Rose shut her bedroom door with a sigh. People had been yelling back and forth for a while now. She desperately needed a moment to think. That, however, wasn't granted. A knock came along shortly, and Phillip entered the room.

She gave him a tired smile. "Yes?"

"Just checking on you." He leaned on the door. "You doing okay?"

"Mhmm," she nodded. "Just needed a moment."

"Okay." He agreed, "I'll be right outside."

When he closed the door once more, she pulled out her birthday gift and took a good look at it. It was beautiful. Little jewels were embedded into the wheel. She ran a finger over them thoughtfully.

Out in the central area, things continued. Each person would offer an idea only to be shot down by everyone else. The cycle continued endlessly. The sound was floating under the door as Rose hooked the little bracelet around her wrist.

"Well," an oily voice said next to her, "This is a pleasant surprise."

Rose jumped, turning to find a creature in her room. The horns and a black cloak reminded her of Phillips memory. She knew this was Maleficent.

"Oh!" Rose stood quickly, opening her mouth to call out.

"No no, Princess." With a wave of her hand, a cloth was tied around Roses' mouth, and her hands were bound. The creature snapped her fingers, and two of her pig like minions appeared, each grabbing an arm.

Maleficent laughed, "Oh, I believe we're rude."

The bedroom door blew open. The fairies and Phillip turned in surprise to find Maleficent walking down towards them.

"You!" Meriwether spat.

"Rose!" Phillip called in alarm as he started toward the steps.

"I wouldn't, Prince." Maleficent laughed and gestured to bring her forward, "Here's your precious Princess."

Rose's cries were muffled as she was jerked forward. The spear at her throat was enough to stop Phillip in his tracks.

"Oh, no!" Fauna insisted, "Please let her go! She's done nothing wrong!"

The evil one laughed, "I'm afraid that's not the point."

"We'll leave!" Phillip insisted. "You'll lever have to see us again! Just let her go!"

"Why, Prince Phillip," She mocked as she gently reached out aid stroked Rose's cheek. Rose twisted her head away. "I have every intention of letting her go."

"What?" Flora asked. "What do you mean?"

Maleficent feigned innocents, "Why, our hero has a wondrous future in store!"

Now she ran her fingers through Rose's hair as she continued to explain. "Princess, you are indeed most wondrous fair. Do not worry. As you sleep, your beauty will not fade. You'll spend your years in ageless sleep."

Phillip moved toward them again. Another snap of Maleficent's fingers and more minions appeared, blocking his path. She smirked."You'll wake to true loves kiss in due time, Aurora. After all, 100 years to a steadfast heart are but a day. Don't you agree, Prince?"

"100 years!" Fauna repeated.

"He may not even live that long!" Flora protested.

Rose looked at Phillip with tears in her eyes. Even if he should reach that age, she'd never share her life with him. How long before she outlived him?

Phillip pushed an pulled, but enough minions appeared to hold them back. The wands were safely back in their hiding spot and of no use to anyone. He looked up and watched as Rose's hands were held out for Maleficent. Smiling, she took the small charm on her wrist and roughly stabbed her index finger to the little spindle. Rose's eyes locked with Phillip's just before they closed, and she knew his face was the last thing she'd see for 100 years.