Chapter 2:

We're in the Naruto world~ HELL YEAH PEOPLE!

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Grinning in my half-sleep state, I thought Oh that was a really awesome dream. Hopefully it is real. I forced my eyes open and more to make them widen at the sight of a tree in my room. Groggily getting up from my horizontally position, I found myself in a clearing in a wood.

Wait a second...

Mind failure.

Repairing damage...




Damage repaired.



I was in a forest, not in my room. A creak was running to the left of me and the grass was waving about like mini waves.

"That means..." I mumbled, rubbing my chin.

"We're in the Naruto world~ HELL YEH PEOPLE!" I shouted and pumped my fist in to the air. A body groaned from the ground. I looked to see it was a person. I dropped to the ground and army crawled over to it. I pretended to speak into my imagery microphone.

"*Static* Closing in on target. *Static* Poking target."




The girl sat up quickly and pulled out a kunai?!

"Who the hell are you?" The girl asked with Alix's voice. I evil grinned and did my best Yamato scary face.

"Your worst nightmare." I said creepily. She sweat dropped as the kunai disappeared into her ninja pouch. Then she fingered the button before looking at it in surprise.

"Um, what?" she gasped and opened it. She took out a kunai, ninja star and kunai with explosion tags on the hole.

"Ninja stuff, you know Alix, from Naruto?" I like she was stupid. "I thought you were smart."

"I smarter than you, Mimi. Wait, MIMI?! Why do you look like that?" She asked me.

"What?" I asked and wondered around to the creek. I wondered over to it and stared at my refection.

Instead of me with my short dirty blond hair, Miku was standing there, with amazement. The only different was that Miku had a gold tiara with opals studded in it.

I pointed to Miku. She pointed back.

"Why is Miku there?" I asked Alix. She walked over from where she was standing a few seconds ago.

"That's you doofes..." She sweat dropped.

"Ohhhhhhh... This really sounds like a book off Wattpad..." I looked at 'me' weirdly. 'Me' looked at me weirdly.

"Stop copying me! Oh, where's Tara?" I shouted/asked. We began to walk around and soon enough, a shriek sounded a little bit further away. We stopped walking around and looked around.

"What was that?" Alix asked a bit terrified.

"That sounded like Tara! Lets go see what she looks like." I and excitedly.

"Shouldn't you be more worried?" Alix asked me.

"Nah, Tara would only scream if she was surprised." I said, not a hint of worry in my voice, and ran to the scream. When we got there, Tara saw us and started to sign. Alix didn't see it and was a bit surprised when I started to laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" She asked.

"Tara, she fell out of the tree she was sleeping in!" Hahaha!" I laughed.

"Why do you look like that? And what do I look like?" Tara signed. I walked back to the creek and they followed.

"Now that I think about it, I haven't seen what I look like." Alix stated.

Hahaha, I haven't had a good look at her... He he he... I turned and walked backwards.

Alix was completely black and white diamonds. Black combats boots studded with white diamonds going down in a row, black leggings with small diamonds sprinkled all over it, a short short skirt over the leggings (rimmed with diamonds), long sleeve black shirt that the design had -surprisingly- diamonds over another, and a hoody with no diamonds on it except the cuffs, and a gold tiara with diamonds stuck in places. Her hair was pitch black that was put in a realllllllllllly long pony tail that hanged at the bottom of her head.

"Jeez Alix, what's with you? Black and white diamonds?" I asked her. She looked down and gasped.

"I look awesome! I have to see the rest of me!" She shot to the mirror. I looked at Tara.

She was dark colours every where. She had black combat boots, completely dark blue jeans, really dark red long sleeve shirt that had Erza, Natsu, Lucy, and Gary stamped across it. Her hair was like Alix's, and hugged her head. Her tiara was gold with rubies in it.

"You look cool Tara." I signed to her.

"Thanks, you too." She signed back after looking.

"We should see if we really are in the Naruto world." I said/signed. Tara nodded and signed

"I wonder if we can use other things from other anime." I grinned.

"Only one way to find out: do it!" I yelled, (Tara can read lips a little bit) and Tara grinned to.

"ROAR OF THE FIRE DRAGON!" I yelled. Fire blew from my mouth to the forest and set it on fire.

"Oops..." I said sorrily to it. Water came from the creek and put it out. I turned to see Tara moving the water with her hands. The water dropped when she signed to us.

"Avatar: the last air bender!"

"Open the gate of CANCER!" Alix yelled.

Ding dong!

"Cancer~ebi." Cancer said when he appeared.

"This is soooooooo cool!" I shouted.

"Ummm... Fairy GLITTER!" I shouted when I thought.


"Ex-equip: samurai master!" Tara signed. She turned into what Erza exequips into the one with one samurai sword, flame pattern pants, and her chest wrapped in bandages. She started to cut down the trees.

"Shadow clone no jutsu!" I shouted doing the hand signs. The forest poofed to revel millions of me every where. I remembered Bleach and jumped in to the air. Please let me walk on air! Please!

I opened my eyes to see the ground a k away and I was running away from Alix and Tara. I turned very sharply and when back to them. They were trying to do what I was doing.

"You don't watch Bleach! You can't do it! Bw ha ha ha!" I laughed evilly. They were complaining that 'it wasn't fair that Mimi could walk on air and I couldn't'. Something colourful was just out side my sight. I turned to it, gasped, and started to jump around.

"OMG! It's Konoha! Lets go! Lets go!" I shouted and signed to them. Their eyes lit up and was running to the direction that I was pointing in, which just sadly had to be in the other direction... I started to laugh. When they finely saw we laughing, they were confused.

