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Spells and Sounds



Demon talking

Episode One: A New Fairy Tail

*Eleven Years Later*

On the out skirts of Hargeon a figure walks out of the forest. He was fairly tall, at six foot, he wore a black trench coat with the right arm hanging limply at his side, slightly pointed toed boots, black pants with white flames near the hems, a white button up shirt. On his head he wore a black fedora with black shades with a ebony framed ivory cross on a silver chain around his neck. "Finally, I've made it to Hargeon. Now all there is to do is to finish my mission." He continues to walk into town.

"All right, might as well find a magic shop. I need to see if there is anything new." And with that he was off. Hey Michael what are we going to the magic shop for? Asked the fire demon known as Pyrikon, who was a permanent resident of my soul. 'Well, I need some more lacrima for a new arm. I figured I need one for alchemy since I need to keep going to the infirmary back at Fairy Tail. If I could make potions I could accelerate my healing. If not we're going to keep having to wait to heal.' I don't know why you don't just use my healing factor.

'You know why. If someone was to feel the demonic energy put off they would tell the Magic Counsel in ERA. We both know we don't need that to happen. If I can make it an alchemic arm then I can also help other if they are hurt. You know how Natsu and Gray can be back at the guild, and how much we spend on healing supplies.' Okay, but what kind? 'Maybe I'll get some life and plant lacrima. Maybe even a heat lacraima for brewing the potions.' As he continued to have a talk to the fire demon fused to his soul.

Over the years Pyrikon cooled down and got past his hate for humanity and accepted that he cannot change his fate, so he tried to get along with Michael, they might not get along all the time, but they make it work. Well, as much as you can when you got a demon fused to your own soul. Okay, but make sure to stay as conspicuous as you can. "You don't have to worry Pyrikon, this will be easy." I said walking into the only magic shop located in Hargeon.

"20,000 jewels?" a blonde haired girl wearing a white and blue bordered vest and a blue skirt. 'Hmm, seems like she's a wizard by judging how much whatever she wants costs. Hmm, might as well help her out, I have more money that I know what to do with at the moment.' I walked up to the counter were an old man wearing a pointy had was standing behind.

"Excuse me, do you have any lacrima? I sorta need some for a project I'm working on." I asked setting my arm on the counter smiling.

"Hey buddy! I was talking to him first you can wait." She yelled at me. The shop keeper didn't really agree because he turned right over to me.

"Sorry sunny, I don't have any lacrima. Not many people hear in hargeon use magic like I was telling this young woman." I sighed.

"Oh well. Well I would like to buy tis here Gate Key." I said pointing at the gate key on the counter. It was a dog gate key. "Do you have any elderician metal by any chance?" I asked taking out my money from my trench coat.

"Okay that will be 20,000 jewels. I'm sorry that I don't have any elderician metal either." He said bowing.

"Hey wait a minute! I was going to buy that key. I got it first." The blonde said pointing her finger at me. I put the money on the counter and picked up the key than walked out. "Hey get back here!" She yelled as she ran out after me.

"Catch Blondie!" I yelled as I threw the key back over my head. She seemed to fumble a bit in catching it. When she finally had it she looked at me then the key with a look of disbelief on her face. "Don't worry, you can keep it. I saw you were a bit shocked at how much it cost, so I paid for you. You can repay me by helping me. Have you seen anyone with a cross tattoo on his face?" I asked turning my head to look at her. She seemed to think for a while.

"No, I haven't really seen anyone like that. But I'll tell you if I see him. What's your name?" she asked me.

"You can call me Michael. So wha" I was then run into by some girls who looked down at a town square.

"It's Salamander, oh my gosh. He is so hot." "I know right he is so dreamy." They both ran off after their short conversation. 'I didn't know he was in town.' The blonde next to me seemed to get excited.

"Did you hear that, Salamander is here? I've heard that he uses fire magic that you can't even buy in stores. I wish that I could see what his magic looks like." She said sounding excited. 'Is she really that excited about seeing Salamander's magic.' She started to run down toward the crowd of screaming would be fan girls.

