[A lone boy is running away from something, something he has never seen before. As he runs he looks over his shoulder and using a piece of charcoal makes a quick sketch of his pursuers as he runs. Than putting the book and charcoal pencil in his shoulder bag he jumps over a cliff and into the swirling waters below.]

[His pursuers stop and look down over the cliff and wait for to see if he survived. But when only water splashes against the rocky surface they go away. Than he breaches the boy breaches the surface of the water and looks up before swimming away. Eventually he gets to the nearby shore where he pulls out his crude boat.]

[Than after putting it in the water he uses the oars and pushes the boat away from the island while talking under his breath.] "So long dragon island. I've been trapped on you for ten long years, and now I'm free at last." [As he paddled away from the island he knew that he had to get back home. His destination Berk and with it the people that he hasn't seen for a long time.]

[As he continued to push his way out of the labyrinth of rocks and fog the sea got choppier, and choppier. Until finally the sea was letting out it's furry and tried to push him back toward the island or worse the giant rocks.] "I WON'T BACK DOWN YOU HEAR ME!" [The boy yelled at the sea as he pushed his way in against all odds. Eventually he managed to push the small boat he made into the open ocean and continued on the path he knew would take him to berk.]

[When he finally takes a break from rowing his boat in the ocean though something unfortunate happens. A Scauldron decide to come out of the water and the boat that the boy built breaks apart, and he is forced into the water as a result. When it goes back down though it creates a wave that pushes him further and further into the ocean. After that the boy held onto the few boards that he had and began to try and swim.]

[That was when night fell and the boy watched the final drops of light slip away and the flash of green that proceeded it. He still kept going still and the sea this time of year was cold. Eventually the cold got to him and his legs finally stopped working. As the world around him grew black though he saw the morning sun rise on the horizon and with it a black smudge that grew bigger and bigger with every moment.]

[Finally he couldn't hold on any more and let go of his raft and sank into the cold unforgiving sea.]

0*0*0Earlyer on Berk0*0*0

[Hiccup sat in bed unable to sleep. Eventually there came a loud banging from the roof and knowing it wouldn't stop he got up and went outside.] "Wow bud you really want to go flying early today." [He looked up at the night fury as the dragon jumped down from the roof and waited for him to get on. After mounting the dragon the two were off flying in the predawn hours of day.]

[Normally they went around the island but today the two decided to fly out toward the open ocean. As the two went out deeper Toothless started hearing something.] "What is it bud?" [Toothless stopped in mid flight and hovered while lifting up one of his ears every now and then. Eventually he found the noise that he was looking for and took off.]

[The two ever so in sync rushed toward the boy that was close to death. When they got there Hiccup spoke.] "Whoever that is their in desperate need of help." [With that the two dived down and picked up the unconscious boy as he started to sink. After that Toothless carried the boy back to the waking island of Berk, arriving just in time for Gothi to come out of her house and see the three arrive.]

[When Hiccup and Toothless arrived back at there place Hiccup's father Stoic was just coming out of the house to get on his dragon Thornado. But that changed when he saw Toothless carrying the unconscious boy.] "Hiccup? What happened?" [Toothless put the boy down before setteling on the ground for Hiccup to hop off.] "Dad I don't know. We just found him adrift in the ocean, holding on to a pice of dibrie."

[With that said Stoic picked the boy up and carried him inside the house.] "For now Hiccup well have to put him on your bed, until Gobber gets here." "Sure thing dad, and I'll go get him to." [With that all done Stoic put the boy on his sons bed while Hiccup went to go find Gobber. After about five minutes Hiccup came back and spoke.] "Gobbers on his way dad."

[Shortly enough they could hear Gobber's voice and he was not happy.] "OUCH! What was that for? Hey, wait, thats the chiefs house, you can't just go barging in there!" [Hiccup and Stoic just looked at each other before the door opened and Gothi walked in followed by Gobber.] "Sorry Stoic she just came over and hit me with her staff before coming in here. I tried to stop her but I've never seen her like this before."

