Okay, maybe this was my fault.

Rukia blinked at me and sneered.

Erza was staring at Sasuke dreamily.

Sakura was scowling at Erza.

Naruto was trying for Sakura's attention.

Sasuke brooded around like before.

And the worst- Kakashi sensei wasn't even bothered by it.

Had they actually lost all their memories?

You must be confused- so I'll start after our final fight with Zubasa and Haku. Giant step of a time skip, right? Well, it had to happen since what happened in the fight with them (turns out that in this island Zubasa just studied genjutsu a lot more than normal) paled to what was happening now. The fight was boring: we just kept disrupting our chakra flow and threw a bunch of jutsus at him from every side. Zabusa surrendered and Kakashi sensei had to kill him. Haku, however, followed us home to Konoha.

I noticed the change when we got back from the mission, the next morning.

The first sign was when I came stumbling into our kitchen. No one was there. I shrugged it off: they had probably went to talk to the others or train.

The second sign was when I noticed that Erza's and Rukia's clothes where they should be. Actually, it looked like I was the only living thing in the apartment. But no, I was too tied/careless to check it again.

The third, and final sign was the one to slap me in the face.

I met up on the spot three hours later. Sure enough, Kakashi sensei was late, and Erza and Rukia were there with Sakura.

Buttttt… Sakura was in her pre-Shippuden clothes, and swooning over Sasuke. Erza was trying to catch Sasuke's attention, and Rukia was scowling while dragging a black hoddie over her face. Normally that wouldn't change anything, but it was completely different from what she normally wore.

Her head snapped up when I stopped to sit down and she scowled at me, stomping up to me.

"You little bitch!" she practically howled at me. "Kiba is still going on about you! Why can't you just tell him that you're not interest in him so he can turn to me! I am so much better then you!" I was shocked. Kiba wasn't interested in me! In fact, he was all for Rukia! Rukia's eyes narrowed.

"No answer? Well-" she began, but a lazy voice cut through.

"Rukia, could you please go to your training grounds." the sentence sounded like it was said nearly every day. "Miku doesn't need you pestering her." Rukia scowled again before dragging the two Sasuke fan girls away. Kakashi sensei sighed and turned back to us.

"Right! Today, we are training! Teamwork training, and a D rank!" he clapped his hand like he just announced that he won some tickets to an AKB48 excusive event. My jaw almost dropped, but my ninja reflexes stopped me. Instead, I rolled my eyes and huffed like I was a bitch.

"Whatever." I said, the words rolling off my tongue like I had said it a billion times. We did teamwork, and, of course, Naruto and Sasuke totally didn't work together, just like in the anime/manga.

The lock clicked open and I shoved my door opened, waved goodbye at the Kiba who had escorted me home hastily, and took a running leap to my-my- bed/lounge. Shit sticks, my world was fucked up now. Instead of my friendly friends (totally writing quality there, Miku), I had rivals and love triangles and tongues saving my ass. And, Naruto and Sasukes were off again being total idiots and arguing again. Kakashi sensei was off in his own world and reading his perverted books, not bothering to teach us other than teamwork. I huffed, and pushed myself from the bed. Fine! I growled in my head. I'll go and teach myself, steal a few scrolls from the library, and slap you in the face when I'm stronger then you thought.

I uncovered my purse I had gotten from Kakashi sensei-plain black with a Konoha leaf on it-from under some clothes and discovered a library card. Perfect.

I borrowed out some scrolls (not books) and began to read them in the 3 o'clock sun in our training grounds. First, I tried water walking and when I easily walked over the water like second nature. I frowned, but went onto some fire jutsus. Mastered, apparently. I tried wind. Also mastered. My suspious nature kicked into high gear when I was apparently mastered in all nature chakra types. Shit, this wasn't even possible!

I tracked down my school reports, as an idea hit me. I read through them and was shocked for life.

Kekkai Genkai: unknown, but reports of strange blackouts. All chakra related.

Skills: mid-level during school.