'Might as go say hello as long as he's in town.' I walked after Lucy who was already at the edge of the crowd. She was pushing her way to the front and stopped. "Hey Lucy what's wrong! Why did you stop moving all of a sudden?" I said walking toward her. When I reached Lucy I looked toward who she was staring at. There was a guy standing in the middle of a crowd of girls. He was wearing a purple cape with two white sun marks on the left and right, red pants, a button up white shirt and purple dress shoes. He had a cross tattoo above his left eye and dark purple hair.

"Hey Igneel what's up? Where have you been?" said a familiar voice. Then I saw him break through the crowd on the other side. He had his pink hair all spikey, he wore a black coat with a white trim, black shorts, a black vest, sandals, and his trade mark scale print white scarf. On his back was a pack that had a green blanket in a roll. He was none other than Natsu.

When Natsu saw the guy who was in the middle of the crowd he said, "Who the hell are you?" At this all the girls, except Lucy who glanced at Salamander's hand, got mad at Natsu and jumped him saying things of praise to Salamander and scolding Natsu on his rudeness.

I went over and picked up Natsu from the pile of girls beating him up with my arm. "Sorry for my friend here. He doesn't really know how to keep his mouth shut. He said what he said because he was expecting someone else. My apologies." I said with a kind smile and a bit of charisma.

"Okay." The crowd of girls said in unison staring at me with hearts in their eyes. 'Why are they staring at me?' I don't know? You're strong enough with one arm to pick up Natsu and you are good looking to them? 'Well to bad for them I'm not looking for a girlfriend now or ever. All it would do would bring pain and sorrow for me in the end.' Yah, but you can't blame them for liking you.

"It's all right ladies," said Salamander gaining the girls attention. "There's a party on yacht tonight. See you later. Red Carpet." With that a purple magic circle appeared in front of him and purple fire engulfed his feet lifting him off into the sky. "Ta, ta now, see you later."

The crowd of girls dispersed and all there were left was me, Natsu, and Lucy. Lucy walked up to me and Natsu who was starting to try to get out of my grip. "Thanks all lot for breaking the charm spell. If it wasn't for you I don't know what would have happened that Salamander was a creep, using forbidden magic like that." She said with disgust.

"No problem Blondie." Said Natsu still in my grip with a giant smile. "I really wasn't trying to help you. I was just looking for my friend." He said as he again started to try and get out of my grip. "Come on Michael let me go. I know you got the one arm and all but how are you that strong." Lucy then turned to me with wide eyes.

"You only have one arm?" she yelled at me. The look on her face was that of shock. I slipped off my trench coat from my right shoulder and showed her where my right shirt sleeve was knotted shut. "I never noticed. So Natsu, you were looking for Michael?" she asked Natsu. At this Natsu stopped struggling and looked at her like she was stupid.

"No, I wasn't looking for this guy." He said pointing at me. "I was looking for Igneel." He said still giving her a 'you're stupid' look. He finally had the idea to slip out of his trench coat. At that point I dropped him so he didn't show his guild mark. He gave me a questioning stare. I just shook my head, he finally got the message.

"Who is Igneel?" she asked Natsu. For this I answered.

"He's Natsu's father." I said. At this point Happy, the talking blue cat, decided to make him known to the conversation.

"He's a dragon." Said the green back pack wearing Exceed in a wonder filled voice. Either it was the talking blue cat that could talk, or that it said that Natsu's dad was a dragon, she still freaked out. Her eyes widened to the point I thought she would need medical attention.

"Natsu's father Igneel is a dragon? I thought dragons were a myth, or extinct. How can he be your dad if you're not a dragon?" She asked the pink haired young man in front of her.

"Of course he's a dragon. He's not my real father, he found me when I was little." He said with pride. "He disappeared a couple of years ago and I've been looking for him ever since. So Michael," he said looking toward me. "What are you doing in Hargeon? Also, how do you know this girl?"

