Fairy Tail FanFiction

Chapter Two

Lucy wakes up to find herself in a lightly lit warehouse with her hands tied above her head with a belt.

"Looks like you get to scream for me while you're awake"

"Please don't do this to me."

Lucy pleaded with tears running down her cheek. The man was walked slowly down to her pulled Lucy up by the belt and hooked up against the wall. He grabbed at her shirt ripping it at any attempt to get to his target, finally exposing her breasts he bends his head down and puts one in his mouth and the other he grabs it up and down, making her gasp and whimper in fright. Doing this for a few minutes to a-rose himself as his member grows and hardens. Lucy is now pulled down to the ground, the man unzipped his pants.

"Don't you think about trying anything funny, if you do we will kill you"!

The member come closer to Lucy's face she closes both her eyes and mouth tight. She feels it brush against her lips then a hand grabs her hair.

"Open your mouth".

Being too afraid in his threat she did as told. The moment she opened the man had no hesitation in shoving his groin in her mouth.

"Now suck"

he grunts out. Doing so Lucy widens her mouth and wraps her tough around the groin moving her head slowly and shaky as she chokes back sobs. While still holding Lucy's hair he jerks her head back and forth faster and harder. Now at this moment in time Lucy is having a difficult time breathing, needing air she tries to pull away but the man firmly holds on to her making sure she moves with him. Lucy soon has a mouth full of hot fluid choking her to no end.


attempting not to vomit out the over whelming fluids, she does as told, choking a little at a time while her stomach felt like it was at sea. He pulls out his swollen member and takes a rest while the second of the three men come over to Lucy. The man's member was already swollen from the motion that he had inflicted while watching the other man before him. He puts a ring gag over Lucy's head and into her mouth, fastening it tightly so it wouldn't move from its spot inside her mouth. After he's done with the ring gag he pulls her hair and positions Lucy on her hands and knees and started tying her down, sticking her hands through metal pipes and tied them with rope that he had found. He moved to her legs and started tying her legs to the other two metal pipes finally done with adjusting Lucy in the possession he wanted her in. He unzipped his pants just as the man before him had, and pulls out his member and puts it into the hole of the ring gag and starts pumping himself in Lucy's mouth. Putting both of his hands on the back of her head he pumps faster, moaning and growling as he gets closer and closer to his ending point. The third man comes behind Lucy, already having his member out and ready he puts both his hands on the sides of her and enters her rectum.


Screaming from the impact, as she is being pumped in and out of her rectum while she has a man's member in her mouth. To make it worst the first man comes in and crawls underneath Lucy and sucks on her breasts while he pushes his member into her and moves fast and hard, making her move with every motion and scream at the pain of the pounding with in her as she starts bleeding. The men soon switch positions after they had climaxed and started having their way with her all over again, Lucy at this moment has no tears left and looks dead to the world. To make it more fun for them selves the men start wiping Lucy with anything they could find, just to get a scream out of her.