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At home, Jasper fell onto his bed in exhaustion. Everyone was getting on his case, but not anymore. He was going to make things right, so he could be with Annie. With a sigh, he propped himself up on his pillows and got out his phone. He called everyone he sold to and told them he was out of the business and gave them the number of someone else he knew. After calling them, he deleted their contact... Jasper never called any of these people except when he had something to sell to them.

By the time he had went through his extensive list, it was nearly 5 o'clock. Jasper was meeting Annie at the Hollywood sign at 6, so he had time to shower and change. Shedding his clothes, he stepped into the shower and cleaned up. There, he thought about what he was going to tell Annie. Jasper knew he wanted to tell her about him being a drug dealer.

Former drug dealer. Jasper thought. He was leaving it all behind to be with Annie. All he hoped for was that she would forgive him or understand... just not leave him. Jasper didn't know what he would do if she left him.

Stepping out of the shower, he toweled off and tugged on grey boxers and jeans. He wiped off the mirror and leaned onto the counter, looking at himself. What is a girl like Annie doing with a guy like you? She could do way better, She probably has. One day someone better is going to come along and shes going to kick you to the curb. Jasper growled in anger and slammed his fist against the counter. No, he thought she wouldn't do something like that. That's not the kind of person Annie is. Shes above that. Pushing off the counter, he went back to his room and grabbed a clean black button down shirt and shrugged it on.

Well, he thought, here goes nothing. Jasper grabbed his keys from the table and slid on his shoes. Sighing, he walked out of his room and out the front door... heading to do the scariest thing he'd ever done. He just hoped that after tonight, it would still be them against the world.

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