"I was looking for someone. As for the lady Lucy here, I helped her." I said jestering to the blonde.

"You help random people? You bought a 20,000 jewel gate key for me when I did nothing but yell at you the entire time. How do you even have so much money to blow like that?" she asked me looking a bit skeptical.

"Call it a family inheritance. I didn't help a random person. I helped a lone mage just starting their life of adventure. To me, no one is a stranger, just someone to get to know better." I said with conviction. By the way she was gaping at me like she was trying to start a fly farm meant that that I was the first person to say something like that to her. "I would close your mouth if I were you, don't won't to attract flies now, would you?" I asked her.

"Okay. Wait, didn't that Salamander guy have a tattoo over his left eye?" she asked me. I then looked at her in shock then face palmed. 'Why didn't I notice that?' I don't know, you're going blind perhaps? 'Ha hah, very funny, make fun of the one armed guy.'

"Now that you mention it he did. Thanks Lucy. I got to go. Don't do anything screwy okay Natsu, or I'll tell her." That earned a shocked look from Natsu and Happy.

"Aye sir." They both said in unison. With that I took off. 'Hopefully Bora will try and get Lucy. Good thing I slipped a tracker on that gate key. I really don't like dragging others into this but this will help stop Bora.' I stopped by a smith shop and looked around. After a while the owner came out. She was about 5'6", had dark brown hair. She was wearing a dark gray shirt under a thick heavy apron; she was wearing dark blue jeans and black boots.

"Hello is there anything I can help you with?" she asked me. I looked at a shelf for a few seconds then made my way to the counter.

"Yes, do you have any elderician? I checked the magic shop and they didn't have any, but I thought since this is a black smith that you might have some." I said with a small smile.

"Well I do have some, but not much. It is pretty expensive stuff and not many people come in asking for it. Wait here while I go and get it." She said while walking into a door behind the counter. She came back a few minutes later with a small crate. There was about ten pounds of the stuff in the crate, which isn't much. "Here you go, this is all I got."

"How much for the whole crate?" I asked taking out some money from my coat. She seemed surprise at first then regained her composure.

"50,000 jewels will cover the cost for the entire crate. If you mind me asking, what is it for, elderician is quite heavy and absorbs magical energy quickly. If you're mage, then why are you even buying this stuff?"

"I've found a way to fuse it with lacrima to absorb and magical energy and convert it into the lacrama's element. I'm making an armor piece, and I ran out of eldericain." I said quickly while taking out the required jewels. I put them on the counter, then grabber it with my hand. I lifted it above the counter then made a yellow seal appear under it. The seal floated up ward swallowing it into my storage dimension. When I was done I left.

I was walking in the park then saw Lucy lying on a bench reading Sorcerer's Magazine. I stopped and hid when I saw Bora stepping out of the bushes talking about being in Fairy Tail and promising her that he would put a good word in for her if she comes to his party on his yacht. 'Good he made his move now all I have to do now is borrow Happy and gets him to fly me to the boat. After that I'll incapacitate everyone and swing it back into port and call the army.' Bora left and Lucy left a little after to change for the party.


"Okay its night and Bora's boat is now just leaving. Now all I have to do is borrow Happy." I then started to look around the port. I finally found Natsu and Happy. I ran up to them and saw that they were listening to some girls a little farther down the walkway.

"Hey isn't that Salamander's ship?" asked one of the girls to the others. "Yah it is. I wish I was invited. Did you hear he is in Fairy Tail?" "Yeah he is isn't he?" 'Oh no. Why did they have to say that?'

"He's from Fairy Tail, eh? Come on Happy lets get onto that ship." said the pink hair young man to his companion.

"Aye Natsu!" said the cat as he grabbed onto Natsu shirt and flew him over the port toward the boat.

