Chapter 2 – It's all coming back to me now!

Joan walk in the DPD only to find her "team" had already arrive. One thing you can count on with spies is them being on time. Their life often depended on it.

Joan entered her office, sat down and just look at them for a couple of seconds. She then went straight to the point asking them if they wanted to participate in this "blind" mission. One by one she asked: You read your files, you now know more about your partners, do you accept to participate in this mission.

Annie: "Yes, Joan"

Auggie: "Yes, Joan"

Eyal: "I'm in"

Sharon: "Curious, but yes Joan"

Joan, "Well that settles it. Next step is to get you guys organized in the safe house. Come with me, I'm driving but leaving you the car for your needs."

Their safe house was a large two bedroom studio in Anacostia, the neighborhood along the Potomac and the Anacostia Rivers.

Exploring their new quarter, Annie looked at Joan and said…"two bedrooms, Joan! Why does CIA always undercount the need for bedrooms?"

Joan laugh softy and said "Told you yesterday that: If you can stay alive, behave yourselves and get along during those two weeks, you passed the test! This is one of many hurdles for you guy to figure out. Bye for now, you know the protocol for communicating with me."

Eyal was sitting on the couch and lost in his thoughts. Typical agencies accommodations, can't make spies to comfortable on a mission, it would make them too soft. The human part of this mission was going to be a challenge for him. He had feelings for Annie but had come to terms with the fact that she was, for now, in a relationship with Auggie. There was Sharon, she seem to be quite a character. He had a nagging feeling, since being with her all morning, that he could not shake. He sensed that he had already encountered her somewhere. It was not on any mission for Mossad but where? Maybe it was her canny resemblance (spirit wise) to his sister Sarah. When Sharon had entered Joan office yesterday, it had startled him by the way she conducted or asserted herself that Sarah name came to his mind. It had been a long time since his sister had been a part of his thoughts. Sharon had an aura that made him think of his sister that must be it, he concluded, no need to worry myself over it. Asking her was out of the question, how you tell a spy: "Excuse me, I'm pretty sure we have met, but for the like of me, I don't remember where…. Epic fail as teenagers would say!

'Hey people, Annie spoke, how do we sort out the room problem?"

"Ah easy, Sharon said, since were not YET couples, Boys room's – Girls room's.

Annie, Auggie and Eyal just stared at her "What, Sharon said, did I say something wrong"

Eyal laugh and said "Think you stole my line" "Oops sorry," Sharon responded Auggie asked, "Is it right or left for the boy's room"… "Right" answered Annie, "Left" answered Eyal.

"Let's toss for it" said Sharon. OK, head its left for the boys, tail it's the girls. Well, head, left for the boys it is! Joan would be proud…. One problem solve and no bloodshed yet. Ah Auggie, I seem to remember you always have some problems with girls/boys bathrooms. I'll make this easy for you, I'll nail a small bell on the girls' door, that will surely help if you suddenly forget you left and right!

"Very thoughtful of you Miss Welby", Auggy answered

Auggy went to his room to unpack. He was feeling a bit nervous and uncertain about the present situation. Here he was, blind, with a new girlfriend and three master spies (Annie included). What could possibly be his role? He was scare that he would be more of a dead weight for the team. What was wrong with him? He had asked many time to go back in the field and now he had his wishes, he had doubts! Maybe it was the fact that Annie could compare his skills with those of Eyal.

Eyal entered the room and jolted Auggie out of his thoughts. "Hey Auggie, Eyal said, a penny for your thoughts. Never mind, I like to tell you that you won't have any problem with me, Annie is your girl, that it that all. As for this mission, I'm glad you accepted. You're a wiz for coming up with master or crazy plans. Seems like we're going to need that creative mine of yours for this special mission."

Auggie grinned and said "Thanks Eyal for your words, think I needed them!"

The girls were also unpacking but having another kind of discussion… (See if you lectors can guess… YES, I'm betting most of you are right) Eyal was their subject and the topic was ... his good look!. Annie wanted to know what Sharon thought of him. She had already formed a plan to match them together. It was clear in the files she had read that those two had been chosen for this mission because of their similarities: both Eyal and Sharon had dropped out of medical school; they also had professional training in dancing; both married, divorced and with a child (that was not mention in their files though); both were highly trained and expert in gun handling, they even had cooking listed, in both of their file, as one of their favorite thing to do for relaxing, that and sharpshooting. So much for the similarities but style wise, well, there was a little snag on that one: He was tuxedo and opera, she was jean and pop rock, he was a Gold Loge Boxes, she was bleachers, he was wine and she was Pepsi. Small differences Annie concluded. I'll think of a plan to smooth those bumps over. She really wanted Eyal to be happy and this matchmaking, she marveled, could possibly achieve this. She knew that he had deep feelings for her but she also realized that she could not return them. Yes she liked and admired that beautiful piece of man but he was a bit too dark, guarded, mysterious and unpredictable for her. He carried a baggage with him that was a little to heavy for her to bear at this stage in her life. Timing is off, Eyal would certainly say! Sharon was more at his level in her timeline/life. So Annie was in matchmaking mood. "Hey, Sharon, what do you think of Eyal. Easy on the eyes isn't he."

