Fairy Tail FanFiction

Chapter 5

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(What happened last chapter, FairyTail was hired by the head Maid to help find Lucy Hreatfilia. The Master is taking on this mission free of coast, to The Master Lucy is a 'granddaughter'. The Master has ALL of this 'children' looking for Lucy, He personally ask's Natsu, Erza, Gray, Happy, Juvia, and Levy to look for Lucy...)

'They were sure to find Lucy in no time at all. But for that to happen we need to get a move on'.

The master grinned hopeful and proud of the group in front of him, he started walking towards his quarters, signaling the small group to follow.

"I'm glad you asked Natsu, follow me if you would."

"Hey, wait. Why are they here?"

"Oh, you mean Juvia and Levy. They are going to help you."

Nodding along with Natsu's statement. Everyone turned to the two figures in the shadows. The master let them be known to the group as he called them. The master knew that these two girls would be a great help for the group, that's why when he heard word of Lucy he called the girls in before Natsu and the others.


" Juvia's water and Levy's writing will help in big and small ways."


"No arguing Natsu, now will you all follow me. I fear there is little time."

While the master took Natsu and his group to his quarters, all the other members of Fairy Tail had started leaving to look for Lucy Heartfilia.

The Masters quarters

Not many of his 'children' have had the privilege to enter his own privet room in the guild, so the group in front of him were looking around the large room. (Think of Howl's room, from Howls moving Castle...That's what I see a wizards room as) Bright colors cover the walls along with various objects floating in mid air above them. The room was a beautiful mess like art work...

Master went to a colorful chest that sat at the end of his bed. The chest creaked as it opened, bringing everyone out of their awe they stare at the master as he reaches into the chest.

The master is holding two items in his hands, looking closer the group could tell one was a well preserved doll and the other was a Spirit key holster filled with spirit keys. Natsu and the others looked at him as if he had lost him mind.

" uh gramps whats with the old doll? "

" Well Natsu if I remember correct you have a very powerful nose, that can smell its target from many miles away."

" yeah so I still don't get where the doll helps us find Lucy. And whats with the keys?! "

" Natsu this was Lucy's doll as a child. The keys where a gift to Lucy when she still came around the guild."

" So they belonged to Lucy, how does this help?"

You see the each person's head move as a whole, going back and forth as The master try's to inform Natsu of his plan to locate Lucy. (At this moment everyone has a sweat drop..)

"Nastu shut up and use your nose, you can smell her sent on her doll and with the keys you can smell her spirit energy!"

"oh I get it now!"

Once again as a whole the group face palms themselves (as does the author..)

'whatever old man'

Thinking to himself, Natsu took a hold of both objects and then looked back at the others, as if silently saying to them

'When I have the trail we are going to move so be ready'

With everyone on his team looking at him they nodded in understatement readying themselves for the moment to flee into action.

With objects in hand Natsu sniffed carefully so he could store the smells in his memory as to not forget it.

At first he couldn't smell anything...he couldn't get a lock on where the girl was...So Natsu kept smelling the objects. Natsu took a whiff of the doll and key holder one at a time. He smelled Two different smells. The doll smelled like Daisy's and Lilac with a bit of sugar cookies, the key holder smelled like a spiritual user.

Beginning to Sniff the air to find a window of a direction she could be in. The air begins to fill with an invisible light sparkle pink mist mixed with a dark shimmer purple mist. The mist flow into a smooth wave like brush strokes leading to the nearest exit. (This idea came from an episode in the Avatar: the last Air bender...)

'Found her!'

That was the only thought that crossed Natsu's mind as his eye's shout open (don't ask how he saw the mist...Imagination..) and he started for the path the mist painted for him...straight out the masters window...not waiting anymore time, Natsu blasted threw the wall, taking the window along with it.

The moment Natsu started moving the rest of the group was on his tail...also going threw the semi large hole in the once beautiful room. Looking after his young 'children' threw the gaping hole the master yells out.

" NATSU! "

" Bring her back..."

At first it sounded as if he was angry for the hole in his wall...but the moment Natsu looked back, the master was looking down as he whispered out his plee, knowing it would reach his ears. The moment he looked towards Natsu, he saw him smiling. A smile that shouted

'Count on me!'

Watching as they disappeared off into the horizon, the master was smiling and wishing them

'good luck'.

Once again looking at the ugly crevices invading his room, he sighed with a humph.

Sneak Peek Chapter 6 Leave no Witnesses :In the mean time near Lucy, An elderly man(Rupert) and his grand son(Aaron) happened to be walking for the docks to go fishing for the afternoon. "Haha Aaron, the way you fish, you'd be lucky to catch even a little fish!" " You'll see grandpa, I will for sure catch the larger fish!" "Haha Alright we'll see!" Gleefully chatting to one another as the make their way to the dock's they start to walk pass that familiar warehouse. Aaron's the first to stop and then Rupert stop's, they both listen carefully because a moment ago both were sure they could hear something coming from the warehouse...They hear it again but louder...Aaron being the younger one, was fast on his feet ran towards the warehouse...Rupert being not to far behind him tho he's got a few more miles on those bones of his. By the time Rupert reached Aaron, he had already opened the large door, but only by a smidgen just enough for one person at a time could squeeze inside. Aaron when inside turns to help his grandfather squeeze in, when Rupert's finally able to get threw the gap Aaron trips and knocks over some stacked car rims. This loud sound alerts the 3 Men(I still don't have names for them, should they be named or not?) now knowing that they are no longer alone, Man 2 and 3 Pick up a blunt object while Man 1 gags Lucy. The 3 Men all hide, watching closely waiting for the right moment to strike! Of coarse Aaron being a young man runs over to ad Lucy the moment his eye's make contact with her's."Are you alright miss?" "Who did this to you?" "Don't worry you'r going to be fine." Aaron trying to find out what was going on as he first taking off his jacket and laying it carefully over her shoulders, then he removes the gag from her mouth each time she flinched. "Hurry Leave, take him with you and run!" "Find the police!" "Hurry or they will hurt you!"Lucy knowing what will happen starts yelling for Aaron to take his grandfather and leave, go to the police, they are going to get hurt! As Rupert makes his way towards Lucy and Aaron, a shadow comes up behind him...Lucy screams "PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE!"...that was a long preview huh? It wasn't very good was it? Anyway I hope you stay tuned for what happens next. (And if someone can help me with the Doc-Manager problem please PM me!) Please Review for this chapter and for the sneak peek of chapter 6!