When Imogen finally got home that night she felt disgusting. Luckily her Mum was in Glasgow for the next few days for some fitness challenge she was doing, so she had the house to herself. She was slightly upset though, that no one was home to notice her dishevelled appearance and the fact that she was one hour late.

She trudged upstairs and into the bathroom. She locked the door and peeled her clothes off carefully. Purple, yellow and blue bruises were already starting to blossom all over her shoulders and back. Her pale skin looked even paler than usually and her eye makeup had ran all down her face. She got into the shower and scrubbed herself straight for fifteen minutes. She couldn't help feeling like she was dirty, but the dirt wasn't coming off. After twenty minutes her skin was red raw and she decided to stop and get out.

She threw on some pyjamas and put her hair up in a messy bun. She put a DVD on and sat in bed with the blankets pulled up to her chin and broke down.

She sobbed for what felt like hours, the film had finished by the time she'd calmed down. Betrayal. That's all she felt. She felt like she'd betrayed Connor. She knew in the back of her mind that she was being stupid but she couldn't shake the feeling that it was her fault.

Her phone bleeped indicating a new text message but she didn't answer, she couldn't bring herself to talk to anyone yet. Snuggling into the covers she willed herself to sleep, dreading facing everyone at school the next day.

Imogen awoke with a start when her alarm rang in the morning. Reluctantly she got up, still exhausted after waking up multiple times during the night from nightmares.

She got dressed quickly, caking her face in makeup in order to hide the bruises on her cheeks and the bags under her eyes. Looking in her wardrobe she picked out a thick red scarf, one she hadn't worn in months. Ever since Connor and her had gotten back together she hadn't felt the need to cover up as much, but today she wanted to wrap herself up so much that she disappeared under all the clothes.

She picked up her school bag and prepared to leave the house, picking up her hearing aids on the way out the door. She locked up and started off to school, deciding that she'd leave her hearing aids out for a while, to enjoy the solitude.

Walking through the school gates, Imogen felt like everyone's eyes were on her, she kept her head down and walked straight inside to her locker. Once there, she busied herself with getting her homework and books read. With her head buried in her locker and her hearing aids out she was completely oblivious to everything else, meaning she didn't hear a word her friends and husband were saying to her until she got a sharp tap on the shoulder from Dynasty.

'Sorry I was in my own little world again,'. She sheepishly apologised, avoiding eye contact with any of them.

'Me and Kevin were gonna head down to library for a bit, if you wanna come, to get away from all these year 7s!' Dynasty asked her.

'No thanks, I'll see you at lunch yeah?'

'Yeah I'll see you guys later too,' Connor replied and Dynasty and Kevin left. He wrapped his arms around Imogen and she stiffened instinctively.

Connor frowned at her and Imogen realised that she didn't want him getting suspicious. She quickly pressed her lips on his and distracted him with a kiss. It worked, but only for a while because he soon pulled away.

'What's up Im?' He asked her, a concerned looked plastered on his face. Her acting skills quickly took over and her brain wirred trying to think up excuses.

'What do you mean? I'm fine.' She lied.

'You didn't answer any of my texts last night and you took your hearing aids out in school. Not to mention the fact that you're wearing way more makeup than you usually do. Your my wife Im, I can read you like a book.' He said

'I don't know what your talking about Con. I was busy last night and forgot to reply, and I didn't need my hearing aids in if I was walking to school alone.' She pointed out and when Connor didn't reply she started to get defensive. 'And so what if I wanted to wear more makeup today. Are you saying it looks bad?!'

'No! It looks fine. But you know you don't need to wear makeup, your beautiful enough without it,' He told her gently and she relaxed into his arms.

'Sorry for snapping at you, I just didn't get much sleep last night that's all.'

'It's okay,' the bell rang and all the students started scrambling through the doors to get to form. 'Come on let's get to registration.' She took his hand and gave him a weak smile, knowing that he wasn't convinced.

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