I should get up now.


How about now?

Nah, too tired.

Welcome to my life of getting up. My thoughts drifted, spreading several topics. It was useless, since I could never remember what I thought during this particular time, and my brain would discard topics almost straight away after picking them up. My mind, still half numb from sleep would always force me to keep sleeping even when I tripped across the thoughts of getting up. Also, when ever I had a dream, my mind automatically starts messing around with it and in the end I have two versions of what happens... and end of forgetting it anyway.

Anyway, after that information, I'll tell you why I decided to get up.

Someone forced to open my eyes. Uh-huh. That's one way to wake me up; if my eyes open, it's pretty hard to get back to sleep. I was cased in darkness when sharp, painful sunlight. Sometimes, I think myself as a vampire, since I hate the sun, I love the taste of blood and I'm kinda violent... BUT I don't sparkle.

"RAWR!" I clawed at my eyes. "Hiss! The sun! You bitch!" I squawked until my eyes got used to the sunlight. I peeked through my eye lashes, but the sun was way too bright to see into the shadows yet. The shadow over head shook his/her head and put back on the lid, and the darkness closed in again.

As I said before, I couldn't go back to sleep now that my eyes had opened. I began to mumble to myself under my breath and sing at the top of my lungs. I stood (fine, I sat) still for minutes, how long I couldn't tell, before my box/carrier started to bounce around, making my head smash the top of the container, and my bum bashing to the bottom.

"Bum, bottom. Bottom, bum. Head, top. Top, head." I muttered darkly, rubbing my hand on my backside and sliding it back to it's partner before my hand could meet the floor.

Surprisingly, I slipped into a no thinking state, just staring into the darkness. Sometime during that state, my ride stopped and settled down. When my first thought in ages hit me, my whole body slapped me in the brain in the uncomfortable position. I was curled up into the smallest ball I could ever do, my legs screaming for movement. No, that was my whole body. I shifted my arms to the lid, my joins making these crazy cracking sounds, and pushed the lid open. Expecting blinding light, I squeezed my eyes shut. After a few seconds, I peeked them open, putting them to the small crack at the top. Murky darkness, not complete darkness greeted my eyes. I pushed the lip open more, and stood to my normal height, my arms still holding the top above my head. I could see a door and a cupboard. I neatly put the top back onto the box and edged to the cupboard. When it opened, I spotted food, food, and drinks. Gladly taking the apple and some water, I threw them down my throat. Seconds later once swallowing, I jumped back into my box and crammed the lid back on. Why? Because the door was thrown open and the horrid thing called light shone through.

"Miss Yukimi?" Someone tapped on my box. I grunted in reply. "You need to get out so I can look at your eyes. The door has been closed." I peeked out, not unlike what I did a few minutes before.

"Whadda want?" I squinted at her. To my surprise I could easily see her like it was day time. She was a medic nin, her hand already glowing. Knowing that she was wasting chakra, I got out of the container. Sure enough the door was closed. She put her hand on my eyes, and her chakra flowed threw my eyes. Small murmurings I could not make sense of tumbled from her lips before she finally took them away.

"This is just an guess, but some how your eyes cannot anymore look at light. Can you see me clearly?" She asked, pen positioned.

"Yeah. It's kinda like it's day time yet I know it's not... I can see the darkness but I think I can look through darkness... if that makes sense..." I replied. She wrote furiously.

"I'll have to send this to the head medic nin. If doesn't go away, you could be a new case." the medic-nin motioned to my box. "It seems that blocks all light somehow. You can call that your new home or something." I think it was a joke, but I shrugged and climbed back in, resting the roof above me.

I heard the door open and surprisingly no light attacked my eyes. Curled up in another tight ball, I awaited.

"It seems like your curse mark reacted differently to the pill." the Tsunade gravely told me. "It dissolved, but the sage chakra went to your eyes and ampifyed the sight. Unfortunetly, you can't look at any light at all." After god knows long, Tsunade had picked the lid off my box and her glowing hands were covering my eyes in seconds. Naruto and Ero-senin had taken off between the end of the Chunin exams and before Sasuke and I got captured to get a better medic nin and voila! Tsunade.

I shrugged. "I don't really care. I like the darkness."

Tsunade nodded, her thinking face on. "You may never go out into day again, and if you still want to get missions, you'll have to take night ones."

"I still want to be a ninja."

"But then there are several other things, like how will you get food or clothes?" Tsunade questioned.

"Easy. I train a dog to guide me around during day." I suppied the answer.

"Good idea. But you'll have to have a object that will completely block the light. And you'll have to train your other senses." Tsunade brought up another batch of questions.

"Challange accepted." I smirked. "How about this?" I tugged the Hitai-ate around my neck. She nodded in seeing the point.

"Okay, I'll find a fabric." Tsunade patted me on the head. "Until then, stay in this room." as she put the lid on my box I waved goodbye.

Several days later during my tip to the food and drink cupboard, I wes meet to the sight of the old me. I/she was glowing, but the light did not effect my eyes. I blinked and offered an apple to the glowing me. The me was the me before I made the wish to jump into this world. Blond hair, grey with a touch of blue eyes and most of all, a realistic face, not anime.

"I cannot eat." She told me. I pulled the apple back and bit into it. "I am here to give you three wishes."

Cue blinking and gaping.

"Since you are the first person to hate the power to do anything, we are giving you three wishes, as well as not having all the power in the worlds."

"Cool! My first wish is to go back in time to when most of the Konoha 13 start school as the same age. My second wish is connect to my first, and is I can look at light until I get to the part where I go back in time again. My third wish is that if the First and/or the Second Hokages want to go back to the after life, you will let them and erase any traces of them in this world." I listed off, pausing every now and then to come up with the wishes. "Can I tell Tsunade who is going to be the Fifth Hokage what I'm doing?" Me/she nodded, and snapped her fingers.

"Third wish has been completed. They both have gone back to the afterlife. I've made it so Tsunade was made the Hokage since she came back. She is coming." I jumped back into the box and waited until someone tapped my box.

"So she's told me want your going to do. She's shown me what you'll look like." Tsunade chortled. "I can finally end that pathetic team."

I smiled at Tsunade and waved goodbye. "See you in 13 years or whatever."

The next thing I was watching that rainbow tunnel incase me again.

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