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"Lalalala, what should I do now? Mmmm... I'll do a Naruto party!" I shouted. "No no no, I should do a Fairy Tail party." I counted my fingers for some reason.

"I'LL do a anime party! Oh yeah!" I stood up and walked over to find my iPhone. Suddenly the song, 'In the End' by Linkin Park started to play for no reason. I started singing along it, when it stopped just as it go to the chorus.

"Oops... That would be my phone..." I said. I hopped over to the notice from. where it was before. I saw the ID caller, grinned, and pressed answer.

"Moshi moshi Alix! Mimi here!" I shouted.

"Hello Mimi. I think that you would be about to call me for a party of some kind." Alix said.

"How did you know?" I asked dramatically.

"Well, we all ways have one once a month, or even once a week, and you haven't planned anything yet. What is it this time?" She sighed.

"The best one in a while! Anime Party one! I can't wait!" I cheered.

"I'll call Tara. What time?"

"Um, 5? Yeah, 5." I thought.

"Ok. Sayonara Mimi."

"Sayonara Alix end the call, and I started to prance around.

Aitakatta, YES
Aitakatta, YES
Kimi ni!" I sang, doing the moves for it.

"I love AKB48! Their songs, are so awesome!" I shouted. I was about to start dancing for Beginner, when the doorbell rang. I ran at the door, and threw it open.

"Oyasumi nasai! How my I help you?" I started, looked down to see an old man.

"Oyasumi nasai young woman. Would you mind giving me some food? I haven't had any in a while." The old man asked. His voice was a bit strong for an old man.

"Of course! Come in old man!" I told him and stepped aside.

"Domo arigatou young woman." He said. I stroked my imaginary beard.

"If you know Japanese, would you mind joining my Anime Party?" I asked out of no where.

"Anime party? Now that's rare in Australia. What will you do?" He asked.

"Ummmm, we watch Naruto, and in the ads brake, we show each other moves off Naruto and other anime. Like Shugo Chara, we go 'My heart UNLOCK!' and pretended to transform. Most of the time we do Naruto jutsus, and when we get bored with that, we'd talked about what we'd look like and what new jutsu we'd make in Naruto. Do want to join?" I told him. He chucked, and said "Yes, I would gladly like to join."

I remembered that he asked for food and walked in to the kitchen.

"Kiss kiss fall in love!" I belted out. "Maybe your my love!"

The doorbell rang again and I knew it was my friends. I ran to the door and yanked it open.

"Oyasumi nasai Alix, Tara!" I yelled.

Alix was the smart one, but she denied she really liked anime, especially Naruto, but it was the opposite.

Tara was deaf, (though she had a thing so she could listen to songs only), so I had to sign to her. She really like anime and Naruto and Fairy Tail was her two favourite.

"Guess what party we're going to do?" I signed to her.

"Anime party! We haven't had that this year!" She signed back.

"I know right! Come in every body! Come in!" I signed and told every one. We walked in and flopped on to the couch. I realized that the old man was nowhere to be seen.

"So, what do you want to watch? I have Naruto Shippuden, lets watch that. Or maybe Fairy Tail?" I signed and asked Alix.

"Shippuden! Totally Shippuden!" Tara signed.

"What ever Tara thinks." Alix said. Quick as lighting (I was very practised at this) and was back on the couch. Shippuden started playing.

"Your really good at putting it in." Tara and Alix signed/said in an amazement.

"I've had a lot of practice. I'll go get the food." I boasted. I walked into the kitchen.

"Oi, old man, where are you? Aren't you coming to do the anime party?" I whispered.

"Well, it time I go, you seem to have too much fun with your friends." The old man said coming out from the shadows.

"No, it's OK, you can still come. I don't care." I said serious (I haven't been in a while).

"OK then, but you might be surprised by your friends." He said and I was looking at him like 'What does he mean?'. I looked around the kitchen for food. I grabbed some food and he came up to me.

"Let me help you." He said.

"No, you're an old man, I can't let you." I said kindly yet hard.

"OK then, but it does look like you have a lot of food there. Are you sure that you are OK?" He asked. He was speaking the truth, I had a lot of food in my arms. Most of it was balancing on my head and arms.

"Nah, I do this every time we have a party." I returned. I walk back to the TV as if I didn't have food all over me.

"I got the food!" I yelled and put it all over the floor. They gather what they liked and sat back on the couch. Tara started to tap my shoulder, and I turned to her.

"Who's the old man? When did he come in?" She signed.

"Oh, I wanted to ask the same thing as Tara. Who is and why is the an old man?" Alix asked.

"Oh, he rang my door bell just before you came in. He said he was looking for food. I invited him to the anime party because he spoke Japanese." I explained/signed.

"Since you let me join, how about letting me give you something." Said the old man. I signed it to Tara.

"His voice is strong for an old man. What will you give us?" Alix asked suspiciously.

"One wish." He said.

"This sounds like one of my stories that I read on the internet..." I started.

"What do you mean?" Tara signed to me. (I was signing what everyone said) I told the old man.

"What are you doing with you hands?" He asked curious.

"Tara deaf, so I have to sign to her." I told him, and he nodded.

"OK, one wish, and one wish only. Like if Tara wants to hear, you just asked me. Or, wish to be in the Naruto world." He explained.

"Um, are you OK old man? Are you sure that your boy going mad?" Alix asked, then it hit me.

"Oh my god! Can we please go Alix!" I begged her, then quickly signed it to Tara, because she was tapping my shoulder.

"No." She said quickly.









"Old man! For the wish, could Alix, Tara and I go to the Naruto world?" I shot to the old man.

"Ok, but you might be stuck there!" He warned.

"Who cares!" I shouted.

"I do!" Shrieked Alix.

"The wish that me, Tara and Alix decided is that we could go to the Naruto world old man!" I shot to him. He walked over to the TV, and it switched to the first episode, (while Alix was yelling "Mimi! I did not wish that!" I was signing the thing to Tara and she was nodding) and tapped the screen, and stepped back.

"These three girls wish to go to the Naruto world." He said to the TV. The world came fuzzy and we were being sucked in to the screen. The last thing I heard was


I quickly signed this to Tara and she started to laugh.

"Sayonara old man, this world, and hello Naruto World!"I yelled, and the blackness took over.

Was that weird? I think that I was the first to do it that way! Ah ha ha