Notes: not noticeable. Suitable for…

Crap! I shouldn't even have mastered water walking! So why was I a master of all nature types!?

"I've… cheated." I realized, taking a shocked breath. "I come barging into this world and can even use magic from Fairy Tail, and then there's Naruto who can't even do the Bunshin. Shit… I've cheated."

After that, I gave back the scrolls to the librarian, and collapsed onto my bed.

There's no use training. I've already perfected it. I've cheated. I've cheated! Shit, I cheat every second of the day! I- I know the future and I'm not doing a damn thing! The Chunin Exams are coming up and I haven't even thought of saving everyone from the pain of Sasuke running away. Shit sticks shit sticks SHIT STICKS! WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!

I began to cry there; the shock of losing Rukia and Erza, the pain of cheating without knowing… and the pain of not doing jack shit when I could be saving people's lives! Sobs racked me and the room, my hair, clothes and bed became wet from my tears. Tiredness overcame me and I fell asleep without knowing it.

I woke to a scroll clutched in my hands. Unrolling it, I carefully rolled my eyes over it.

Name: Epic Time Jutsu: Future Memories

Class: SSS-rank

Distance: Contact is a must.

Requirements: one must know one kind of future

Description: The user MUST know the future, if it is only a few years. Once user hits the target, that target's memories from the future will be loaded into their brain.

GAINED KNOWLEDGE: after a month, the target(s) forget what memories they gain and go back to their previous state and for every two targets, user's closest friends/family will lose all memories and everyone believes that they had been living in a different environment their entire life.

My breath sucked in as I read the last of it-it was my fault!-and lowered it slowly. My eyes were wide as I processed the new information. I chucked the scroll across and watched as it landed neatly in the rubbish bin.

ThisisshitI'velosteverythingeverythingeverythingnooneknowsI'mfromanotherworldentierlyandohshitohshitohshitI am so fucked.

"WHY! WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT IN EVERYTHING! WHY CAN'T I NOT BE SO I CAN DROWN IN TRAINING, FORGETTING THE OUTSIDE WORLD, FORGETTING THE SHIT THAT JUST HIT THE FUCKING FAN!" I burst and began to angrily attack everything. Once my apartment was totally wrecked, I noticed that I wasn't even breathing hard.

I began to cry even harder.


My hand suddenly gripped a kunai and let my piggy tails loose. My hair reached my fucking ankles. Ninjas shouldn't have that long hair! I growled and quickly braided my whole hair, picked my purse up and jumped out my window.

I left the barbers with my hair cut so it was just reaching my hips and it was black like Sasuke's. There was streaks of dark gray and it was permanent so it wouldn't wash out and I felt at peace. The annoying blue hair reminded me of my old life and so did the clothes I wore. I stomped into a ninja clothes shop and asked for clothes that matched my hair-not stylish-and found myself with a complete black outfit.

I kept the black lined with blue sleeve-ish things that Miku had, only they were completely black and other than that, I didn't kept anything else. I had elastic chakra fabric for my pants (really, really, flexible, soft, untearable and weightless) with a simple kunai pouch bound on my right leg. I had the black, open-toed shoes not unlike Naruto's and a black sleeve less shirt that didn't really have much of a ninja feel. But who cares? Who cares if your clothes make you like a ninja? A ninja is a ninja. Sure, heavy, wind catching clothes can change that, but I made sure that they were all chakra fabric. On the next team meeting, I think I shocked everyone. I think I heard Naruto whisper that I absolutely loved my blue hair and once vowed to never do anything with it (insert the bird).

However, Kakashi sensei took me to the side… well, meaning, dragged me to the Hokage, who both demanded why I was acting strange.

"I will only speak to Hokage-sama." I plainly stated. Hiruzen gave Kakashi a look and he left. "But I don't mind about the ANBU. However, if I find any ROOT members…" I growled when I felt one shift when I announced it. I threw a kunai lazily and sure enough, an ROOT dropped down dead. I took off the mask and heard Hokage's gasp when he realized it wasn't one of his ANBU. I opened his mouth and took out his tongue. Sure enough, the seal was imprinted on it.