"Natsu wait! Come back!" I yelled at him. "Ah he never listens." I decided to go down to the docks and make a bridge. When I got down to the docks I held out my left hand and yelled, "Light Make: Bridge." A big magic circle with a cross and some ancient symbols appeared in front of me and out of it shot beams of light that bent and formed a narrow bridge reaching out over the boat. "Oh well good thing it hasn't left the harbor or picked up speed else I would had never been able to get there." I started to run across the bridge to the boat.

I saw something flash and come toward me and caught it. It was Lucy's gate keys. 'Aquarius is not going to be pleased with her. I've heard she is not easy to make a contract with.' I've met her before and killed her wizard before, she was not happy. 'You really got around before you were fused to my soul.' I put them in my coat and continued running toward the boat when I noticed Happy carrying a Lucy. "Happy take Lucy to the harbor. I'll get Natsu and the girls."

"I can't my magic just ran out." Then his wings disappeared. 'Damn it.' I jumped up twenty feet and caught Lucy and Happy and landed back on the bridge. "Thanks Michael. I didn't want to get wet from falling into the water. Or hit a rock." said the blue cat. I sat them down and Lucy was looking at me with wide eyes.

"What? Do I have something on my face? Is there something behind me?" I asked the surprised blonde mage. She started to point at the bridge and then back at me. She then started to make some sputtering noises. "Alright, calm down and try talking again."

"You're a mage." She said with a straight face. Me and the talking cat both face palmed. 'How much of a blonde is this girl? Come on, she didn't say anything to me jumping twenty feet in the air. She's pretty dense.' "Are you part of a guild?" Before the blue cat could answer for me I slammed a hand on his mouth.

"Yes, as for which one, well you'll find out later. Oh yah, here's your gate keys. I feel sorry for you, having Aquarius as a spirit." I said to her handing her gate keys. She looked surprised by my statement then took her keys from me.

"Thanks. I thought I had lost them forever. How did you know that Aquarius was a tough Celestial Spirit? I didn't know you were a Celestial Wizard?" she said looking at me with a look of awe.

"I'm not a Celestial Wizard. Someone I knew used to have her as a spirit a long time ago," 'Yah like a hundred years ago,' "and they used to tell me all about her. Just pray that she does not punish you so much for getting you keys thrown away." I told her with a look of sympathy.

"Alright, I hope she isn't to pissed. Oh I know, I can't get Aquarius to push the boat back into the port." Taking out Aquarius' key she got into a pose and waved it vertically down than left horizontally then putting it in the water while saying. "Open Gate of the Water Bearer, Aquarius." There was a chime and then a blue tailed mermaid holding a blue jar wearing a blue bikini top with a head piece below her blue hair on her forehead appeared. "Aquarius I need you to make a wave to wash that boat back into the port." Lucy told the Water Spirit.

"Tsk." said the water spirit turning her head to the side. "You're supposed to come from the Celestial Spirit world to help me, not give me attitude!" This brilliant statement from Lucy made Aquarius turn towards us with a look promising great pain. She then seemed to notice me and gain a smirk.

"So you finally got yourself a boyfriend. He's cute," she said floating towards me looking at me. "but how is he in bed?" This made Lucy's face turn so red I started thinking I would have to take her to the hospital. I saw that this made the spirit smirk. "Oh, so you haven't made it that far yet. Can I have some fun with him instead if you aren't going to do anything with him?" This finally took Lucy out of her shock.

"He's not my boyfriend! He's just some guy I met, so it's totally up to him." She said looking away from her spirit. "Anyway, you heard what I said earlier I need you to wash that boat back into port. And hurry, the boat's getting away." At this I put my hand over the girls mouth to stop her angry outburst because Aquarius was getting quite angry.

"What Lucy meant was that we need your help to bring that ship back into port. There is a slave trader on it and he has kidnapped several young women who live here in Hargeon. Please help?" I asked the water spirit. She went from angry at us to annoyed at us. 'Well at least she won't destroy the harbor hitting Lucy with a wave.'

"Why should I care? They were stupid enough to get captured." She said turning away from us. I sighed. I didn't want to do this.

