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"You understand what I'm trying to say young lady?" I sighed under my breath and tried burying myself further into my bed. The she-devil, or should I say Judy was a bit upset at the time Bee and I got back last night... what's wrong with 4:30 in the morning? Okay... so maybe it was a bit late... After Bee and I... enjoyed our alone time together, we accidentally fell asleep in the backseat of his alt until Optimus contacted bee and asked where he was. Let's just say after some cuss words from myself and some confused whirls from my camaro, we were on our way back to the house going 120 down the highway... Thank God for Bee's police radar system. I chuckled to myself as I remembered him trying to explain to Optimus what had happened. It wouldn't have been bad if it was only Optimus on the line, but Sideswipe, ratchet and Ironhide were all on the line poking fun of my flustered autobot.

"Yes Judy" I mumbled as I pulled the pillow over my head. She thought it was necessary to give me the 'talk'...

"Ariona, I think we need to go to the doctors..." She spoke as she sat on the side of my bed. I looked up from under my pillow with raised eyebrows.

"Are you um... sick?" I asked, slowly sitting up from my hiding spot. She laughed as she patted my leg.

"Not for me sweetie, but for you." I shook my head as I felt a growing amount of anxiety in my stomach. I was perfectly fine. I had been to the doctors a few times since Megatron's death but I was cleared to start work on the base a few weeks ago. If there was something wrong with me Ratchet would make it his job to let me know his 'professional' opinion.

"I'm perfectly fine Judy, the Docs have already cleared me for work" thinking that was the extent I smiled, but soon frowned when I saw her play with her hands.

"Judy?" I asked timidly, fearing for what the response was.

"We need to go get you some... protection sweetie... I understand you and Bee have a... lovely relationship, but I do not want an alien hybrid for a grandchild." I sat there wide-eyed as she finished her awkward statement. She thought Bee and I were having... What the pit?! I was 18... I understand that many girls my age have already lost their virginity, but I am keeping mine until the time I get married. I love Bumblebee but I refuse to lose it in a moment of weakness. I will lose it when I feel comfortable and am married to my lovely husband.

"Judy... We... um... we're not having sex..." I mumbled as I looked at the floor. I was already dressed for the day, seeing as I got dressed when I got home because I knew I'd be tired when I woke up. Ironhide was coming to get me since Bee was speaking with Optimus this morning. Judy brought a magazine out from behind her back and it was a book about safe sex.

"It is a very informational book my dear, it even has pop-up pictures." She was so excited as she was about to open the book I heard a loud engine rev and a blarring horn.

"Sorry Judy, Hide's here to get me, love you bye!" I spoke quickly as I grabbed my phone, hat, and hoodie and ran down the stairs, slipped on my boots and out the door I was. Hide's holoform was glaring forward as usual as I opened the driver's door, he dissipated in a bundle of blue sparks.

"You have impeccable timing my large friend." I breathed as I laid my head against the wheel.

"Your body temperature is very high young one, is everything okay or did you and the young scout have fun in the parking lot again?" His deep voice chuckled through the radio. I glared as I punched the wheel.

"Shut up you shitty piece of scrap metal!

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