"Hokage-sama, as you can see, ROOT was not disbanded." I pointed to the black inking and dropped the dead body down. "And why did you call me here?"

"Kakashi-san and I have been suspicious… you have, ages ago, vowed not to touch your hair other than to care for it. Yet here you are with black hair and it's shorted to your hips. Also, you've changed your style of clothing." I stayed silent before I broke.

"It's just that- that- I found out a few days ago that I'm a perfectionist-"

"So?" Hokage interuped, raising his eye brow.

"-And that every. Single. Fucking. Thing. I do or learn I do it perfect on the first try! No training, no reading beforehand, nothing. I could say it's perfect for everyone. But I think I'm fucking cheating, because Naruto is over in his pathetic, rundown… thing, trying to just learn one fucking jutsu when I've over here and everything out there I can do the first fucking time! I can do things people haven' even heard of! I have the Sharingan, the Byakugan, even the fucking Rinnegan, and there's countless ninja out there that's training their asses, trying to get anywhere near my level when I'm blowing them off easily! I feel so… disgusted with myself." When I said the bloodlines, my eyes flicked through them and as I yelled, I began to throw punches around, destroying everything just like Tsunade. I collapsed in the middle of the ruined room (and not because I was tired) and curled up into a ball, crying myself to sleep again.

"-this is a case we've never heard of before-"

"-do you think that it's her hidden kekkai genkai-"

"-The room was ruined! Ruined, I tell you-"

When I woke I was in my apartment again, and I hopped up. My hair was still the black with dark gray streaks in it, and my apartment was all cleaned up and my ninja clothes were all neatly hanging in front of me. A sticky note was attached on the top set of clothes and it explained that I was going to the first part of the Chunin Exams today. I made sure to plait my hair and take some extra gear I need. I wasn't sure if we were lead straight to the Forest of Death or left for a few days, but it was best to safe than sorry. After I finished cleaning my teeth (and packed that away) I noticed a thick black eye shadow/lip stick thing… I cracked a watery smile and picked it up.

"Impersonating Gaara… huh, this'll be fun…"

As my team walked to the building, I calmly told them to move past anything to keep a low profile. So when we past the genjutsu, I dragged Naruto up the second set of stairs and pointed out the genjutsu to him.

Since we didn't attract any attention and didn't break the genjutsu, Lee didn't notice us and we sat quietly as possible as we waited for the exams to start. Our generation trickled in and Kiba looked around for me. Luckily, no one from my year level didn't know it was me who the creepy leaf girl (the forehead still was around my neck) was.

The first part passed without the introduction from Kabuto. Thank god, that creepy guy. He should've been killed ages ago.

After I had run out of doodling on the page (old habits die hard), I read the questions… and nearly laughed. They all answered impossible or not achievable. How could a bird reach Mach 5? Luckily, the questions did not ask for 'explain'. That sentence strangely made me long for the six hours a day, 5/7, torture that they called school. I wasn't surprised- the threat of assignments and homework always hanging over my head was such a routine I was almost waiting for the longing. So I flipped over the page and drew up random sums from all different types of maths and set myself to solve them.

Three hours later (I think) I was standing in front of the looming forest they call the Forest of Death. Actually, it more looked like a perfect place to build a cubby house and invite wittle friends over so they can adventure around the back yard… no, seriously, that's was it looked like. The vines made it a perfect place to practice Tarzan and the branches were thicker than Gai's, Lee's eye brows and Naruto's brain combined! And the animals gathered down on the forest floor then the Emergent layer (damn those school trips to a mountainous rainforest and SOSE), so all you needed was to jump to the top of the forest and leap around, and target teams that were layers under you. Actually, that was a perfect plan, so we were so going to do it.

We had 30 minutes to get our scrolls after Anko's speech, which I announced our plans.

"10 minutes before required time to start, we go off to go to the toilet; we can't be separated." I started as I set up a made up jutsu (I know, I know, but our lives were on the line). The two saw the logic in this and nodded. "I've also noticed that the animals are rare in tops of the trees, thus we are aiming to the top ASAP." The two checked and noticed.

