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Spells and Sounds



Demon talking


Fire. That was all that I saw. I remember feeling something, something really heavy on my arm.


In a small secluded town a demon was attacking. It was the fire demon Pyrikon; he had been attacking nearby villages. It had been doing this for the past few weeks, appear in a secluded area with a couple of villages and burn them and their villagers to the ground. This particular village had a mage living in it, two in fact.

Azrial Holian, the Holy Arm Wizard, and Angelica Holian, the Destroying Armed Armorer. They had gotten married a short time leaving the magic guild Fairy Tail to start a family somewhere secluded, due to their many enemies they had made over the years by defeating dark guilds and demonic cults. They had a son and named him Michael Holian. After eight years of hiding in the town of Nightshade, Pyrikon had finally found them.

In one of the only not burning houses Azrial and Angelica were getting ready to defend their eight year old child. The boy had golden blonde hair, and emerald green eyes filled with wonder. "What are we going to do? Since Pyrikon has gotten stronger that last time and we haven't used much magic in the last eight years, we won't stand a chance." said a slightly scared Angelica. Angelica was about 5'9', had blond hair and emerald green eyes that her son had inherited. She was wearing a blue blouse, a green skirt and brown leather boots.

"We'll do what we'll have to. We'll protect Michael at any costs. As long as he is safe I don't care what happens to me. Come on we need to get him to safety before Pyrikon gets here and finds us." said a slightly calmer Azrial. Azrial was 6' tall, had white hair and electric blue eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless white trench coat showing of his magic tattooed arms, a sleeveless black t-shirt with a white cross, black jeans and black combat boots. He walked over to his son who was asleep due to a sleep spell. "Once we kill the demon he will wake up, if we both die he will wake up, either way when he awakes he will be safe."

"Are you sure this is what we should do. I mean if we die, who will watch over him? What will he do?" asked Angelica. They were going to hide him in a room hidden under their house that was magically sealed from the outside and would only be allowed to open when the presence of demonic magic was gone. Azriel picked up his son and went over to his wife.

"If we will die, we will channel our magic into him to protect him. With my magic he'll be safer from the demons aura and with you magic he should be safe from anything that will harm him physically. Let go." And at that moment the roof of their house blew up. Azrial and Angelica were knocked back into the far wall by the explosion.

"Finally I have found you Azrial and Angelica. Oh and it looks like you have a child." The figure said holding up an unconscious Michael by the neck. The man, or should I say demon, was covered completely by white hot red body armor. He was Pyrikon, a greater demon of fire who had been beaten by the two mages a couple years before they left Fairy Tail. "I wonder how much it would take to break his mind. Or shall I torture him till he screams and pleads for death. Oh those are too easy, I should just possess him and make him kill his own parents and make him watch." And with that the burning demon burst into flames and flew into Michael's body.

Michael woke up to unbearable pain and fell to the ground screaming in pain. "Mommy, daddy where are you? Make the burning stop, please Mommy, Daddy." he screamed out to his parents. They watch in silence watching their son scream and shake in pain and suffering on the ground.

"Honey, there isn't a way to get Pyrikon out of Michael. We have to…" Angelica didn't need to finish her sentence, though she probably couldn't. 'She's right. There is no way to free Michael now, but I don't know if I could do it.' Thought Azrial. At that moment while Azrial was thinking Michael had punched his hand threw his mother's stomach.

"Mommy! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it. Please be okay Mommy!" cried a crying blood covered Michael.

'Angelica! No… wait what's happening?' thought Azrial as he watched a golden energy flow from his dying wife and into Michael.

"It's okay Mikey. I know it's not your fault sweetie. You're going to be alright I'm just going to sleep for a while." And with that Angelica Holian was dead to the world. While she was dying she had transferred all her magic into her son, giving him every piece of arm armor she had and her other magic. He seemed to feel less pain after all the magic finished transferring into him. 'That's it! The more light magic in him the less Pyrikon can control him. It may mean my life to save him, but I'll greatly give it to have my son live free.'

"Son, the only way for it to stop would for you to have enough light magic in you to balance it with the demonic magic. Son, this is the last couple words you'll hear from me. I don't blame you for what happened to Mommy, nor does she. I want to watch you grow up to be a strong, handsome man, but I can't. Goodbye son, and always know that we love you." And with that Azrial force his magic from his body into his son's, along with his life energy so he can help overcome the demon.

When it was all done his once golden blond hair bled white on the left side and his left eye, once emerald green, changed into an electric blue. The right side of his hair bled out pitch black and his right green eye bled an blood red. He looked down at his right arm. It was covered by red armor that had a shoulder plate in the shape of a flame, spiked gauntlet, and spiked fingers. He looked over to his left arm and saw encasing it was glowing symbols hovering an inch above his skin, making an armor like started to feel tired and then fell unconscious.


When he woke up fire was all he could see with his hetrocomia electric blue and emerald green eyes. He felt something on his right arm something heavy and hot. He looked over and saw that his arm was crushed by a wooden beam of his home, still smoldering from the dying fires.

