What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Chapter One

"Haruhi," Tamaki whined, "Do you know where my Kuma-chan is?" Haruhi rolled her eyes at him, this was the third time in a week that he's lost that stupid stuffed bear of his, and frankly, she wouldn't be surprised if anyone in the host club threw it out.

"No senpai, for the millionth time, I don't, now leave me alone so I can study." Haruhi mumbled, giving her attention back to the book she had been reading before she was so rudely interrupted by her elder.

"But Haruhi! Kuma-chan is missing again, how am I supposed to get anything done with him gone?" Tamaki complained again. Haruhi gritted her teeth, trying extra hard not to punch Tamaki in the throat so he could never utter a word again.

"I don't know and I don't care; leave me alone!" Haruhi exclaimed, a bit louder this time. She could hear the tsk's from the twins as she tried once again to read her book, but to no avail, failed.

"Now now Haruhi," Hikaru chirped.

"That isn't the way to talk to your elder, maybe you should be nicer to him." Kaoru finished. Haruhi closed her eyes and gave a deep sigh; how dense are these people? She picked herself and her books up before making her way to the door of the host club.

"Sorry guys, I don't have the patience to put up with you antics today, I have things to do and places to be."

"Are you talking about the market, Haru-chan?" Hunny asked from his area, eating cake with Mori, who had barely been paying attention until Hunny mentioned the supermarket. Haruhi bit her lip, reluctant to tell them since she knew very well that they could decide to come with her, but since Hunny already knew, she nodded her head and as expected, she was flustered by the crowd of handsome men, excited to go to the market. She was going to shoot their dreams down, but she saw a depressed Tamaki in the corner, staring at a reasonably large portrait of his beloved Kuma-chan, the amount of sadness Haruhi saw was too much to bare, even for she.

"Fine, but no acting like a bunch of three year olds, got it?" She asked, receiving five nods in her direction. Everyone was just about ready to leave before they noticed something.

"Umm, where's Kyoya?" Hikaru asked. Tamaki snapped his fingers, expressing that he had an idea in his head.

"We have a science test tomorrow, I bet he probably just went to the classroom to pick up his books or something." Tamaki answered. They shrugged their shoulders before going to the year two science lab.

Once they entered, they immediately saw Kyoya sitting at a science desk, investigating two chemicals in his hand, of course the curious group decided to go up to him and interrogate.

"So Kyoya, being a nerd as usual?" Kaoru questioned with a smirk on his face, picking up a vial filled with a foul smelling, dark green liquid. Kyoya ignored Kaoru's comment and instead turned his attention to the burner he turned on.

"I have work to do, missing school yesterday was probably the biggest mistake of my life, so leave me alone." Kyoya said, heating up one of the vials carefully over the open flame. Tamaki picked up a different one, one that Hikaru had also reached for, causing him to get slightly pissed off.

"Milord, I wanna see it!" Hikaru whined, grabbing for the liquid in his hands.

"Wait a minute, Hikaru!" Tamaki replied, accidentally knocking over a few bottles in an attempt to dodge Hikaru's hands.

"C'mon boss, just let Hikaru see it." Kaoru commented, also starting to reach for the glass.

"Guys, watch out!" Haruhi exclaimed, the mess the had made wasn't really big compared to what happened next.


Smoke erupted everywhere and the vials which were still in Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru's hands, were now mixed with the one's they had spilled a few moments before, causing a reaction big enough to start eating through the floor boards. The host club stood in shock as they saw the science classroom disappear before their eyes, then got quickly pulled out the room by a passing teacher, who had seen the smoke go through the cracks in the door. Within a few minutes, whoever was left in the school was evacuated and it was obvious what had happened:

Ouran Academy was unusable, and it was all science's (and the host club's) fault.

Haruhi stared over at the catastrophe that was happening, what had been one childish little mess up, had now taken over the entire east corridor, which is small compared to the entire campus, but nevertheless, it was enough to piss people off. Within another ten minutes of the evacuation, the host club was called to the headmasters office, and no one was more scared than Tamaki.

Yuzuru Suoh was sitting in his chair when he heard the explosion erupt, not aware of the full situation until a secretary informed him, when he asked for the security tapes, he wasn't surprised in the least to see his son and his group of friends walk into that classroom, and was even less surprised to see Tamaki sobbing his heart out exiting it. As any good principal would do, he called them up to his office, it didn't matter who they were, or what their possible pleas were, they had to be punished.

One by one, the host club sulked into his office, Tamaki being the last, his blonde hair drooped low across his head and shame seeping through every pore of his face. Yuzuru cleared his throat, and addressed them.

"You are all very well aware of why I called you here today-"

"It was an accident!" Tamaki wailed at his father, who had just pushed him off, but not before laughing on the inside.

"-well, accident or no accident, we're going to have to rebuild that corridor, and you know what that means,"

"No science for the rest of the year?" The twins chorused optimistically.

"Good heavens, of course not. We just have to move it to the library temporarily, though I think that would be too easy."

Everyone's ears perked up, the way headmaster said that scared them.

"What do you mean?" Hunny asked. Yuzuru chuckled before answering.

"As I hope all of you have already contemplated, you must be punished, no?" He got seven slow and sad nods in his direction, so he continued. "Well, I have the perfect idea." He let out a dark chuckle, one that even made the shadow king feel a chill up his spine.

"I don't like this..." Mori started, attempting to sneak away with Hunny, but to no avail. The headmaster smiled at him.

"I have decided, that you six- I mean, seven men, shall instead be temporarily suspended, therefor causing all of you to instead go to the Ouran High School."

Seven jaws dropped to the floor, while the Yuzuru continued, satisfied with their reactions.

"That's right, you must go to commoner school." He rephrased. At this point, Tamaki and the twins were crying, while Haruhi had already gotten over her shock quick, as had Kyoya, Mori and Hunny.

"We have to go to filthy public school?!" The twins wailed.

"But, how am I supposed to help myself in that horrid jungle father! Think about how poor everyone is, they haven't even tasted fancy tuna!" Tamaki dramatically points to Haruhi, who had an unamused look on her face.

"I'm only doing what I think is best for you, now go, I'll be looking forward to seeing your cars outside of the high school tomorrow." He smiled one last time, as he shooed everyone out of the door. They all had the same thing going through their minds.

They really screwed up this time.

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