"And, we'll make up a password. Several, actually. We'll spend the rest of the time learning it."

First- was the word password. Hatsune Miku.

Second- with our hands. Sign language of 's'.

Third- movement of body. Roll of shoulder once and rotate left foot once.

And fourth- touch. Since everyone's but mine and Naruto's henges aren't real, we, after the other three, must express something to show it wasn't an illusion. Sasuke came to the rescue and said that we must stab ourselves with a kunai. Simple, and even Naruto had little trouble remembering it.

Hopefully, this'll stop anyone else. Although, Orochimaru will easily get through it.

Speaking of Orochimaru… I didn't have enough time to make and spread out a flawless plan.

Ten minutes before we were released, I reminded them to go to the toilet and followed behind until finding the girls toilet. The five minutes wait hard; I almost swore someone almost commit suicide. Finally, when the bells rung and the gates swung open, the genin teams swamped Training Grounds 44. I grabbed the two and simply in three leaps, were resting them back on the top most branches of the forest. There on, Sasuke looked around for any other teams with his red eyes and I had Naruto playing the silence game. A twig snapped, and I closed my fist. Sasuke closed his, signing he had received the message. So when he pointed out another team, it was to my surprise it was Team 11… completely lost and arguing. I sighed and quickly made my way down to them.

"You guys lost?" I sighed as they turned around shocked at my sudden appearance.

"Who are you?" Sakura choked, eyeing me and my head band.

"Am I seriously not recognizable in these clothes?" I wondered aloud.

"Yes you are, Miku." Sasuke sighed, as he finally landed next to me. Naruto followed seconds later, still silent. His ramen coupons were up on the lines, and a few more treats from me… that is, if we survived.

"M-M-Miku?" Rukia's eyes budged. I nodded and turned away.

"If you're coming, keep up with us." I called over my shoulder, and leaped once more into the air to the top of the forest.

Three hours later, an Earth scroll for Team 11, but no Heaven scroll for us, I found ourselves facing Orochimaru… who was pretttty angry.

"It took me," he hissed under his breath, as I caught sight of him and told the party to stop and prepare for an attack. "Four hours to find a genin team…"

"Some Sennin you are, Orochimaru." I called as Sakura took a sharp breath with Rukia. "Maybe you should recheck some of those skills you have." I waited for him to appear.

"Ahhh yessss… hiding in the tops of the trees so smell would fly everywhere…" he muttered, then grinned in a slimly way. "What a smart boy, Uchiha." I glared.

"Excuse me, but I had the idea of coming up here!" I snapped at him. "The Uchiha isn't perfect!... Unlike me…" I muttered under my breath.

"Ku ku ku…" he laughed and his tongue slid out to revolting length. I felt like gagging. Seeing it in real life was much worse than drawn or 2D.

Then he moved. I was shocked when he suddenly had Erza in his hand and a kunai in her heart. Shock ran through my body and I gasped at the lifeless sight of my best friend. Even though she was being an ass to me the last few days, she was one of my two only best friends in the world. Despair rose inside me, but I squashed it down, and launched an attack at him, throwing five shirukin at him and silently performed the Shirukin Kage bunshin jutsu. Next thing, a black wall was speeding to him. I bit my lip… as usual, that was the first time I had ever used that jutsu, and I always seemed to have an unlimited chakra.

"Ku ku ku, well done…" came from behind me. I leaped back as I turned around and my eyes widened as I saw Rukia headless and falling to the grounds below. Rage filled my body and I threw everything at him… even magic, devil fruits and drawing a Hollow mask over my face.

But Orochimaru just grinned until I stopped and realized that I had been drawn away from my team. I suddenly was unable to move, frozen on the spot. All power left me, taking the adrenaline and anger. For the first time since coming to this world, I felt tired physically and mentally.