"Light Make: Wall!" a giant wall of light formed in front of the storefront on the harbor. "The slaver who is on that boat is the one who threw your key out the window, and I was the one to catch it." At this Aquarius stopped and looked at the boat with hatred. She gathered a wurlpool at the mouth of the vase and threw it onto the water sideways making a giant wave.

"Light Make: Bubble" a bubble of light formed around me, Lucy and Happy. The wave hit the boat and was coming at us making Happy and Lucy holding onto each other while I stood there. The wave washed the boat and the bubble onto the port. Luckily my wall of light stood up against the wave and stopped any damage to the port town.

"Aquarius what the he-" I knew what was going to come out of her mouth so I put my hand over it again and deactivated my wall of light and the bubble.

"Thank you Aquarius. Also thanks for not making that wave any bigger. It would had destroyed half of the town if it was any bigger to get over my wall." At this she turned to me with a seductive smile.

"Anything for you handsome, see you later hot stuff." And with that she went back to the spirit world. I let the shudder that I had suppressed. 'What is with supernatural women liking me so much? Normal human woman are already too much.' It's your power that you have suppressed. They can sense it a lot better than mages. The reason she didn't attack you because your holy aura is overpowering our demonic aura. 'Okay, I understand that now, but why do human woman like me too?' I don't know, maybe because you're a millionaire bachelor, you have a bad past that tugs on women's heart strings, a ripped body and great personality. Maybe it's your eyes? The demon said sarcastically. 'Enough of that, time to deal with Bora.'

"Hey Salamander!" I shouted jumping onto the tilted boat at the group of thugs. "You made a big mistake of saying you're a part of Fairy Tail, because I've never seen you, and neither has Natsu!" I yelled as Natsu jumped up onto the boat and took off his coat. I also took mine off showing my guild mark on my left should while Natsu's was on his right shoulder.

"Oh no Bora, those are the real deals!" said one guy pointing at us. Salamander, or Bora, seemed to get surprised at this.

"I told you not to call me that. Any way I'll kill them now any way. Purple Flare!" A column of purple fire was blast toward us from a purple magic seal. The column hit the boat and lit it on fire.

"Natsu! Michael!" screamed a scared Lucy. She started to run to the boat when Happy grabbed her hand. "Happy let go! We have to help them!" To this Happy shook his head and pointed the boat.

"Fire magic doesn't work on Natsu. And at the moment it might not work on Michael, if he got it on in time." The blue exceed said with an insane looking smile.

"What are you talking Happy? What do you mean by fire magic doesn't work on Natsu, and that it might not work on Michael?" she said. She then looked back to the boat and was shocked. To figures were reappearing. The fire was being sucked into one of the beings mouth and the other his right arm. 'Wait, doesn't Michael have one arm?' thought the confused blonde.

"Ah, these flames taste terrible! Are you sure you're a fire mage?" Said the figure who was eating the fire. The fire was slowly dissipating showing Natsu standing there unharmed. "Well," he said looking at the other figure. "Looks like you made it in time. That was close huh Michael?" the fire around the second figure finally disappeared.

Michael right arm was made of metal. It had a flame like symbol on the shoulder; it had a tear like crystal on the fore arm while a claw-like crystal was located on the side of the bicep. The metal had a red-black tint to it and the hand had claw tipped fingers. "I honestly though I wouldn't make it in time. I need to stop showing off. I'll take Borra while you take the rest. Sound like a plan?" I asked looking at Natsu while taking my coat off showing the guild Fairy Tail guild mark on my left shoulder.

"Sounds great. I'm all fired up. Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" He smashed his fists together and ran toward the group of people punching left and right knocking everyone out.

"How does he do that? And where did Michael get that right arm from?" asked a awe struck Lucy.

