Although Kevin was dreading the conversation. He knew he needed to talk to Connor as soon as possible. So at the start of break he cornered him just as he left English.

'I-I need to talk to you mate. It's important.'

'Can't it wait? I have to finish a project for McFall's class.' Connor replied.

'It's about Imogen.' He said gravely and he had Connor's attention immediately. They snook into the vacant assembly hall and sat down on one of the desks.

'Okay so, what about Im?' Connor asked nervously, he hoped it had something to do with her attitude lately, he needed to know what was wrong with her.

'You can't freak out on me okay. Promise me you won't. I don't know if this is true yet so just don't freak out.' Kevin pleaded making Connor even more nervous than he was before.

'Just tell me Kevin, your making me jumpy.'

'I think Imogen... I think she might have been raped.'

Connor's face paled. His facial expression changed from shocked to sorrow to anger in the space of ten seconds.

'Who? Who did it? I swear to god I'll fucking kill them.' Anger burned brightly in his eyes and his fists clenched so hard that his knuckles turned white.

'I don't who and I don't know wether it's true or not yet. But it all adds up. Why she's been zoning out a lot lately, why she's not eating why she flinches every time you touch her.'

Connor's heart clenched at the thought of what Imogen must have gone. His beautiful, strong, determined wife was reduced to someone so weak and fragile all because of some sick predator. Although he wasn't happy with it, it was probably better that he didn't know who had done it to her. If he did he'd end up doing something extremely stupid. When it came to getting revenge for the people he loved, Connor had no mercy.

'It's not for certain. You need to talk to Imogen yourself, and find out the truth.' Kevin pointed out and Connor knew he was right. But how do you start a conversation like that? How would he ask her without getting her even more upset than she was?

'You're right. I'll see you later, thanks mate.' Connor said briefly before leaving.

'Good luck.'

Connor found Imogen sitting by her locker, her head buried in a book, something she'd been doing a lot lately. He took a deep breath before walking towards her and sitting down next to her.

'Oh, hi.' She said, startled by his sudden appearance.

'What're you reading?' He asked her, trying to start up some small talk even though he was itching to just ask her.

'To kill a mockingbird, my favourite.' She said with a small rare smile, and Connor's mood instantly brightened.

'Can I talk to you? Like, in private.' She looked at him nervously and so he took her hand, ignoring the evident flinch she have him.

'We have History in a few minutes.' She pointed out.

'This is more important, come on.' He said whilst standing up, he held his hand out and helped her up too.

He took her into an empty classroom and sat on the edge of one of the desks, she did the same.

'So, what is it?' Imogen said nervously, much like he had earlier with Kevin.

'I'm going to ask you something. And I need you to be one hundred percent truthful okay.'

'I... Okay..'

'The way you've been acting lately... Is it-is it because someone's done something to you? Has someone hurt you? I need you to tell me the truth.' He asked her as gently as he could, fear and pain laced in his voice and she looked down. He took her hand and waited for her to speak.

It was quiet for a few minutes, the silence only broken by the bell ringing and the rush of students in the corridors but the couple made no attempt to move.

'He made me...' She whispered finally, so quietly that Connor wasn't sure she had said anything until she repeated it. 'He made me...'

'Made you what?' Connor pressed, putting a finger under her chin and tilting her head up to face him.

'I'm so sorry Con. It was my fault, it was all my fault.' She sobbed and Connor pulled her into a tight hug and let her sob into his chest. His heart broke hearing her upset like that.

'What happened?'

She lifted her head from his chest and took a shaky breath. 'A few weeks ago, I was walking home from school, I didn't get a lift from you that day because I stayed back to finish off my art project. It was freezing and I just wanted to get home quickly so I took a shortcut... Through the back streets...' She told him nervously, knowing he wouldn't be happy with her.

'Im! I told you never to walk that way alone, it's dangerous!' He scolded her but his expression softened when he remembered how upset she was.

'I know, I should of listened I'm sorry. But I didn't think anything would happen to me, there was no one around. I was almost home when he appeared. He tried to talk to me so I told him to go away, but he didn't like that. He pulled me down an alley and he.. he...' She choked back a sob and couldn't continue any more.

'Who Imogen? Who was it?'

'It was Steve-O. Steve-O raped me.'

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