I watched hopelessly as Orochimaru's neck lengthened and shot to me, and bit me where my black sleeve should be on my left (it had pulled down during the fight to scrunch up at my wrists). If I wanted to, I could cover it with my sleeve thingy.

"This won't make you want to come to me… but I'm fine all the same…" he hissed, drawing back.

That's when I blacked out.

I woke up to hear battle sounds, and snapped to attention. Next thing, I had a kunai through one of the Sound trio's heart. Dead. Yay. Time to kill another.

Easily, they were killed, and I found I had an audience. The Rookie 13… or was it 12 now?... Were staring at me with shock. I found that I had my cursed mode on when I looked down and saw on my left side, everything turned white. My skin, my clothes, my curse mark. It was three water/tear drops all in a vertical line. Above it was the numbers 01, which I got from Hatsune Miku. The white mass lessened to identifiable water droplets "draining" back into my curse mark… or to everyone else, to my sleeve.

"Hey." I waved at them before turning my head to Sasuke. He too had the curse mark on and it took another Sakura episode to stop him. Yays. Not.

Then Sakura gave her Heaven scroll (since we got the Earth scroll) to us, which I took, taking anyway not to interact with Kabuto. So with Naruto back under the Silence game, we made our way back to the tower without interruption. Luckily, we had one more day to rest at the tower. Yayz. I slept the day away, and other than that, cringed when a new wave of pain crashed every now and then.

The 2.5 part of the exam started like normal; Kabuto surrendered, and the Hokage gave his speech about uniting the counties and the Will of Fire. He glanced at me and Sasuke every now and then, and I knew he knew about the curse marks we carried. Good.

The matches passed like normal and I somehow guessed I took Sakura's spot, not fucking up the story line any further like some other fanfictions.

When the coughing jonin called start, Ino took ever so slowly to try and punch us. She flew to me, I held my hand up, dodged her attack and she flew on my fist. Wham. Blood. K.O. Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

Unfortunately, Ino sprang back up and took to trying to hit me in her pathetically slow movement. I was finally fed up and Almighty Pushed her to the wall, knocking her out. Wham. Blood. K.O. for the second time.

There was nothing special about the 2.5 part. Everything that happened was supposed to happen, and not a hair out of place. Once I drew my number I found out I wasn't going to fight at all, since it was after the Sasuke vs Gaara match.

As I kicked open my door I realized that Kakashi sensei hadn't sealed my cursed seal.

"I hate favoritism." I growled as I slammed the door shut and flopped onto my bed. "You've now become one of my hated people. Well done, Kakashi sensei."

You've gotta hate it.

There is no way you can't.

Image you are perfect in every way, can't progress since you've reached the limit and beyond.

Your dying to find something you can't do on the first try.

And you watch as everyone around you practice.

They haven't reached their limit.

They haven't gone beyond.

They have heaps of stuff they couldn't do on their millionth try.

That's what it feels like.

That's what it feels like to be me.

Please, someone, take this power away.

"What the heck does this mean…?" Ibiki gaped at the mass of sums on the once blank side of the paper. He didn't even know how to solve any of them. And it looked like only one of them was the easiest one. When Ibiki read the last one, he knew that whoever had done this was a genius. The Nara heir? No, he was seated somewhere else. He checked the seating plan. "Mmm… Yukimi Miku… your something."

That's how I found myself in the Hokage's office again. Because of some easy, simple to solve, sums I did.

"So… you don't know what pi or x or y means?" I asked, totally confused. The men shook their head. My eye brows rose. "Well, I feel smart." I remarked dryly. The sums I did I learned before high school!

So for the month, I became the village's account, and smashed records. No, really. The record was like, three sums a day? Heh. Try a hundred a day.

The sun was glaring through any clouds it could shine it's light source on. The sun's rays were burning my skin, so I retreated deeper into the shade of the stadium. I thought over my plan. If I told Gai sensei that Orochimaru had kidnapped and killed the Sand's Kage to get closer to the Hokage, the Sand would turn on the sound.


