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Alex inwardly sighed as the car approached his new house.

Alex had moved to America with the pleasures, after Jack had been brutally murdered, but the Pleasures hadn't understood that he couldn't just forget everything he had gone through, so now he was back in good old Britain, the new head of MI6, Mrs Jones, had been happy to set up a foster family for him.

Apparently the man who had offered to take him in was a member of MI6... which Alex was not happy about but didn't complain.

He couldn't remember the last time he had.

Alex wasn't stupid enough to think that just because he would have foster parents that MI6 would stop using him.

His last mission, when Jack had died, had left him scared for life.

He wasn't the same person he had been a year ago when his uncle died.

"Okay Alex are you ready?" his social worker, a stout man with white hair and a pointy nose asked nervously, he had to admit that the boy made him nervous he just radiated danger and his eyes where cold 'he'll fit in just fine' the man thought grimly.

Alex gave a curt nod. He didn't talk much since Jack's death and that had seemed to worry the pleasure but Alex took no notice.

They exited the car.

The house in front of them was huge, with three floors, it had a large porch with flowers on the window stills, there was a long drive way around to the back of the house but Alex and Mr Crawford had parked the car just outside so they took the short path up to the front door.

There was acres of grounds surrounding the house and Alex would bet that the back of the house was just as large.

Mr Crawford walked up the porch steps looking at the windows, he knocked loudly on the pale blue door which had the number 17 nailed on it.

Alex pulled his duffel bag on to his shoulder and stood quietly behind Mr Crawford.

A male around the age of 18 opened the door, his red hair ruffled, his fiery brown eyes sparking and a cheeky grin on his face "Mr Crawford!" he exclaimed in fake joy "how nice of you to visit" he leant against the door frame putting his hands into the super dry hoodie he wore "how may I help you?"

"Hello Ryan" Mr Crawford's smile came out strained "is your father home?"

Ryan put on a thoughtful expression "Not sure, don't take much notice"

"Jesus Christ Ryan let the man in!" an Irish accent called out behind him.

"Shut it Terry!" he shouted back "I suppose you better come in" he moved aside gesturing to the man.

Alex choose that time to move out into the open "hi" he said softly his blonde locks falling in front of his dull brown eyes.

"Hey!" Ryan exclaimed a wide grin on his face "you never told me you were bringing another one Mr C" he put his hand out "hi I'm Ryan".

Alex shook his hand firmly "Alex" they moved inside the grin never leaving Ryan's face.

"Come Mr C. I'll see if Dads in".

The inside of the house was as impressive as the outside, there was a grand wooden staircase in the middle of the hall, there were two exits at the end of the staircase, one lead to a sitting room and the other a utility room.

Ryan lead them into the sitting room.

It had double sofas spread around the room in a C shape, a bookcase covered one side of the room, a 26' plasma television screen was places above a grand wooden fireplace and a stack of DVDs and games sat in one corner.A small table sat in the middle of the room which was covered in different papers.

"Take a seat" Ryan told them "I'm going to see whose here, be right back.

" Alex took in his surrounding there was another door at the end that seemed to lead into the kitchen but apart from that he couldn't tell were anything else was.

"oh hey Mr C" a young boy around 11 wearing large framed black glasses, freckles on his small nose and mossy brown short hair exited the kitchen a sandwich in his hand "and hey?" he looked over Alex "you looking for dad?" .

Alex detected a faint Australian accent.

"Hello Steve, yes I'm looking for your father, Ryan went to find him...why don't you take a seat" Mr Crawford gestured to the sofa opposite the two.

Alex felt a blush creeping onto his cheeks as the boy studied him 'what the hell has Jones got me into' he mentally cursed 'how many are there?'

"I suppose I should have warned you" Alex looked up at the solicitor "there's 7 of them"

"Seven?" he blurted in surprise.

"Dad has a thing for strays" Steve smiled softly "you get use to it when I got here there were only's interesting"

"Terry, Jay get your asses down here now!" Ryan cried a minute later he ran in "em Ste have you seen Scotty by any chance?" he sent a nervous smile to Mr Crawford.

Steve sighed "I shall get him and Carlos, you get the twins" he sent a smile to Alex before walking out.

Ryan shifted his converse looking at Mr Crawford "em Dad isn't here, you might want to phone him"

"I'll do that Ryan, may I ask where Skylar is?"

"" he ran from the room.

Alex groaned settling his face in his hands "I've changed my mind I want to go back to the orphanage" he surprised himself into saying.

Mr Crawford chuckled "I know it's hard Alex, there disorganized which is weird because Steven is OCD but there a great family, these kids have changed so much since they've come here...well most of them...just give it a chance, if in a week you still want to come back then I'll let you" he put a hand on the boys shoulder not missing the horrible flinch.

"Okay sir" he shook the hand off.

Mr Crawford exited to the hall making the phone call.

Alex sat in silence and closed his eyes for a minute, things were going to be very different from he had imagined but maybe having this many people would help him fit in better. They would all have different personalities.

"Ah Stranger danger!" Alex was so startled at the sudden cry he jerked forward in to a fighting stance.

In front of him stood a young boy with dark blonde curly locks that covered his ears, he had a baby face with a small nose and pale blue eyes. Behind the boy stood Steve and a boy not much younger than Alex.

"Dude that was awesome!" the boy exclaimed with a heavy Spanish accent, he had black hair which curled at the ends around his forehead, a tan complexion that made his dark blue eyes stand out.

Alex relaxed settling into the seat "sorry you startled me" he said to the younger boy who gave a cheesy grin.

Steve looked tensed as he pushed his brothers onto the three seater "yea...this is Carlos" he pointed to the tan boy "and Scott" he gestured to the younger.

"Are you a ninja?" he asked in excitement his Scottish accent coming through as he babbled Steve rolled his eyes

"leave him be Scotty"

"let the little man talk" Carlos defended.

"Don't you two start" Ryan warned entering pulling a teen in by the collar "I found him in your room Car" he pushed the boy into the other three seater.

Carlos care free look was suddenly gone "I mean it Jay if you touched my stuff I'll" he broke off into rapid Spanish that Alex couldn't help but laugh at while the others looked at them blankly "can you understand Spanish?" he raised an eyebrow at Alex.

"Yes I lived there for a while with my uncle when I was younger" he answered back in fluent Spanish giving a rare smile at the boy.

"oh great there's two of them" Jay moaned in his Irish drawl pushing his messy hazel hair from his similar hazel eyes.

"Where's Terry?" Ryan asked him.

"Here no need to panic" Terry smirked sitting beside his twin brother. Jay and Terry gave each other a sly smile.

"okay finally!" Ryan fell onto the last seat on the three seater.

The front door was heard opening, and a faint conversation was held, Alex strained to hear the voice of the other unknown man.

Mr Crawford and a young man in his middle twenties with close-cropped dark brown hair and pale green eyes appeared in the doorway beside him "Alex I'd like you to meet Mr-"



And who is the mystery Skylar?

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