He looked around and saw people walking around. "Help me, please I can't get up my arm is pinned by a beam." He called out. People heard him and ran over to help him. When they got the beam up he couldn't feel his arm at all. "My arm, there is something wrong. Why can't I feel it? What happened to it?" he looked over and saw that it was mashed to pulp, seared shut preventing him from feeling it or bleeding out.

"I'm so sorry for you that I wasn't able to get here in time." said a medic. "I'm afraid that there is the chance that you'll never be able to use your right arm ever again." and with that the medic casted a sleep spell.


When I woke up I was in a hospital bed. I looked around and noticed I was in a white hospital room, there was no one else in the room. It was small, it had a bed that I was laying on and a dresser up against the wall opposite to the door on the wall left of the bed. I could hear voices from outside the door.

"The surgery was a complete success. There should be no risk of infection or pain in the shoulder from movement. Though there is still the matter that he has no guardian. Who will sign for his release?" said whoever was most likely the doctor.

"I will sign for his release form for Michael Holian. He is a villager of my village. I will take him back for the funeral of his parents then fulfill their wills. He has been left so much from his parents. I just wonder what he would do with all of with it and what he will do once he gets out of the hospital." said most likely the village leader.

'So it really did happen.' Of course it did what else did you think was a possibility? 'No! It's the voice from before, the one inside my head causing the pain!' Michael started to shake in fright. Don't worry boy. I won't hurt you anymore, not like I could. It seems that since your mother and father gave you their light magic, my power has lessened and you have power over it. It would also seem like my soul is now fused to yours, if you die I die. Because of this you have the life span of a demon, which is immortal unless slain, and the body of a human, albeit a augmented human. Anyways I want to live, and so do you, so I'll make you a deal, as long as you don't do anything stupid like dying, I'll teach you how to use my powers and how you can absorb other demons to make yourself stronger.

'Why would you do that? Wouldn't you just want me dead?' Haven't you been listening , "f you die I die." Oh why did I get a dumbass as a host? Okay, as to why I would teach you because of my energy, power hungry demons will come after you to devour our soul to get our power, though the dumbass would probably die from the holy effects of your father's and your mother's light based magics.

'Okay, though it's not really my choice, it's either let other demons become stronger or help save lives by killing demon.' Oh it looks like you're not such a dumbass after all. Well let's go get your inheritance and hope it's enough to last you a while till you can get a job. Michael went back to sleep since he was still tired.

*A couple hours later*

When he woke up a nurse was in the room. "Good, you're awake. Let me go get the doctor. Do you need anything while I'm out?" the nurse asked while heading to the door.

"Something to eat and to drink." I said as my voice cracked and my stomach growled.

"Okay." And with that she left the room. When she came back ten minutes later, she had the doctor and some food and water with her.

"Hello Michael, how are you doing?" asked the doctor walking over to the foot of my bed. He looked at the clipboard and seemed to look sad.

"I'm doing fine actually. I'm just hungry. Don't worry about my arm or me. I can deal with be alone, and get used to having one arm." I said with a slight grin.

"Well, if you're sure. While you eat I'll get your village chief to come and sign for your release." And then he left me alone to eat. After I was finished eating the village chief came in.

"It is good to see that you're awake now Michael. I am so sorry for what happened to your parents. They saved the village by ridding the world of that horrid demon, they will be honored. When we return to the village their funeral will be held, and then I will read their wills and distribute their belongings. Now come to me when you want to leave, I'll be contacting some of the people needed at the hearing and who were close to your parents." The village leader then left to go contact some people.

'Well, it seems like I should go and get some clothes to wear. I don't want to leave the hospital in a gown.' Yah I wouldn't want to either. I got up and walked over to the dresser and looked on to. There was a white t-shirt and some tan cargo shorts, along with some sandals on it. I got dressed and went outside of the room. I looked around for a nurse and found the one from earlier. I walked up to her and asked her to take me to my village's leader. She took me to him.

"Ah, so you're ready to go? Well, come on I already signed you out so let's get going." He said as we left the hospital. When we got outside a carriage was waiting.

We arrived two hours later. When we got out of the carriage we went to the graveyard. It was a short ceremony but that didn't matter, as long as they got a proper burial. After the burial we went to the Chief's house. When we got there, there was a short old man with a white mustache, a man with a top hat and spiked dog color, and a little kid with blond hair around my age.

"Michael this is Makarov Dreyer, Goldmine and Lauxus, Makarov's grandson. Makarov is the master of the Fairy Tail guild were your parents were at. Makarov this is Michael, Azrial and Angelia's son."

"Nice to finally meet Azrial and Angelica's son, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I knew your parents since they were your age, they were such nice people, and I am proud to have known them." said the short old man with the mustache.

"Thank you for the kind words about my parent. I wish I could had seen them when they were my age." I said sounding a bit sad.

