Taking a deep breath she decided to just go back to sleep until she felt arms tighten around her waist. Her eyes shot open and she held her breath.



How could that not go through her mind? How could she wake up from the best sex she'd ever had – not that she would ever admit that to him – and just let that slip from her mind? For Pete's sake she was practically cuddling with him, about to go back to sleep.

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

She slept with him.

With one of her friends boyfriend.

Oh god. Milah.

Her stomach sank as guilt started making its way in. What would Milah say? What would she do? God she was the lowest of low. Milah had been nothing but sweet to her and how does she repay her?

By sleeping with her boyfriend.

Swallowing thickly, she steadily pulled back and looked up to see Killian deep in slumber, mouth parted slightly. Slowly, she propped herself up on one elbow and observed him. She couldn't help but admire how handsome he looked asleep. His guard let down, looking utterly content. Looking at his lips, memories from the day before flashed through her mind and she blushed.

How long had he had these feelings for her? There was just no way Killian Jones could like her. She was just Emma Swan, the poor orphan girl that was abandoned on the side of the rode, the one everyone ended up leaving at some point.

'He probably just wanted to get in your pants'

She bit her tongue at that thought and wondered in the back of her mind why it stung so much. Sure she had some feelings for him – a crush really – but nothing she would act upon. It was Killian for crying out loud. One of her friends for over two years. He was all flirt, charm, sex on legs and he knew it.

'I wonder how many girls' he's been seeing on the side.…and you just became one of them'

'Ha! More like the only one. He said yesterday you were the only one for him. That he's only wanted you'

More guilt started coursing through her veins. Poor Milah. She was so in love with him and she was just ruining them. Flashbacks from one of her foster families played through her mind causing her to not notice when she started shaking or when Killian started waking up until she felt his hand caressing her cheek.

"Good morning beautiful"

Shit. How long had she been thinking?

Narrowing her eyes at him, she swatted his hand away and scrambled off the bed.

"What the fuck was that yesterday Jones?"

Killian merely gave her a lazy smirk and stretched, not failing to notice the way Emma watching his muscles ripple.

"How can you even fucking do that? You're dating Milah Killian. You have a girlfriend. One of my friends! I'm horrible." She brought her hand to her mouth and started pacing back and forth in front of the bed. How do you even begin to tell your friend you slept with her boyfriend?

"Milah's going to hate me." She wailed, tugging at her hair and crumpling to the floor. So engrossed in her thoughts she didn't notice Killian get up from the bed until she felt him kneel on the floor next to her and place his hand behind her neck, pulling her towards him and kissing her passionately.

Every thought left her mind, her eyes fluttered shut and she moaned into his mouth. By the gods this man could kiss. Lust started to fill her veins again and Milah slowly started to slip from her mind again until she felt his cock press into her stomach. Eye's snapping open; she pushed him away and scrambled back.

"What the fuck Killian?"

He gave her his signature smirk and eyebrow raise and lucky fucking her he made a show of biting his lip. Clenching her fists, nails digging so hard into her flesh she had crescent moon marks, she glared at him.

"Swan, I told you yesterday, I hold no feelings for Milah. The only woman I want is you." He sighed and stood up, sauntering towards her slowly, eyeing her like prey. Leaning down, he caressed her cheek. "My heart is and will always be yours, as yours will be mine."

Emma glared at him, smacking his hand away, and stood up on shaky legs. "I'm telling Milah. I can't hide this from her. She doesn't deserve that."

"Go right ahead Swan. She fails in comparison to you. I'll end things with her today and come back tonight savvy? Does that make it better for you?"

Emma gaped at him, her mouth opening and closing as she tried to find words to say. Swallowing thickly, she shook her head and stalked off to the bathroom, yelling on her way out. "You're horrible. Im not yours and I never will be. You better be out of my place when I get out of the shower Jones."

The last thing she heard as she slammed the bathroom door and locked it was him chuckling.

"Don't fight it Emma. You're Gonna be Mine."

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