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WARNINGS: There will be some foul language in the story, not that much.

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"Ben?" Alex cut in totally shocked.

Fox aka Ben Daniels stood in the doorway.

Alex had trained with him in the SAS back before his first mission and had encountered him again on his 8th mission were Ben took a bullet for him.

Ben let a wide grin show on his handsome features "Hello Alex" he greeted walking over to the teen, Alex stood to meet the man and happily returned the brotherly hug Ben offered.

"What are you doing here?" Alex asked in suspicion pulling back.

Ben gestured around him "it is my house Alex" he teased.

Alex blinked "wait...your-I- you...What?" he finally choked.

"I assume you've met Mr Daniels then Alex, he's your new foster-father" Mr Crawford explained taking his seat on the sofa.

Ben took a seat beside Alex looking over the others boys shocked faces "I hope you boys didn't give Mr Crawford any trouble".

Imminently they all protested.

"Hey I was here first"

"Ryan wouldn't let him in!"

"Jay was in my room!"

"Terry wouldn't come here!"

"Scotty wouldn't come off his game!"

"Carlos was too busy looking at himself in the mirror!"

Ben put a hand up and they slowly stopped "I'm sorry for the horror you must have faced Mr Crawford" Ben ignored the cries of 'Hey!'.

Mr C smiled softly "it's not a problem Mr Daniels I am well used to it by now" he turned to Alex "but I think we better discuss this young man, I have a review booked for a week today, a the paper work is in order and you know what to do if he gets out of hand".

Alex looked at the wooden floor in embarrassment.

Ben sat a hand on Alex's shoulder hesitating at the flinch "I'm sure he'll be fine Mr Crawford, we've meet before and got along well enough" Alex snorted "everything should go smoothly"

Mr Crawford nodded "remember what I asked you Alex" he stood "I'll find my way out Mr Daniels, once again I thank you, c'yeah kids"

Everyone said their own good byes as the man left but Terry's was heard the most "I hate that man" he murmured.

Ben glared "if it wasn't for him you wouldn't be here"

"Yea Ter wise up my man" Jay punched him.

"Hey don't hit me" he rubbed his arm.

Ben sighed "okay then I suppose I shall introduce you, guys this is Alex Rider he's 15, and go Ryan you start".

Ryan stood "my name is Ryan, I'm 18 and I'm an alcoholic" the others laughed and he sat.

Terry and Jay stood "my names Terry"

"and I'm Jay"

"were 16"


"and twins" they shared the sentence between them which must not have been odd because nobody reacted.

"I'm Carlos and I'm 13"

"I'm Steven and I'm 11"

"I'm Scott and I'm 7" he held up seven fingers proudly.

Ben nodded "good you guys finally got it right except for you Ry" he teased "so Alex meet your new brothers" he paused "you also have a sister but she's locked herself in her room, don't know why, her names Skylar and she's 15"

Terry's hand shot up "I heard her muttering something about 'fucking stupid boys' earlier" he supplied innocently "'and something about 'the dick not telling me anything who needs more boys' I'm guessing she's mad at you"

Ben stood "figures she'd know about the adoption, kids a bloody ninja, Alex you and her should get along like a house on fire" he teased "okay I'm going to show Alex to his room, its Saturday so I want homework's done in the next hour ready for dinner" he strolled from the room Alex following.

The second floor of the house had six bedrooms, an on suite for each, a main bathroom and a games room filled to the brick with different games consoles.

A spiral staircase lead to the third floor which held another four bedrooms and what Ben called a hang out room.

Alex was lead to his bedroom.

The room held a double bed, a sun roof, a large window showing the back garden which had a river running through it and the mountains in the background.

There was a desk with a chair, a bookcase filled with books, a closet which Alex guessed would be filled with clothes, an on suite with bath, shower, sink and toilet and a bedside cabinet on which sat a light.

"All the rooms are pretty much the same but feel free to personalize it, if you want posters or anything some of the boys would be happy to take you out and I'll give you some money to get some" Ben explained "the older ones are on this floor so its Skylar, Ter, Jay, Ryan and yourself".

Alex sat down on the bed "why'd you volunteer Ben?" the questioned had nagged him since Ben had shown up.

Ben sat on the bed a little away from Alex "Look Al, I work for MI6, I know what they've done to you, what they've put you through" Alex looked away "it's not right Al and when I heard you were coming back from America, I knew I had to do something to help so why not give you a home where you can act yourself"

Alex sniffed "I don't know who I really am anymore Ben" he admitted.

"But you'll find out" Ben reassured "look all those kids have their own problems that they've over come...I know yours is different but they'll understand how you feel if you let them into your life Alex" he seen the boy didn't look convinced "look Alex you can talk to me about anything, I've got the clearance to hear about your missions, I know you won't want to talk about them yet but when you're ready I'm here" he looked around before standing "dinners in an hour, feel free to look around and get your bearings... I'd avoid Skylar if I were you" he added before leaving.

Alex fell back on top of the bed "I don't have problems I am the problem" the room seemed empty and he couldn't help but miss the house in Chelsea where he had grown up but that lead to thinking about Jack and he swallowed a lump in his throat.


He couldn't think about her now.

The last two months had been spent trying to forget about her and the painful memories.


Next chapter: Alex will meet his new sister Skylar... she has a few... talents and a short temper.

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