[The three watched as Gothi walked up the stairs and stood next to the boy lying on Hiccups bed. When they got up there she was looking over the boy and eventually she trned around and left in a big hurry. After that Gobber spoke.] "I don't know what that was about, but from just looking at the boy he's cold and probably has some water in him."

[While the three were talking Toothless went over and looked at the boy who was still asleep. He turned his head sideways a bit before letting loose a lound roar. Everyone was a bit startled and the boy woke up shortly after it happenning.] "Ngh Ngh Ngh." [Everyone was confused by this and while they watched the boy scramble backwards Toothless went back over and stood beside Hiccup.]

"You'v been awake the whole time havn't you?" [Hiccup spoke out of the blue and the boy just looked at him before speaking.] "Yeah... Um sorry about that about that but I didn't know if you could be trusted or not." [The boy got out of the bed and stood up before speaking again.] "My name's Atlas. I use to be a resident of Berk, Untill about ten years ago. You see a group of vikings decided to look for the dragons nest with there kids, and they got stranded on dragon's island. I'm the only surviver out the few who survived the crash."

[He looked around a bit before speaking again.] "Of those who survived the ship wreak, they were picked off one by one on the island until I was the only one left. I just barly made it off the island before becoming a snak for three dragons, and even then I had some bad luck." [With that Atlas sighed before he started to walk away.] "By the way thanks for saving me Hiccup. Also nice Nightfurry that's the second or first one I'v seen..." [With that said Atlas looked up and ran out of the hut.]

"I don't know about you two but I for one would keep an eye on this Atlas. For some reason his name sounds fimmilliar to me yet I can't place it." [After that Gobber left and Hiccup spoke.] "I'll follow him dad, besides how hard can it be to actually be?" [No sooner than Hiccup said those words than he run off with Toothless by his side. Than Stoic just shrugged before leaving himself for his daily chores as chief of the island.]

[Atlas was buisy as he ran toward the place of his only fammly member left of berk, that he knew of. As he ran though he knew that Hiccup was following him and that toward the tip of the mountain his friend waited for him in a secrit cave. He eventually reached the house of his grandmother who sat high above the village. When he approached he saw the door close and heard the hittting of wood against wood.]

[He stepped up the would stairs and eventually reached the front door of the place. Before remembering the key he tried to turn the doorknob, only to find out the door was locked.] "Right. Silly me. I forgot about the key." [He spoke to himself before tapping along the wood surrounding the door looking for a hollow spot.]

[When he found it he pushed it in and grabbed a key he hid years ago, in case he locked himself out of the house. After unlocking the door he put the key back and entered the building much to the surprise of Gothi. Upon the her seeing him, she rushed forward and huged him with very little tears of joy. After a bit he spoke to her.] "It's nice to see you again."

[After a few more minutes of hugging he let go and spoke again.] "It's been hard these past ten years living on dragon island, but It was worth it to you again gram." [He paused for a bit before speaking again.] "I know it's not like me to come and run, but there is a very good friend of mine I have to see, again. Do you still have that charm of mine?" [She looked at Atlas for a bit before smilling, and reaching into her bag she brought out a small broken gold circle with a ruby in it.]

[The charm was split horazontilly, and the ruby was split verticle. She handed it to Atlas who smiled before putting it around his neck, and speaking again.] "Thank you. Now I have to go, and find him. So don't be surprise if I say, bring home a dragon." [With that he hugged her once more before running out of the house and right past Hiccup who was surprised to see him so fast.] "I'll be bringing a friend down to the town square lator today possibly Hiccup. Don't be late your going to love it."

[With that all said while passing Hiccup, Atlas continued to run as fast as his legs could carry him toward his favorit side of a steep mountain on berk to climb. When he reached it Atlas started to climb up the wall as fast as he could with slipping. As he continued to climb Atlas knew that one wrong move and he would fall to his death.]

[When he finally reacjed his destination, he climbed onto the ledge and enterd the cave. The cave was hidden and depending on how you looked at it depends whiether or not you actually see it or not. When he got in he looked at the creature that was in front of him. On a nearby wall there was a gong and a horn ket in good condition.]

[He looked in the blue, green eye's of the dragon in front of him before speaking.] "Hello again. It's been a long time hasn't it?"