Authors note: yoo it's been so long. [4 YEARS]. Sorry about that. We do want to finish this. Written by me (TheAfroCircus) and RandomFanfictionPressGirl2014.

Not the Hippies!

"I told you, I did what was best for EVERYONE!" Skipper tried to hold in his temper, but it was getting tricky.

"NO! Because you were too worried about yourself!" Alex said and that really crossed the line.

Skipper hit him across the face. "I would never think of myself over others! And you know why? Because I'd rather die in a million plane crashes than be a selfish little brat like you!"

There was a loud and deafening roar that traveled through the entire party. The music stopped, animals gasped and looked up, all eyes on the unscathed penguin and seething lion to the side of the habitat.

Alex had his paw raised as if to strike the leader with his outstretched claws. He'd caught himself and was now panting, looking between his paw and the bird. He lowered his hand, slightly shocked at his own actions but still glaring down at the penguin.

The three penguins that had seen the whole thing play out were in a state of shock and surprise. Private was the most with both his flippers over his beak.

The silence of the once raging party was deafening in its intensity. Everyone had their attention on the now frozen lion with his paw still held up in the air. His claws were unsheathed and were held in place over Skipper's head.

Skipper wasn't afraid in the least, in fact his eyes almost dared the lion to actually strike him.

Alex stared back at all the animals staring right at him. The lemurs, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and basically the entire zoo that had joined King Julien's party.

The lion stared back until he regained his brain function. "Uh...ah!" he made a nervous noise as he hid his lethal paws behind his back. He blinked over and over, looking disheveled. He started backing away from Skipper and the party until he spun on his heels. He leaped over the wall of the lemur habitat and ran away as fast as he could.

"Oh dear..." Private said after a while. The zoo inhabitants were still silent, still in shock over what just happened. "That wasn't very good was it?" he looked to Kowalski and Rico.

"That was...uh..." For once, Kowalski had no answer for the young penguin.

Rico hacked up a baseball bat and looked at Skipper in question. Should they go after the lion? "Huh?"

"No, leave the kitty cat to his thing." The leader told his team. "He'll fix whatever's got his mane in a knot."

"Aww.." Rico looked very disappointed as he put his bat away, back in his stomach for safe keeping.

"We aren't going to go after him, Skippah?" Private asked, a bit worried.

"Why would we?" The leader shrugged.

"Well...I don't know." Private admitted. It just seemed like a good idea. Wasn't it?

"Exactly." Skipper replied. "We have no reason to."

Private frowned but said nothing else. Normally you ran after people who were running away. Didn't you? But he wouldn't dare go against Skipper so he stayed put and stayed silent.

"What in de heckingness is everyone standing around for?" King Julien demanded, coming into view. "This is a party! Ignore the awkwardness dat you are feeling and shake what your momma gave ya!" he hummed as he started to dance. "DJ! Play de music!"

"Okay!" Mort exclaimed and turned back on the radio.



So the party continued like normal. However, Private still couldn't help but feel deep down in his gut that they really should go after the big cat.

As the party continued, one monochromatic zebra pushed his way through the crowd.

"Excuse me, 'scuse me, sorry. Alex!" Marty ran after his friend, hopping over the lemur habitat wall as he chased his friend.

Alex skidded to a halt. "What, Marty? Leave me alone."

"C'mon, man," He looked worriedly at his friend. "I just wanna know what happened back there!"

"Nothing happened. I just...I don't know. Nothing, Marty." Alex said.

"C'mon, Al, we both know that wasn't 'nothing'." The zebra now stood face to face with the lion. "You know you can trust me with anything, right?"

Alex sighed. "I know I can, Marty. I just...I'm not feeling so good. That's all. And I'm kind of hungry."

"Hunger!" The striped one grinned. "No wonder you're feeling so down! C'mon!" He started trotting ahead. "Let's getcha something to eat."

"What? No. Marty it's okay. I'll find something to eat on my own." Alex shook his head. Ever since Madagascar he didn't want Marty and food to be next to each other ever again. "You just go back and enjoy the party. It's in our honor anyway."

Marty was none the wiser to that, however, and persisted. "Exactly! OUR honor! It won't be ours without you there!"

"It's fine, Marty. I'm not really feeling the whole party scene. I'd rather just take some time to myself, you know?" Alex tried. He just wanted to run off and be by himself. Was that too much to ask?

The zebra looked back to his friend and finally seemed to take the hint. "Well...if you're sure about that. Just remember, the party'll be rocking all night if you wanna come back!"

Alex doubted he would come back to the party at all but he didn't want Marty to worry about him all night. "Alright. Thanks Marty. I'm just going to go for a walk. Maybe clear my head and find some food. Have fun at the party without me ok?"

"You got it. See ya later, Al." And with that, the monochromatic steed was off.