"Natsu uses Dragon Slayer Magic. A magic originally made to fight dragons, giving the user the characteristics of a dragon. He has dragon lungs to breath fire, dragon scales to diffuse fire and dragon claws to fight with fire. Michael uses a lot of different magic, but the way he got that arm is Equip Magic. Michael had made a bunch of magical arms that have different abilities so that he can fight different opponents. Equip magic stores weapons in a pocket dimension where the user can pull out and equip weapons and put them back. Michael took it a step further and found a way to store his arms in the dimension. He is one of the two only people who can equip armor. That is his Right Arm of the Fire Mage. It allows him to use and absorb fire magic and regular fire. He also has a lot more different arms to for different magic." Said Happy. The only reply he got was a "Wow."

"Bora, your time of reckoning has come! How do you plead?" I asked the slaver. 'Maybe hinting at my nickname as a wizard will get him to surrender peacefully.' I doubt it partner. People like him don't ever really bow down to others.

"No way, he's the Left Hand of God? I thought he was a millionaire bachelor?" screamed a well informed slaver grunt 'And that is why I don't tell girls who I just me I'm a famous rich wizard. They all ways try and seduce me afterwards.'

"Happy, why didn't you tell me early Michael was the Left Hand of God?" the blonde asked the blue exceed.

"You never asked." Said Happy pointing at her. "Oh and Natsu is the real Salamander if you hadn't noticed by now." Happy added after a bit of thought then pulled out a fish. 'Hey Pyrikon, where do you think Happy keeps all his fish?' Maybe he uses Equip Magic? 'Maybe, but there was no magic circle.' Is this really important? 'Yes! I've been wondering where he fits it all of it! It just isn't possible!' Shut up and focus on the task at hand damn it. You said you would do anything stupid like dying, and not paying attention, even to a speck of dust like him, can get you killed!

'Red Carpet!" 'He used the same spell as earlier to get himself to higher ground. Too bad it won't help him.' " Let's see if you can beat this! Purple Flare!" He shot a blast of purple fire straight at me. I blocked the blast with my right arm absorbing the fire magic. The gems on the arm started to glow with untapped power, just wanting to be released.

"Flame Spear!" I tossed a spear of red hot flames at him. At the last second he dropped down to avoid being hit.

"Is that all you can do? I thought you were the Left hand of God? Where's all that power?" he asked smirking down at me. I then fizzled out. "What the, a light projection?" He said looking around.

"You wanted power?" I shouted from above him were I had jumped earlier when my arm finished blocking the fire. "Here it is! Flaming Iron Fist!" My fist ignited and then I punched the guy in the face knock him out. (A/N Wizards have extremely durable bodies! It's a fact!) He landed on the pile of his followers. "Huh, that was it? Kind of disappointing. I would have liked if he put up a better fight, but oh well. What are you gonna do?" I said landing on the ground. "Hey Natsu you hungry?" I asked the flaming trash dispenser.

"Of course I'm hungry! What else would you expect?" he said looking at me with a smirk. 'I wonder what goes on in that head of his.' Some questions are better left unanswered. 'Yah, probably.'

"Here, Purple Flare!" and with that final spell the excess energy left the embedded lacrima in the arm. Natsu ate all the purple flames. 'I wonder how it tastes.' Eh you get used to it. Not the best food to eat, but a lot better than what the other mortals eat. 'Huh, might have to try it some time.' By the time Natsu had finished eating we heard a horde of footsteps. "Hey Natsu, you may want to run. The army is coming. You know how many fines you have to pay."

At that the fire eating mage jumped and turned to look behind him to see that the army was indeed arriving. "Shit. Lucy let's get out of here!" he yelled while grabbing the blonde's arm and running. She didn't seem to know what was happening at the moment as Happy started to fly after them.

"Natsu what are you doing?" asked the dazed blonde as she was dragged through the dock. Natsu looked behind him and smiled at the blonde.

"You wanted to join Fairy Tail right? Well come on!" he said slowing down enough to let the blonde get her footing. The blonde smiled back and started to run with the pinkette. I watched as they ran away and sighed. What's wrong now partner? 'Natsu is going to be the death of someone one day. Most likely somehow it will be me.'

With that I turned and faced the army to tell them what had happened.

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