Note to self: Don't say plan out loud… remember Murphy's Law…

I must admit, Naruto Vs Neji did go well. The way Naruto kicked Neji's ass with a grin made me almost fan girl over him. But I couldn't since he didn't know that I was from another world entirely. Did you know that Shikamaru vs Temari's match took three hours! No wonder the kid was running low on chakra… Kankuro forfeited, blah blah blah. Honestly, there was no use retelling the story. It. Was. Exactly. The. Same. Did I make myself clear?

The golden feathers were pretty, but I dispelled the genjutsu and watched Orochimaru run off with Hiruzen. I stalked up to Gai sensei, whacking any Sound/Sand ninja that came our way.

A few minutes later, a seriously loud voice rocked the village.

"WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! DID YOU JUST SAY THAT THE UN-YOUTHFUL OROCHIMARU KILLED THE SAND KAZEKAGE AND TOOK HIS PLACE JUST TO GET CLOSER TO THE HOKAGE?! HOW UN-YOUTHFUL!" Sure enough, the sand stopped, looked at each other, and attacked the sound. Less enemies around, less kills on the Leaf side.

Naruto took off with Shikamaru, Sakura, Pakkun. I zipped after them and took Shikamaru's place. I, unlike him, could easily defeat a Kage and still not be breathing hard after. The tailers were easily taken care of, and Asuma looked impressed when he landed once I dropped the jonin-ranked ninjas to the ground dead.

"You killed 10 jonins!" he admired my skill. It didn't swell my ego. This was all because I was fucking perfect.

I ran back to the village and went fuck it I'm going to kill Orochimaru right here and now, and performed Almighty push when Orochimaru was about to summon the two previous Hokages. Everyone and everything was forced away from me and I killed one of the 4 Sound. The wall failed and I stood in between Hiruzen and Orochimaru. I winced as another wave of pain pulsed through the curse mark.

"So… you." he hissed. "Get out of- you have the Rinnegan?" he gasped as I turned my face to him, ripple eyes, boring into his shocked ones.

"I also have the Sharingan and the Byakugan." I stated calmly, my eyes going weird when they paced through them. Then Orochimaru attacked, and I easily invaded him. It took about a few minutes of dodging before I grew bored. So, I pulled an Orochimaru and summoned the First Hokage and the Second. Instead of lifeless minions, they were alive… not exactly. But they knew they were awakened.

"Hello there!" I faked cheeriness. "I summoned you because this guy was going to summon you and make you mindless idiots." They turned to face me and then Orochimaru I was pointing at. They saw Hiruzen panting, holding his Monkey stick thing (not the pervert thing) to keep him up.

"LET'S ATTACK!" I smiled widely before switching to the Eternal M… on second thoughts, let's not attempt to spell that. So I made the shield guy and ran after Orochimaru with the two revived Hokages running behind me. Then I jumped in front of Orochimaru and brought my sword down. He escaped, so I stopped the sword before it smashed the building Orochimaru was standing on before.

This is how the afternoon went on, with the two previous Hokages who should be pushing up daises, understanding that I only summoned them so Orochimaru could not summon them, so they sat with Hiruzen and chatted away on what happened once they died. Yays for them, I guess.

Then Orochimaru realized this was getting him nowhere so he called a horn and the Sound fled. YAY!

So I stopped the eyes and settled myself down to the Hokages and began to chat with them… and may have also spilled I was from another world…oops?

Then, I made the biggest mistake ever.

"You know, it'll be funny if you became alive." I joked to them as I stretched. Then some popping, and when I opened my eyes, the two Hokages were FUCKING ALIVE! And I mean, blood pumping, heart beating, brain not so repairing!

"…Oh shit…" I gasped and Hiruzen nodded.

"Oh shit indeed." he added as Hashimara began to make trees.

I totally became Chunin after that. I think Hiruzen wanted to hug the living day lights out of me when I said that he was getting too old and Hashimara should take over the village again so it wouldn't be in deep shit if he had the chance to die again.

Some god up there really liked to fuck with my life, because next thing I knew I had the Sound 3 around me.


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