Alex heaved a sigh of relief as the zebra ran off back to King Julien's habitat. Now that that was over he could maybe finally get some peace. He didn't feel like interacting or partying at all. He was irritable and starving. He needed food but he didn't dare seek it out. He didn't want fish and he couldn't have steak. He was in a real pickle here and he was in it by himself. He didn't tell his friends of his predicament. It was embarrassing and..he didn't want to scare them again. Never again. He didn't have to eat. He wished he never had to eat again. He sighed once more as his eyes caught sight of the open zoo gates. He should go for a walk in the park just to clear his head. Maybe he'd find a hot dog stand or something. So without further delay, Alex the lion left the zoo and entered Central Park.

The cool night breeze ruffled his mane and chilled his body. The nature of the night assaulted his delicate senses with various sights, sounds, and smells.

New York didn't feel the way he remembered it. The smells were different. The sounds were less magical and more of a constant buzzing in his ears. The cars honking, the traffic, the rowdy people talking. It didn't feel like home. He felt so out of place. A real fish out of water. A lion out of the jungle. His heart felt heavy. Why did he feel like this? He finally got what he wanted. To return back to New York City and the Central Park Zoo. It just wasn't how he imagined it would be. It wasn't the same at all.

It was as though New York wasn't his home anymore.

His heart was no longer invested into the place. Instead, it lingered on the dangerous side of evil emotions: hate, resentment, fear. Too crowded for the love of New York he desired.

What the heck was going on? He hated these feelings. New York was supposed to be the greatest place in the world for him. So why did it seem like a haunted shell of its former self?

Alex's stomach started to rumble, making him aware of just how long its been without proper nourishment.

He didn't want to eat anything. There was nothing TO eat. So he pushed the feeling away. He didn't want fish. He wanted steak. He couldn't ever have steak again. He promised himself he wouldn't. No steak. Never again. For the safety of his friends. He'd rather never eat again than eat another steak. Ever.

Yes, he would resist all temptations of food, no matter what came his way.

He would resist. He could live without food right? Not everyone ate all the time. That was normal right?

Alex sighed. Well if it wasn't then it was now. He couldn't eat. He just couldn't.

The sun was setting over New York. Pink and orange painted the sky beautifully. The city looked like he remembered it. His city. His beautiful city was still beautiful. At least that hadn't changed.

The lion gave a small smile and chuckled to himself. Maybe being back in New York wasn't so bad-

He spoke too soon. A motorized scooter sped by him, splashing him in the face with mud.

Alex stumbled backwards, coughing and wiping the mess from his face.

Great! Just great!

Alex sputtered, tongue hanging out in disgust. His beautiful coat was all mucked up now. He stared down at himself in disgust.

The lion found some shrubs and a bush nearby. He pulled some leaves off of the plant to wipe himself off.

At the sound of the rustling, however, he spotted something red scurry from his peripheral vision.

"Huh?" Alex looked towards where it had been and found nothing, but he did hear movement from behind him. He turned in that direction only to find his attention drawn to the left.

Alex squinted, looking closely ahead of himself. What was that? He knew he saw something. And he smelled sea water..

Another movement occurred, but this time, his instincts had kicked in and he was ready for it. He attacked, grabbing whatever it was and pinning it to the ground.

Whatever it was gave a shout from underneath him. "Ahh!" It was a red crustacean. A lobster. It stared up at him in fear.

Alex blinked down in confusion. He was no expert, but he was pretty sure sea life didn't belong in Central Park.

"Hey do ya mind? That kinda hurts." Red One complained from up underneath the lion. He struggled in Alex's grip.

"A crab?" Alex said in confusion. "What's a crab doing in Central Park?"

"Uh, lobster actually." It shrugged. "There is a difference, but some people mistake us for crabs anyway."

"Huh..okay?" Alex said, looking even more confused. "What's a LOBSTER doing in Central Park? Smells kind of fishy to me. Literally."

"Uh, well, y'see, it's a long story." said Red One.

"Tell me then." Alex arched an eyebrow. He had time and it wasn't like he was doing anything anyway.

"I said it was a long story, not that I knew it." The lobster shrugged. "I just know the boss has some problems and he wants revenge and revenge for his revenge. It's confusing to me."

"Boss? Revenge?" Alex rose a brow. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, y'see-"

"Red one!" A voice came from out of nowhere. The lobster pulled out a walkie talkie. "What is ta-a-a-a-aking you so long?"

Alex let go of the lobster, eyes widening. Okay what the heck was that now? He looked at the walkie talkie that the crustacean seemingly pulled out of nowhere.

"Oh, uh, s-sorry, boss!" The red animal spoke back. "There's just this lion here, and-"

"Lion? You were spotted?!" Dr Blowhole's voice hissed in annoyance at the lobster.

"I-I-I'm sorry, boss!" Red One replied."He came out of nowhere! I didn't think anyone else would be around!"

Alex just stared at the scene, wondering briefly if he should run away from whatever the heck this was.

The dolphin heaved a sigh. "Very well. Now you must rectify yo-u-u-u-ur mistake. Take him in!"

"You got it boss!" The sea creature nodded.

"Wait, what?" Alex took a step back.

It was too late for Alex as Red One took a can from out of nowhere. He sprayed the lion in the face.

The big cat held his face in his hands, but it did nothing to prevent the dizziness he felt. Everything went dark and the lobster took him away.