"Why are you laughing- no, don't tell me- we're going in the other direction, aren't we?" Alix asked me. I signed it to Tara and said

"Yes, Konoha is that way." I said pointing to the real way. They rolled their eyes and walked up a tree.

"So it really is Konoha... Lets see if oldly and Pervy-sensei are still alive!" Tara signed excitedly. Me, remembering that Pervy-sensei dies, starts crying.

"Pervy-sensei dieeeeeesss! I don't want that to happen! Wahhhhhhhh!" I cried. The others (Alix sign it to Tara), looked depressed.

"But look on the bright side! We could be in the first episode! That means that we can have plenty of time to spend with them!" Alix pointed out. I pointed to her.

"THAT... Is very true." I said. "Let us leave!"

"Lettuce leaf?" Alix shot back (Avatar: the last air bender: either water or earth). Giggling at the joke, we shot to Konoha.


"OH MY GOD! IT'S THE GATE GUARDS! OH MY GOD! IT'S THE RAMAN SHOP THAT NARUTO LIKES!" I yelled running though the gates and though easily doing 80 h/km.

"Mimi! Wait up!" Alix gasped for breath. I was next to her and wobbling like I was just an arrow that had just been shot.

"Yessssss SIR!" I yelled.

"We have to tell the gate guards that we have to see the Hokage!" Alix told me.

"Ohhhhh yeahhh, we do have to do thaaaatttt." I drew out. Tara tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around.

"Oh my god! It's Kakashi- sensei! Naruto! Iruka-sensei! Asuma-sensei! Duckbutt! Pinky! Closet-pervert! Ino-pig!" She signed pointing to all of them. We squealed like we were fan girls (which we were). Alix came back over.

"They said we could only come in to see the Hokage. Lets go see if he still alive!" She said a little bit excited, and signed it to Tara.

"Wanna race to see who can get there first?" She signed back. We nodded in agreement.

"Three! Two! One!" I signed and shot off. Remember how I was running at 80? Now I was running at 150! I put chakra in the bottom if my feet and flew off and left the others in the dust.

When the others court up, I was out side the door of the Hokages's office.

"This is it guys! Lets gooooooo!" I said a bit nervous. I knocked at the door and a 'Come in' sounded. I pushed open the door...

And the old man was sitting at his desk writing on papers. I gasped, he looked up, we ran over and hugged him to almost-death.

"It's a miracle! Your alive! HELL YEAH PEOPLE!" I yelled.

"Who are you and why did you hug me?" He asked. I turned to Alix.

"You explain!" I said simply. She scowled at me and started to talk to the Hokage. I sign it all to Tara.

"Mr Hokage, we have come here to enroll in your academy. May we do that?" Alix asked.

"Yes, that is fine, but why did you hug me?" He asked.

"We come from a different dimension where this world is a manga so we know what's going to happen." I said simply. "We know who's going to do what, who is going to kill someone, who'a going to get killed and why, all the secrets that everyone has we know." Alix hit me on the head.

"What was that for?!" I yelled.

"Your not to tell them!" She hissed.

"Another dimension... I have heard of that... So who an I going to get killed by?" He asked.

"Some one that used to be a ninja here." I said instantly. "I won't tell you the name because that would wreak everything." The Hokage nodded.

"Ok, tell me your names. And what are you doing with your hands?"

"Who?" I looked around the room. Alix rolled her eyes.

"You." She said.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you mean that I'm signing to Tara? She can't hear, so I have to sign every thing to her." I explained.

"Ok, now names." The Hokage said. Tara signed to me.

"Yukimi Erza." I said it for her. "That's her." I point to Tara and she bowed. Hokage's eyes nearly popped out of his eye sockets.

"I'm Yukimi Rukia." Alix said and his eyes popped out even more. Hehehe... Face with out eyes...

"Annnnnnnnd I'm Yukimi Miku!"

The Hokage was deep in thought.

"Three Yukimi... What if they are faking?" He whispered. Tell me something that a Yukimi could only know." He asked. I signed it to Tara.

She stood up and made angel wings on her back (a jutsu I made up in the real world).

"An Yukimi in deed. Tell or show me something that a Yukimi should only know.

"Roar of the Fire Dragon?" I asked myself and it burnt all the paper on his desk (he shot me a thankful look).

"Another Yukimi in deed. Ok last one, Rukia. Show me a power." He told Alix. Her eye looked at mine.

"What should I do?" She said with our eye abc.

"Umm, do Avatar?" I 'eyed' back. Alix moved her hands around and around and water moved with it. Next, she did air, earth, and fire.

"I have now been shown that you are all from a very powerful clan." The Hokage said. "Please do not tell every one about your last names."

"Ok thennnnnn..." I said.

"Yes, you can join the academy." There was another knock on the door. "Come in." the Hokage said. The door opened and put came...

"Oh my god! It's Kakashi-sensei! Woooooooh!" I shouted and jumped on him. He stiffened.

"Have we meet before?" He asked.

Oh sh********t.

"Uh, no! I heard that you were the copy person! You know, the guy who has copied over a thou jutsus Hahaha- help me out here guys!" I covered up. He nodded.

"Hokage, here are the papers." He said. The Hokage took them and put them next to his elbow.

"Miku, Rukia, and Erza, do you have a home?" He asked.

"Nope!" I said cheerfully. He sighed and spoke to Kakashi-sensei.

"Give them this room ok? They are all Yukimi's." He said. Kakashi-sensei's eyes flicked to us and back. He nodded to the Hokage and bowed

"Nice to meet the last of the Yukimi. I will show you to your rooms."

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