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The sound of a heart machine slowly made itself heard as Alex awoke to a banging headache and feeling as if he had been crushed under a lorry, which given his history was quite possible at this point.

"It's been two days Wolf" a voice moaned in annoyance.

"And he was in surgery most of that time"

Was it just Alex's sore head or did Wolf sound sympathetic towards the voice, trying to pry his eyes open Alex let out a moan as the light sent a splitting pain through his head "damn"

The sound of someone standing had Alex cocking his head to the side "try opening your eyes again Cub, would you?"

A small hand slipped into his own causing Alex to peek one eye open, finding it easier now the light above him had been switched off, to see Steve standing over him a worried smile on his face "you'd just been hit by a car last time I seen you probably" he mumbled out, voice heavy and throat dry.

Steve cringed with a small shrug "yeah, Tom needs to work on his road safety" he softly put his hands on Alex's shoulders when he tried to sit up "let Wolf help you" the man did so without complaint "how you feeling?"

"Like I've been hit by a truck but also kinda numb is the best way to describe it" Alex took the ice cubes offered, sighing in pleasure when they melted in his dry throat.

"That would be due to the amount of medication they have you on at the moment" Wolf settled back on his seat "you've only been out of surgery about 17 hours, the strain you put on your body going with us shut down most of your systems"

Chocolate brown eyes went to his hand, smirking when he noticed that his fingers were all accounted for, though they were wrapped in bandages and he could feel the metal casing around them "my toes?" he raised an eyebrow at Wolf.

"All still there Cub" Wolf chuckled "they have pins and more metal than flesh in them but Doctor Adams thought you would appreciate having them stay"

Alex nodded "the others?" he asked quietly playing with the IV attached to his arm.

"Alive" Wolf reassured him.

Steve rolled his eyes "Sky hasn't woken up yet, she was in surgery to remove the bullet from her arm, it nicked an artery but she should be okay, Terry's arm also needed some attention but they took care of it pretty well, Jay lost a few brain cells because of the collisions with his head and his legs are badly bruised from the crash but he'll also be okay" there was a pause after he was finished like he wanted to speak but couldn't bring himself to.

"Why don't you go tell Fox and the others that Alex is awake Steven" Wolf advised.

Gnawing on his lip Steve nodded "I'm glad you're okay Al" he whispered as he left.

Wolf shifted where he sat, running a hand over his shaved head "you heard about Tyler?" when he received a nod Wolf breathed heavily through his nose "nothing has been arranged yet, I think Ben has been putting it off in case he needed to bury one of you as well"

It was a bitter statement and Alex just knew Ben was freaking out about all of them right now, he doubted they would be aloud out of the house for the next year...

"The house was ruined" Alex pointed out.

"The SAS and MI6 will help Ben set up somewhere else"


Wolf smiled at Alex then "Ms Jones has been fired Cub, no more blackmail, the whole country knows about it know, the government is under a lot of pressure to make up for its blunder"

The thought struck Alex like a fist to the face and his mouth opened and closed a few times before he just laughed and laughed until tears started traveling down his cheeks and the laugh turned into a sob, arms closed around him gently and Alex leant into the arms, not caring if it was Wolf.

He had been put through hell since MI6 had entered his life and it was finally over, he was free!


2 months later

"If you drop that on my head I'll kill you with my bare hands"

"I'm so scared"

"I would be the kid is lethal"

"Shut up and throw it you ass!"

"Chill pill"

Alex let out a laugh as Jay finally threw the box over the railing, a thump following and Skylar letting out a squeal as it missed her head by millimetres.

It had been seven weeks since the teens had made it out of hospital. Alex, Skylar and Terry had needed surgery but would make a full recovery even if none of them were happy to be wearing casts and bandages.

"If you guys are throwing things over the railing again I will ground you until you are forty!" Ben Daniels shouted from somewhere in the house.

"Sorry Dad" everyone replied with a wince.

The new head of MI6 had been happy to provide the money in order for a new house to be built, far away from the memories filling the last one, it had been finished during the week. Alex still had no idea how.

Which meant they were moving their stuff to their rooms, it was being proven difficult with Skylar's arm in a sling and cast, Alex's leg bandaged and his fingers in a steel frame and Terry's arm still needing rest.

"You guys need help" Ryan smirked when he seen the boxes and books lying about "aren't you meant to bring the things upstairs?" he exited the kitchen a limp still visible in his step.

"It would be helpful if someone could have labelled the boxes" Jay growled sliding down the railing to join his siblings "we should've stuck with two floors this time"

Alex sat on one of the boxes with a deep breath "I say we leave it to K-unit, they should be over soon"

"They just got back from duty" Jay sat on the bottom step with his twin "they won't lift a finger to help"

Terry shivered "I'm not ready to face the mother hen that is Snake"

"Thanks for the bloody help guys!" Carlos stormed down the steps with Steve and Scott on his tail.

Rolling his eyes Alex smiled at the boys "sorry"

"You totally aren't" Steve huffed sitting by him.

The past 8 weeks had been a challenge, with Ben working with MI6 to remain in custody of all 8 teens and kids and working to stop the story of MI6 using children circulating. Unfortunately too many people had seen the news, meaning drastic action was taken.

The story of how De Luca had kidnapped his daughter and her siblings had been run with no mention of MI6, the president had assured the public that De Luca had been driven crazy by the loss of his son and that he fantasied that his daughter had been working for MI6 and that was the reason she hadn't died with her brother.

They wouldn't be using another child again.

The hardest part of the last couple of weeks had been the funeral of Tyler Daniels but the speech Ben had given had caused Alex to rethink how he seen his life

"I learnt a long time ago that being normal is the worst, normal is when everything is typical, you're expected to do what others do, you're expected to be like everyone else but nobody is the same, if we were then we would all be mindless robots" Ben swallowed thickly "and that was down to Tyler he use to tease me tell me I could try being normal all I liked, but where's the adventure in that, why would you want to live up to expectations all your life. It's okay to be different"

He was different.

But that didn't matter anymore because he had everything he could ever ask for and none of them we're normal. His life wasn't normal. He had worked for MI6, seen things nobody should ever see, he had killed, his Dad was a MI6 agent, his uncles worked for the SAS, one of his brothers use to be a drug dealer, his sisters father had tried to kill her, his brothers had been neglected, abused and assaulted.

They were anything but normal. Who cared?

Ben smiled as he looked over the kids all sitting around the hall "I guess you're done for the day, huh?"

Skylar gave a dramatic sigh "we've worked so hard Dad come on feed us, I'm starved"

"Dinners on the table"

Ryan grabbed Scott's hand "race you to the kitchen, last one there has to clean the dishes!"

"My arms broke!"


"Wait up!"

"Not fair!"

They all raced from the room and Alex watched with a fond smile.

"Everything okay Al" Ben questioned with a worried frown "is something hurting?" concern laced his voice.

Was he hurting?

The killing of DeLuca still hung over him, his heart still ached for those who he had lost and those who had betrayed him. He knew the others still ached because of him, knew what Jay, Terry and Skylar had been willing to sacrifice, and knew their therapy session were long and hard.

Because of Terry and Jay he also knew Yassen was out there somewhere hunting down those who had escaped the compound before the bombs had exploded, not knowing if the older man knew he had lived through the bombing at the bank but…

Alex stood "I'm okay Dad, everything's fine"

Who wanted a normal life anyway?

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