Hey guys! So last week had probbably the most heartbreaking ending EVER. I think it will take years to recover from Arthur and Teo's final moments together :( This is a little one-shot with what I imagine the aftermath might be like, with a little extra baby Campbell love, because I'm so excited for the baby! Sorry it's a bit short, hope you love it anyways.

"I had a dream you died, and just want to be with you tonight" - Matt Nathanson


Joan dialed Arthur's number again, tapping her foot as she sat on the couch. It had been hours since Arthur got on that plane for the base, and she still hadn't heard anything, which always lead her to assume the worst.

A key turned in the lock and she stood up, dropping her phone onto the couch.

Arthur closed the door behind and dropped his keys into his pocket, turning to face Joan. She could tell that he had been crying, and she couldn't remember the last time that happened.

"Oh, Arthur," she whispered, walking to him and wrapping her arms around him.

"He's dead," Arthur choked out, starting to cry again. "I let him down."

"No, you didn't. You did everything you could," Joan said, hugging her husband tightly. Just hearing his strained voice shattered her heart into a million tiny pieces.

"Joan, he – he didn't hate me. For those ten seconds when Annie and I were bringing him to the hospital, he – it was like I was really his father. I even told the nurse his name was Teo Campbell," Arthur pulled away and wiped his eyes.

Joan's gray-blue eyes were filled with pain and sympathy. She took Arthur's hand and led him over to the couch.

"He would have been honored to be a Campbell," she said to Arthur, looking into his eyes. Arthur sighed.

"He... he asked for a job in DC. For when everything was over... he asked if I had a place for him in DC."

"Oh, honey," Joan breathed, leaning against his chest.

"I should've been a better father, I should have brought him here long ago. I didn't fight hard enough, Joan. What if I let our child down too?"

"You won't," Joan said firmly. She placed Arthur's trembling hands on her stomach.

"Sometimes, we lose the people we care about most. And after they're gone, we think about all the things we should've said and done, how we should have told them how much we loved them once last time, or spent more time with them. We beat ourselves up because we never think we did enough for those we love. But you did so much for Teo, Arthur. You were his father, and you helped him find out who was behind his mother's death. I think that means something, don't you?"

Arthur sighed. "Maybe. But not enough, Joan. I shouldn't have something….. I should've done everything I could."

"You loved him. That's always enough," she said softly, leaning forward to kiss his cheek.

"This baby will be so lucky," Joan whispered to him, searching his face for even a tiny smile. "When we tell him or her about Teo, and all the heroic things you did for him, this child will know that his of her daddy fought for his son, and will fight for them too."

Arthur bit his lip and looked into Joan's eyes. "I promise you, I'll be the bets father I can."

"Oh, Arthur," Joan said, hugging him. "You're already an amazing father, even if you don't see it yet."

He smiled and put his hands back on Joan's stomach, thinking about the child who was just weeks away from being born.

His second chance.