Chapter 1 continued...

Getting soppy. I'm not apologising. Until I reach Sorkin's level I don't intend to stop.

"Seriously? We leave the room for about two minutes, come back and you guys are engaged?! What the hell?"

Everyone around them laughs, and Mac gets pulled into a hug by Tess and Jenny, leaving Will alone to face Sloan's wrath. But not for long. Kendra barely manages to say congratulations before someone is grabbing her hand and she is yanked back to find herself facing the economist.

"Uh-uh. You're not getting out of this."

"Thank God." Will mutters under his breath, and Mackenzie jabs him in the side with her elbow. He catches her arm and wraps his fingers trhough hers. "Hey!"

"Yes! Hey! Over here! Confused friend left out of the loop over here!"

"We're all confused and out of the loop, actually." Charlie says dryly, looking on with twinkling eyes.

"Nuh-uh, old man. You had your turn, now I'm having mine. Just because you forget about the important questions!"

"Sloan!" Mackenzie cries incredulously, though she still hasn't stopped smiling and she's actually incredibly amused and touched by her friend's reaction. "It's really not that hard to fill in the gaps. Will proposed and I said 'yes'. That's not even two sentences. Well – it was more than two sentences – but…well…look, the gist of it is that he asked me to marry him and I said 'yes', and that's what happened. What is it exactly that's confusing you?"

"Aside from the more sentences part – which I assure you we will be returning to later – the part where you two have been, well, I don't really know how to describe it, but frankly if I had had to put a bet on what happened next, I would have put it on mild, or perhaps not so mild physical violence, not matrimony!"

Everyone laughs and Sloan pouts whilst Jim pushes past her and wraps Mac in his arms, whilst nodding at Will (possibly in approval).

"Congratulations guys." He disentangles himself from Mac, and shakes Will firmly by the hand, one arm still protectively around her waist. He doesn't see Mac smiling at him; her little brother giving her man his approval. She feels like it's a moment even though she knows no one else, except maybe the two men involved, will understand this.

"No seriously? Have you guys been having a secret relationship/affair and forgotten to mention it?"

Sloan obviously isn't finish, and the three of them turn their attention back to the grown woman, who is looking more and more like a six year old who just found out Will bought everyone else a candy bar but forgot hers.

"Well if we told you it wouldn't have been a secret relationship, would it?" Mackenzie points out exasperatedly. The furious indignation that appears across Sloan's face makes her snort in a most unladylike fashion. She's clinging to Will for support as she doubles over in hysterics when Sloan's eyebrows contract high up into her hair and she looks like sparks might fly out of her contorted mouth at any moment. Luckily a few of the others do too, and there is a little dignity restored through solidarity. But not much. She's questioning whether she's mentally old enough to be getting married.

Will's laughing too, but has the capacity (and sense) to raise a hand of truce and chortle out "We have not been having a secret relationship, Sloan."

"You better not have!" She seethes, glaring from one to the other.

"Oh get over here." Will laughs, pulling Sloan into a hug and twirls her as much as his weary knees will allow whilst she grumbles into his shoulder and catches Mackenzie's arm to make sure she can't escape again before she gets her turn.

"I think –" Leona interrupts, "There is a need for Champagne down here, can someone see to this please?"

Everyone cheers. It's been far too long since they've had something to celebrate, but the look Will is giving Mackenzie right now is the best excuse any of them could have asked for.

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