"Yeah he definitely is but he's taken… and guess by who", Sharon responded.

Ah, you noticed that, replied Annie, it's only one side, I'm sorry to say. I'm really in love with Auggie. I have feelings for Eyal but they are more as a wonderful friend or a brother. We've been through a lot but nothing romance wise never came out of it. Oh there was one happening where I kind of "honey trapped" him to keep him out of trouble but it only ended up with him getting shot!"

"Wow, when you honey trap, Walker, you honey trap" Sharon giggle "and to answer your question, "Yes I find him attractive and yes I also know we were regrouped together for a reason. You are not the only matchmaker on the prowl. Think CIA, MI6 and you Mrs. Walker are on the same 'dossier'. I'm not the flirtatious type but if that what has to happen, I'll play the game. I have a feeling that Eyal will also play the game. It's surely not a first for him, Mossad are usually less scrupulous in that area than the CIA and other agencies. For real and deep commitment, well I'm not looking for it at the moment. Had a bit of a messy divorce and I'm still in the process of healing. Eyal seem to be fenced up on that subject to."

Auggie was shouting something and the girls came in the main room to see what he wanted: "Hey nobody of us has eaten today, why we don't go explore or map out our neighborhood."

"Nice ideal, Auggie, Annie answer. Sharon, Eyal, you guys coming with us."

Sharon was deep in her though and nodded negatively.

Eyal was not hungry at this point so he also decline the invitation. Thanks to CIA's generous grocery shopping, I'll just make myself a sandwich later.

Sharon had just thought of a wonderful idea to bring up her's and Eyal long ago (while in medicine school) "teaming up" moment. She was quite happy with her plan and the fact that Auggie and Annie were going to be out, was the cherry on the sunday! She had a photo (why she had kept it was a mystery for her) of a young Eyal storming out of a showers all dressed. A group of girls, Sharon include, had caught him off guard, wrestled him to the girls shower and throne him in while the water was running. It was a prank to get revenge on him because he had tied all the girls laces' to a bench they were sitting on while watching a football game! Seeing that photo in Sharon album would certainly jog his memory and would, she hoped, start the conversation they needed to have! Sharon place her photo album on the coffee table and went to her room. If she guessed right, Eyal would make his sandwich, sit on the couch to eat it, set eyes on her album and open it to look at it, he was a spy after all. OK, plan in place, subject executing plan to perfection… oop he just chocked on his sandwich…

"SHARON, come out here" said Eyal in a very very quivering voice!

When he saw her in the enclosure of the door, it all came flashing back. He had worked hard to block out that part of his life. It was a carefree time that he no longer could hope for. He wanted to kick himself for not recognising her, how could he be so inattentive. He was a master spy after all!

"Sharon, we need to talk now!"

I know, Eyal, Sharon said sheepishly

"I remember the chagiga (party), the fire alarm going off, the search for the students that had pull the fire alarm, you saving my butt by pulling me in bed with you when the director knocked at your dorm door and also you wiping the fluorescent power off my hands with alcohol swabs. Somehow you knew me and my friend had pull the alarms so when the director was going door to door to find out who did it by examining our hand with a black light, you saved me from being discovered. I always wondered how you knew about the fluorescent powder. I'm now guessing you were on a mission and the fluorescent powder must have been your idea. After the commotions died down, we we're still lying on you bed, my heart beating so fast I could hear it in my ears… well one thing lead to another and we had quick sex.

"Yes to all your question Eyal. My target was your bomb setting friend. I knew you were going to get caught in the crossfire and didn't want that so I did what I had to do. You would have been expel for that prank but you were not my mission, so I just cleaned up the unattached strings. That was protocol!"

"I tried to thank you the next morning but you had left, nobody knew where you had gone. Now everything is clear. But we have to discuss what happened between us. If it is a problem for you, I can leave this mission."

"No, is not a problem for me, but the same offer goes for you." Sharon said shyly.

"No, I don't see it bothering me, but I'd like it to stay between us. Sharon I have to tell you that I did not, in any way, want to take advantage of you on that night. It was pure emotions, I was scare out of my wits and so grateful to you for saving my butt … it just happened. I wanted to tell you that the next morning but you were gone before I had a chance to. Since were having a heart to heart well….I have a confession … it was my first time."

Sharon swallowed hard "Oh boy, well Eyal, it seem we were in the same situation, it was also my first time!" Wow, I have a pet Turkish word that mean fate or destiny: "Kismet". Think it's appropriate to describe our little adventure!"

"Eyal just smile but did not offer to explain that Kismet was also one of his Pet word but he use it for a situation that also started with P, Kismet was his women 'Pickup' word. Judging this was not the time and place to explain this, he just gently touch Sharon face with the back fingers and smiled.

And Annie and Auggie had to choose this moment to come in!

"Is there still a boy's room and a girl' room?" Auggie asked with a beaming Annie at his side!

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