"Now, now little one, don't be so sad, do you think your parents would ever want to see you sad. Life is supposed to be filled with wonder and happiness, not sadness and pain. So cheer up in live your life the best you can." Makarov said with a wise and nice tone of voice.

"Makarov is right Michael, no parent wants their child to be sad, all they want to do is see them be happy and grow up. Even if they aren't here, they are still watching you and will be with you always so don't be so sad." said Goldmine.

"Yah, there is no reason to be sad, you should be proud. Your parents gave their lives because they thought you living were worth dying. Don't let them be wrong." said Lauxus. Hearing him say that made me feel a little better. Then I knew what I'd do with the chance my parent gave to me. 'I'll hunt down all demons and prevent what happened to me from happening to others.' This goal drove Michael to achieve all the power he can on his own.

"I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening to others. I will become a demon slayer" Michael silently vowed.

"Well, we still have to wait till Master Bob. Oh, I think I just heard him." At what sthe village chief said Lauxus visibly shuddered.

I saw an average height, and slightly overweight man, with blue vertically striped shorts, a sleeveless shirt, small blue wings on his back, lipstick and blush. 'Creepy!' On that I got to agree with you. "Sorry for making you wait. I was talking with the carriage driver, such a nice young man." said Master Bob with his hand on his cheek. "Oh you must be Azy's and Angie's little son. You are so much like you father and mother. You got both their eyes." He said with both hands on his cheeks.

"That's enough scaring the boy out Bob. We need to get the will read so we know what Michael here was left. Now that everyone is here can you read the will?" asked Makarov after he scolded Bob.

"Yes I will begin. Ahem~ "I, Azrial Holian, hereby in good health of mind in body, here by state the requirements of my will. I leave to Master Makarov 500,000 jewels. I leave to Master Goldmine 300,000 jewels. I leave to Master Bob 300,000 jewels. To my wife, Angelica, I leave all worldly possessions and 1,000,000 jewels. Finally to my son, Michael, I leave all my spell books, my Holy Armor and armaments 1,500,000 jewels. Should any of the recipients have died before the reading of this will, then let their share be given to my son. I hereby give guardianship, should me and my wife die before the eighteenth birthday of my son, to Makarov Dreyer, I know he will be a good guardian. I hereby state my last will and testament." As to the will all of you will all receive the money and Michael will inherent every property and other worldly possession in Azriel's name. Is there any questions?" He looked up from the will and see all the Masters jaws, Laxus's jaw and Michael's jaw drop. 'Just how much money did dad have?' Damn boy your parents were loaded.

"Azrial really left us all that money?" said all the Masters in shocked harmony. They seemed so shocked that Azrial left them all that money. What shocked them even more was that Michael was left with a whopping 2.5 billion jewels.

"Yes, Azrial left you all that much money. It is being transferred into you accounts. Now Makarov do you accept full guardianship over Michael?" He asked the shocked old man, who was still figuring he was given 500,000 jewels.

"Of course I accept guardianship over Michael. If his father wanted me to then there is no way I can refuse him. Now let's listen to Angelica's will. I want to see what she left to her son. If it was anything from Azrial's, then it seems they wanted their son to become a Wizard."

"Okay then. Ahem~ "I, Angelica Holian, hereby in good mental and physical health state the requirements to my will. To Master Makarov I leave 500,000 jewels. To Master Goldmine I leave 300,000 jewels. To Master Bob I leave 300,000 jewels and my make-up collection (A/n I just had to do that.) To my husband, Azrial Holian, I leave 1,000,000 to him and all my other worldly possessions. To my son, Michael Holian, I leave 1,500,000 jewels and all my armor sets and weapons. Should any of the recipients of this will die before its reading then their share goes to my son Michael. If my husband is dead, then I pass on all rights of guardianship over to Makarov Dreyer, I know he will raise my son right. Hereby this is my last will and testament." When he looked up from the will he was greet with a similar reaction to the one before, except Laxus was wide eyed when he figure out that Michael just received five million jewels.

"Yes before you ask, she really did leave you all that money, and as we speak it is also being transferred as we speak. Do you again accept the guardianship of Michael?" asked the village chief.

"Of course I do take guardianship; it is an honor to have them both think that I am a worthy candidate for his guardian. I hope that Michael doesn't mind living with me at the guild his parents belonged to. How about it Michael? Do you want to live at Fairy Tail?" he asked facing me with a kind grandfatherly face.

"Yes, I would like that. Could you teach me how to use my father and mother's magic?" I asked. 'With Makarov teaching me my parent's magic I can keep my demon slayer magic secret.'

"Yes, I can teach you how to use their magic. Though, you might not be able to use all of it effectively with one arm." Makarov said sadly. I may be able to fix that, we'll have to see.

"It's okay. If I learn enough I can get past my handy-cap. Don't worry about me. I'll learn as much as I can, I will be as good as my parents." I said with pride in my voice.

"Good lets go and get your belongings and money. After that we'll go to the Guild and get you situated." He said putting an arm around my shoulder and Laxus's shoulder.

"Okay, let's go!" I said as we left.

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