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"More importantly, I would like to introduce the future Mrs Mackenzie Morgan McHale McAva – that's not going to work, is it?"

She was beaming, and blushing, and she was fairly certain that it might be possible to fry eggs on her cheeks at this moment in time, but with the exception of a few moments ago, she didn't think she had ever been more in love with this man.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see a few people smiling in disbelief, but most just looked stunned. She wanted to laugh at Will's announcement seemingly falling flat on its face. They hadn't talked about when they would tell people before they had come out, but she knew that sparkle in his eye. She hadn't seen it in so, so long.

The last two and a half years he had been deliberately reclusive and unwilling to share his personal life with this amazing group of people whose love he had been in perpetual denial of; now, here he was shouting his happiness to the whole bullpen. She couldn't laugh. Yet.

Neal finally broke the silence, and the rush of congratulations and good will their family sent to them made her want to explode with happiness.

Three hours ago she had begged Will to fire her. Ninety minutes ago, Will had described how he had fucked with her head for fun. Now they were getting married and the world had magically righted itself. He loved her and he always would and always had. He had kept the ring! She had lost hope of them ever finding their way back to each other a long time ago, and she has truly never been more grateful for anything or anyone ever in her life.

Everything in front of her suddenly seems so much clearer.

Maggie hugs her, and Don catches her hand as she walks past him, heading for the one person who understands what she's feeling more than anyone because he's the only one she has been able to tell.

"Mackenzie McHale, get over here this instant!"

She beams at him as Charlie holds out his arms and she jumps willingly into them, wrapping hers tightly around his shoulders.

"About fucking time kiddo." He murmurs happily into her ear, and she nods, laughing back him, squeezing her arms tighter and clinging on as the first tear spills over – she's amazed it took this long.

"Thank you Charlie." She chokes back, grinning all the while.

She hears him tut disparagingly into her ear and she shakes her head, refusing to let him brush this off.

"No seriously, thanks for holding us together these past few months. And, you know…the years before that."

He gently pries her away from him and catches another stray tear of happiness as it escapes down her cheek, before leaning forward and kissing her softly on her forehead.

"You were always going to get there sweetheart." He says confidently. She knows her face displays some deep seated skepticism about this statement, but his smile just widens and his eyes crinkle and he waves her silent reply away, pulling her back into his arms, tucking her head into his shoulder.

"I think you're going to have to share her, Charlie." Will's voice comes from behind them. She can hear the smile in it, and she laughs into her boss' shoulder as she feels Will's hand at her back.

"You took your time." Charlie teases him, one hand leaving her back and probably grasping Will's, she thinks.

"That's what she said." He jokes, and for the second time Charlie pushes her back from him, but this time into the waiting arms of her fiancé. He winks at her, and squeezes her hand before finally relinquishing her to Will.

"That's my girl." She grins back at him and feels Will's hand squeeze her shoulder as he presses a kiss into her hair. "You take care of her, Will."

"WILL MCAVOY!" One voice manages to echo over all the applause and other calls clamoring around them. Charlie's smile curls into a grin, and she looks at Will with a raised eyebrow. She's amused; he looks faintly scared. They both turn to find an outraged-looking Sloan standing next to a shocked Jim.